Aromatic oils have always been associated with something refined, pleasant and beneficial. Since ancient times, our ancestors used these unique tools for the treatment, skin care and improve the taste properties of food. Modern medicine, cosmetology and cooking also do not do without essential oils, but it is important to know their properties and application rules.

The most popular aroma oils

At the moment we have access to the use of a huge amount of essential oils.

At the moment we have access to the use of a huge amount of essential oils, consider the 10 most popular.

Table: aroma oils and their properties

1. Apricot

· Refers to aroma oils for hair, nails and skin;

· Massage with the use of this oil has a special benefit, as the skin becomes soft and silky;

· If you are sunbathing, this oil will also be most welcome;

· Indispensable against wrinkles and aging.

2. Orange

· Possesses bactericidal, antiseptic and tonic properties;

· It is an excellent antidepressant: relieves stress, insomnia and emotional stress;

· Stimulates the appetite, is used in the diagnosis of anorexia;

· Able to increase visual acuity;

· It protects the body against infections, as it is used for bronchitis and colds;

· This oil can help with muscle cramps and bowel problems;

· Cleans the skin, helps to fight pigmentation and cellulite.

3. Bergamot

· It has therapeutic effects: anti-inflammatory, antiviral, sedative, antifungal;

· Heals wounds and burns;

· Improves the digestive system;

· Can be added to the rinsing solution for sore throat;

· Helps relieve stress and improve mood.

4. Lavender

· Contributes to the healing process of wounds, while there are no scars on the body;

· Improves blood circulation of the brain;

· Has diuretic and sedative properties;

· Used in the treatment of pneumonia, as well as in dentistry;

· Excellent tool for the prevention of influenza diseases.

5. Rose

· It is of particular value in the treatment of the female reproductive system;

· Used for menstrual pain;

· Increases performance, gives strength, calms the nervous system;

· Used in the prevention of SARS and flu;

· Normalizes the work of the hormonal and food systems, endocrine glands;

· Assistant in the preservation of female beauty: gives elasticity and freshness to the skin, relieves scars, irritation, peeling and inflammation.

6. Rosemary

· Ideal for the care of problematic and oily skin;

· With the help of rosemary, you can get rid of cracks on the feet;

· This oil promotes the rejuvenation and reintegration of cells;

· You can try to apply it for muscle pain;

· Removes slags;

· Effective remedy for hypertension.

7. Sandalwood

· It has antiseptic properties;

· Apply with inflammation, diseases of the digestive system, infections, hypertension;

· Sandalwood oil helps relieve anxiety;

· It can be attributed to aroma oils for weight loss, as it allows the skin to be taut and elastic;

· Wrinkles around the eyes will be smoothed out most quickly with this magic oil.

8. Tea tree

· Has pronounced bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties;

· Often used for colds: sore throat, bronchitis, flu;

· Perfectly helps with acne;

· With the use of swelling and redness, thus the skin becomes clean and fresh;

· Makes hair silky, eliminates dandruff.

9. Sage

· The best assistant for migraines, nervous tension and convulsions;

· Destroys cholesterol in the circulatory system;

· Known remedy for bronchitis and female diseases: menstrual disorders, thrush, etc .;

· If there is muscle pain, sage oil will also have a beneficial effect, easing the condition;

· Prevents hair loss.

10. Eucalyptus

· Helps produce happiness hormones - endorphins;

· Used for colds, has antipyretic effect;

· With the appearance of herpes, you can also use eucalyptus oil;

· Heals small wounds and burns, relieves acne and pigment spots;

· Favorably affects the digestive system;

· Relieves headaches, unpleasant sensations in the joints.

General rules for the use of oils

Table of aroma oils and their properties, of course

The table of aroma oils and their properties will certainly help you choose the oil for your purposes, but you also need to know the general rules for using this tool:

  • Most of the essential oils are forbidden to use in their pure form, since they have a high concentration, thereby may cause harm. Therefore, the oil should be used in combination with something, for example, cream or milk. However, there are exceptions, for example, tea tree oil against inflammation is applied without additives;
  • You should not experiment and mix 7 or more different oils;
  • Apply the same essential oil can be no more than 20 consecutive days. Then it is worth taking a break, as a rule, a week or two is enough;
  • The use of aroma oils is possible in the absence of individual intolerance, including an allergic reaction;
  • Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes, and also note that not all oils can be used before going out in the sun.

As you can see, each aroma oil has its amazing and useful properties that determine its scope. Therefore, it is important to know the best characteristics of the tool in order to correctly determine the choice. And also in order for the essential oil to be effective and beneficial to your beauty and health, you must follow the rules of use.