Ariva dance

Recently, among the other dances, ariva has been particularly popular. It is quite simple in execution. That is why he is so fond of dancing in school camps. Canons have no ariva. There are common ligaments that can be varied independently by invented movements.

It can be said that camp dance evenings are unthinkable without Ariva dance. Children specially prepare it to surprise their peers. This fashion does not bypass the side and the counselors. At farewell parties, many of them also dance ariva.

Dance to ariva song

Ariva dance: how to teach?

Ariva dance is performed under the same song. Dance movements can be divided into several parts. They are constantly repeated. Certain elements are made during the verses, choruses and at the end of the song. The dance is simple because you can easily remember when to change the movement. They correspond to changes of rhythm and certain phrases.

Ariva dance is like a mix of Latin American and Arab dance. You can twist your hips in it, turn around beautifully, shake your shoulders. It is this feature of the ariva that stands out among many others. There is something Brazilian in it. By the way, it is believed that the birthplace of dance is Brazil. Anyway, it is better for ariva to dance on a large territory. In the dance there are steps to the side and forward. They can be beautifully made only in a room in which there is enough space.

Ariva - group dance. In a single performance they do not dance it, because the whole point is lost. The minimum number of people to perform is 3. The more people on the dance floor or stage, the more interesting the performance will be. Of course, in this case you will have to train a lot. Movement in the arive done synchronously. Due to this, the effect of harmony is achieved.

In order to master ariva, you need to break it into separate movements. Some of them are repeated. For example, steps during the chorus. Train each block of movements separately, then connect them together. Do not try to learn everything at once. Nothing will come of it. Especially when there are several people involved in the dance. This way of training will help you master the dance entirely.

How to learn ariva dance?

  1. First you need to try to understand the movement. Repeat them and try to remember in parallel. So they are deposited in the muscle and mental memory.
  2. If you are taught to dance by another person, then try to copy his technique, watch all movements carefully.
  3. Next you need to train a block of dance steps until you notice that you are doing them automatically. Another sign of progress in learning is that you are performing movements, and at the same time you are thinking about other things. At this point, you need to go to learning the next movement.
  4. During the rehearsals of the Ariva dance, watch yourself in the mirror. It is necessary in order to fix the shortcomings and try to fix them right there.
  5. When the next block began to turn out, you need to try to connect it with the previous movements. Take your time during rehearsals. Repeat everything as the rhythm rises. At the first workout, you can not fully engage in music. Turn on the Ariva song, repeat the first movements, then start learning them in front of the mirror without music. Group dance classes occur almost as well. At the same time it is better to put an ariva with a choreographer or a person who knows him well. It will help give the movement synchronization of the group.

Ariva dance: video

  • First you need to remember the basic movements of the dance. These include side steps to the sides, hand clapping, bending with a protruding chest, raising hands. Ariva dance lasts about 4 minutes. It begins with side steps to the sides and simultaneously clapping hands with the music. Then the hands are performed simple movement-bunch. They are bred to the sides: they lift upwards, as if describing a semicircle. In part, this movement resembles the movement of a robot. At the same time, one should also synchronously move the hips in the direction to which the arms are directed. This is followed by a bunch to dance to the chorus. It looks like this. At the same time, steps are taken in one direction, the upper body bends slightly. When lifting the chest bulges forward and slightly shakes. This is reminiscent of the elements in the gypsy. Under each cry in the song "Ariva! Ariva!" jumps on the spot and simultaneous execution of 3 pops. This movement is done throughout the chorus. The steps are performed in opposite directions with turns. In this reversal is carried out in the movement of dance.
  • Then the verse begins again. Under him continue to make additional steps in different directions with simultaneous clapping hands to the rhythm of the song. Under the words "Ariva! Ariva"! first one, and then the other. The arm is pulled forward. At the same time, it is necessary to jump from foot to foot with zahlesty. With this movement, the foot stretches to the buttocks. Hands are not just drawn out statically. It is necessary to slightly spread the fingers and shake with a palm. Further, the movement is replaced by vigorous walking on the spot. This bunch is like marching, because hands are actively included in it. They are simultaneously taken away to the sides. At certain moments, the upper body is tilted, and the hands are brought to the upper part of the thigh. Then repeat the movement of the chorus: fast walking in different directions with jumps in place and 3 claps to the rhythm.
  • Chorus replaces verse and side steps with claps. The next move is new. It looks like energetic walking in place with a stretching of the arms. First, they are pulled out in front of them. Then also take turns raising up. This movement repeats several times. Then the chorus begins and the walk already described above with jumps and hands clapping.
  • Then another new movement. Steps forward with a slight twist to the side and torsion of the hips. This is a bit like a bunch of Arab dance. Then again the chorus sounds. Under it perform steps with claps. Steps are replaced by a new movement. You need to go forward, stretch your arms in front of you and close them as if into a lock. After that, you need to slowly rotate the hips and squat to the floor. It is done all together in motion. They almost fell to the floor - now we also rise back to our feet. Raise your hands up and start waving them in a circle. The movement is accompanied by the unwinding of the hips. Then the chorus sounds and you need to start walking to the sides again. Movement is followed by steps forward with the hip. Then again the chorus sounds and you need to repeat a bunch with steps. Then again we repeat the way forward with the movement of the hips. This ends the ariva dance.

In words, a dance description may seem complicated. Therefore, we recommend that you watch the ariva dance: video. It will become clear to you that anyone can dance the ariva.

Ariva dance is fiery and bright! His movements are relatively simple and consist of several elements. In the arive clap their hands, step forward and back, shake with outstretched arms. To master it is easy. Ariva dance is suitable for school parties and adult parties. It is better to dance it in a small group. This is how it is remembered the most.

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