Are electronic cigarettes harmful to health?


Quitting smoking is extremely difficult - so say everyone who has ever tried to do it. But with the advent of electronic cigarettes, it became easier to solve the problem. Or maybe you never smoked, but decided to try a new-fangled gadget, because you heard that it is safe. But is it? Are electronic cigarettes harmful? Let's understand this question!

Electronic cigarettes - what is it and how do they work?

Electronic cigarettes - what is it and how do they work?

Electronic cigarettes are very similar to ordinary cigarettes, only they are made of steel. And on the tip there is even a light bulb that simulates a glowing glow. During the so-called tightening, a special dispenser built into the device evaporates the liquid that is in the cartridge. It also contains nicotine, but there are no thousands of harmful substances and tar that are found in regular cigarettes (by the way, there are also non-nicotine cartridges). Smoker exhales is no longer a liquid, but converted steam. Thus, the habitual pattern of smoking is recreated. There are special aromatic cartridges that refill electronic cigarettes. In this case, they will be more like a hookah.

The health benefits of e-cigarettes

We have become accustomed to, that after some time after the release of the next novelty, scientists trumpet loudly about its harm. And what about electronic cigarettes? Benefit and harm from them go hand in hand?

Pros and hidden cons

  • It is believed that the nicotine content in the electronic cigarette is much less. However, if the smoker, bearing in mind the safety of this unit, will "smoke" all the time, he will face much more nicotine than when smoking standard cigarettes. So this is not a clear plus.
  • For others, electronic cigarettes, of course, are less dangerous. Although it is categorical to say that in this case we are not talking about passive smoking, it is also impossible.
  • Speaking of advantages, we can note the following: when dealing with such a device, you will forget about the unpleasant smell coming from you.
  • Smokers who have switched to e-cigarettes show improved health. But you should be wary of this, because such conclusions were probably made after a short period of use. Today, no one can say that smoking electronic cigarettes for 20 years. They appeared on the world market relatively recently: their stay does not even take 10 years. This explains the fact that today there is almost no research on the risk to the health of such devices. It is also unknown what the consequences of long-term use of electronic cigarettes are, whether cancer can develop from their use, etc. Such studies take decades. It may take 5-10 years, and they will provide us with unambiguous results that will confirm or disprove the harm of the electronic cigarette to health. In the meantime, those who want to actively use them will have to take risks.

There are a lot of fakes of electronic cigarettes in the world


  • There are a lot of fakes of electronic cigarettes in the world, and their quality (or rather, its absence) cannot guarantee the safety of the composition. Underground products may contain substances that are hazardous to health. Therefore, you can imagine how much harm you can get from electronic cigarettes.
  • Many people (and especially teenagers) who have never smoked before and, perhaps, have not done so, do not refuse to try an electronic cigarette - after all, as they heard, it is harmless! But, as we found out, not everything is so rosy. Thus, e-cigarettes are attracting more and more people to smokers.
  • Another disguised disguise is the fact that in many countries, electronic cigarettes are prohibited by law. Agree, this is suspicious.

Opinion of the World Health Organization

WHO can not accurately determine whether there is harm from electronic cigarettes. As mentioned above, no large-scale studies in this area have been conducted. In addition, electronic cigarettes and similar devices are not certified by WHO. Therefore, as you can guess, unscrupulous manufacturers use this.

Can I stop smoking by switching to electronic cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes are specific in that you can change cartridges yourself, dispensing nicotine. This is convenient if the person is going to quit smoking. Each time you can reduce the amount of harmful substances. And then completely abandon it, eliminating the nicotine addiction. Of course, this will take a lot of time, but this scheme really works.

Thus, we figured out that, to date, no one can know for sure whether e-cigarettes are harmful by themselves. But the fact that they are less harmful than normal is a fact. The main thing is not to get addicted to them even stronger and purchase goods only from reliable sellers.