Application of lavender


Lavender, perhaps one of the most amazing plants for its extraordinary beneficial properties.

As you know, lavender comes from the Latin word "lavare", which means "wash", and for good reason lavender has such an interesting name.

From ancient times, lavender was used as a washing and antiseptic. In fact, this plant came to us from ancient Rome. The Romans used lavender almost everywhere: for bathing, with food, and also as one of the medicinal plants.

However, many hundreds of years have passed since then, most of the information about the beneficial properties of lavender has been lost, but this does not prevent the world-famous plant from firmly entering into all spheres of human life.

Lavender Applications

  • Probably the most amazing use of lavender is found in cooking. The fact is that lavender has a very bright, peculiar smell. The taste of lavender does not differ any delicacy, but on the contrary, has a bitter taste. However, many world-famous chefs use lavender as a seasoning for sauce or salad in their recipes. In order to make the lavender seasoning, it needs to be dried and then crushed.
  • Fans of various varieties of tea, probably, will also be slightly surprised to learn that lavender is added to dry tea leaves. Certainly, lavender is not added in its pure form, but is mixed in order that in the general range of taste and smell it only adds its unique flavor.

  • Lavender has a very bright and saturated smell, some people even experience headaches when they inhale the smell of small flowers of lavender for a long time, this is due to the fact that the smell is so saturated with aroma - as far as the plant itself is rich in beneficial properties for humans.
  • Moreover, it is known that lavender flowers make beautiful toilet articles, such as eau de toilette, designer soap, bath salt.
  • The most widespread lavender received in medicine and cosmetology. Most often, doctors note that inhaling the scent of lavender, patients become calmer, more peaceful, lavender helps people get rid of stress, depression and even insomnia. In general, lavender is often used in various massage rooms as aromatherapy, this allows the therapist to completely relax the patient before the massage.
  • Also, lavender is used by cosmetologists, as lavender is a very good antiseptic, It heals microraniks well and saves the skin from flaking and redness.

How to apply lavender?

Lavender can be used in different forms: dry, alive (plant with flowers), as well as oily. In the modern world very often used essential oil, as it contains the highest quality concentrate of the beneficial properties of lavender.

  • For the correction of psycho-emotional state, you must use lavender, adding a few drops to the aroma lamp, five drops will be enough for the beneficial properties of lavender to soothe your nerves.
  • It may seem incredible, but it is known that the use of lavender during childbirth removes pain and speeds up the generic process.
  • Helpful add a few drops of lavender essential oil while bathing:if after a hard day your legs are tired, you can make a small foot bath and fatigue will pass quickly.

  • With a massage, essential lavender oil can be added to the main massage oil and rubbed into the skin of the backs of the arms and legs.
  • Essential lavender oil is widely used to eliminate the inflammatory processes in the respiratory organs; for this, a few drops of lavender essential oil are added to various inhalers and aroma dischargers.
  • Lavender essential oil consumed inside, as it has a very good effect on the urinary, reproductive system, as well as the organs of the digestive tract. In no case, the oil can not be consumed inside in its pure form! This is important to remember. If you decide to take lavender oil inside, you need to dilute it.ordinary vegetable oil in the ratio of 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil to 1 drop of lavender essential oil.

  • For lovers of different varieties of tea, you can add a few drops of essential lavender oil to dry tea leaves, close the lid and let it brew for several days. Believe me: after you open a jar of tea, the butter is as it should be, fill all its contents with an incredible aroma, and also endow the tea with all the necessary beneficial properties.
  • To relieve headache, you can mix lavender oil with any other oil and apply it on a gauze bandage, apply it to your forehead, you can also put a few drops of lavender essential oil on your fingers and rub it into your temples with light massage movements. Headache will certainly decrease.
  • Summarizing all the above-mentioned methods of using and applying lavender essential oil, it can be noted that lavender helps with many diseases due to its complex and extraordinary structure.

The variety of essential oils is very large, however, lavender oil is one of the most commonly used oils, as it is considered a universal remedy that can relieve not only physical pain, but also reduce the manifestations of such emotional states as insomnia, psychosis, manic depression.

There is a set of precautionary measures that must be read in advance before use. The use and application of lavender oil is contraindicated in case of individual intolerance, epilepsy, as well as in the first months of pregnancy.

Lavender oil can not be used during the passage of chemotherapy due to cancer, and you should also refrain from simultaneously taking medications containing elements of iodine, iron and lavender oil.

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