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Aqua-gymnastics for women's health and beauty

Aqua-gymnastics in our time has gained immense popularity due to the fact that it combines the advantages of gymnastics and water exercises. Such a combination of physical exercises helps to reduce the possible negative consequences for an unprepared person from too much physical exertion and practically exclude the presence of contraindications for practicing this sport.

What is aqua-gymnastics?

Aqua gymnastics are called gymnastic exercises performed in water. 3-4 classes per week and you can already feel the benefits of these classes. Aqua-gymnastics is perfect for people of any age and especially for pregnant women.. It generally the safest sport for women. Thanks to the exercises your body's immunity will increase, you will strengthen the nervous and respiratory system, will have a preventive effect on the cardiovascular system.

Exercises in aquagymnastics

There are a large number of exercises that can be performed in water, and which will strengthen your health and make your body more enduring. Restorative effect is achieved as follows: lie on your back, legs relaxed and together, holding the edge of the pool with both hands. We breed 60 times and put together straight legs.

Aqua-gymnastics for back and chest muscles

To make the muscles of the back and chest become stronger, we go deeper into the water, arms apart, legs set shoulder-width apart, and elbows slightly relaxed. Then take a breath and bring your hands together, drawing a circle under the water. Then exhale and return to the original position.

Aqua-gymnastics and abdominal muscles

To train the abdominal muscles, we need to cling to the edge of the rim, lay on our back, and bend our arms in elbows behind the head. Then we inhale and with the left elbow we reach for the right knee, linger in this position, then we return back. We do 15 times, alternately changing hands.

Aqua gymnastics for hips

In order to make our hips more elastic, we do the following exercise: hold the edge of the pool with our hands, putting our legs back. Your knees should be slightly bent. We move the leg back to inhale, go back to exhale. Exercise repeat 20 times.

Aqua-gymnastics for leg and hip muscles

We spread our legs apart, and with our hand, take the edge of the rim. In the water we are on the shoulders and doing side-stroke with our feet. 15 times will be enough.

A set of aqua-gymnastics exercises for women's health

For the overall strengthening of the body you will need a complex of 11 exercises.

  • 1. Enter the water, take a deep breath. Then we lay down on the water face, we hold our breath.
  • 2. We try to reach the bottom with our hands, without diving, we make strong strokes with our hands. Once you have reached the bottom, get up, making exhalation. Repeat 7 times.
  • 3. Sit down, the water should reach the neck, take a breath, lie on your back.
  • 4. After we get up, we put our legs shoulder-width apart. We make up and down movements with our hands. Try to strain the muscles of the chest and arms. Having made 3 strokes, we relax and take a breath. Exercise done 8 times.
  • 5. Continuing to stand in the water, we bow our head forward, but not much. We put the brushes on each other, raise our hands up and fasten them by the head.

  • 6. Keeping the previous position, we lay down on his back. At the same time the back of the brush to touch the water. Feet begin to make swimming movements. Hands at the same time you need to strain and stretch the full length. If water floods your face, hold your breath for a while.
  • 7. We stand by the neck in the water, keep our backs straight. We begin to make circular movements with our hands, as if we are sailing. We make 3 approaches 30 times forward and back.
  • 8. Being waist-high in the water, we make hands movements used with the butterfly style. Do forward 40 times, back - the same.
  • 9. We spread our legs wide, we are standing up to the waist in the water, we hold our breath. Then we lean forward. The face should be in the water. We make sharp movements with our hands, trying to hug ourselves. After completing the exercise, we return to the starting position, rest. Repeat the movement 15 times.
  • 10. Pull the arms forward, push off from the bottom and do two-handed strokes downwards, then press the arms tightly to the thighs. For convenience, you can make kicking movements, like in a crawl style, up and down. Try to bundle 4 slides in a row and try to slide as far as possible.
  • 11. Hands stretch up above your head, sit down. Then abruptly push off from the bottom, lie down on the water with paddles. We make the stroke with both hands, pressing them to the thighs, the glide must be made as far as possible. At the end of the exercise, we make movements with our feet as in a crawl. Paddles do alternately with his left or right hand, returning his hands to the starting position.

Aqua-gymnastics for muscle elasticity

To do this you will need two plastic bottles of 1.5 liters filled with water. On the shoulders enter the water. Put your legs shoulder-width apart. Do slow circular movements forward and back 20 times.

On outstretched hands, hold the bottles in front of you. Swing up and down, slowly over 5 minutes.

Exercise done 5 times. In front of the chest, hold the bottle on outstretched arms. 1 - we separate to the sides of the hand. 2 - return back. 3 - hands raised up. 4 - return hands back. 5 - in the elbows bend arms, bring the bottle to the chest. 6 - return to the starting position.

We take the bottle, hold on outstretched hands. Legs - shoulder width apart. We lean forward, we make movements, as in a brass breast. We go into the water up to our knees, sit down and stretch our legs. We take the bottle, right hand stretches to the left foot, then vice versa. We do 7 times. We lie down on our back, we raise our legs. With the bottles in our hands, we are now reaching for our knees. After this exercise, you must swim a crawl to give your body a rest.

You can do aquagymnastics anywhere. Despite the ease of exercise, aqua-gymnastics gives a good physical load, tonic our body. If someone has problems with the spine, then aqua-gymnastics will help to solve problems with him. This is the most useful load for a woman’s body.

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