Application of horsetail from diseases. horsetail for weight

Long since all over the world, diseases have been treated with herbs. To do this, we got up at an early dawn to have time to collect them. These useful plants also included horsetail. It was used to improve the condition of the skin, hair and to treat certain diseases.

Horsetail is an herbaceous perennial plant with strong, strong roots. Propagated by spores. Grass can be found almost everywhere. Only in the Far North, horsetail does not grow. It usually grows near rivers, ditches, and clay banks. The grass is very water-loving, and it is growing rapidly in water conditions. It differs from other perennials in that it completely lacks the usual green leaves.

Horsetail is rightfully one of the most ancient herbal plants on earth. There are many subspecies of the plant. Its shoots contain substances such as mineral salts, fatty oils, organic acids, flavanoids, carotene, vitamin C, tannins, nicotine and gums. But only the horsetail has a healing effect. Only it and need to buy or self-procure. Forest and marsh for therapeutic purposes are not suitable. Horsetail is used to treat inflammation of the bladder, it is used as a hemostatic, wound healing, anthelmintic (due to bitterness), relieves spasms, astringent, and also removes lead from the body.

Horsetail Extract

Grass horsetail: application

Horsetail extract actually works wonders in the field of cosmetology. This elixir is useful for problem skin, due to the content of silicic acid. With constant use, it will improve its condition, making it smooth, cleaned of excess sebaceous plugs. He will allow her to become noble and healthy without oily sheen. Due to the high content of silicon, the grass will strengthen the vessels and fit the skin prone to rosacea.

Horsetail extract also contains different series of anti-aging cosmetics, because the extract from this plant is literally saturated with compounds of collagen and elastane.

Herbalists who know the secrets of the miraculous plant, use it for tuberculosis, lung diseases, bronchitis, gout, rheumatism, liver and heart diseases. Will help the plant and with problems with hair. To do this, it is enough to brew the horsetail, purchased at the pharmacy, strain, put on 2 hours. Insist. After that you can add decoction to shampoo. Hair will not fall out, their roots will be strengthened. This herb-based supplement works very well with dandruff and increased oily skin of the scalp.

Horsetail for weight loss

The plant helps in the fight for a slim figure. Weight is reduced due to the removal of harmful substances from the body. Weight loss occurs through purification. After all, as you know, to lose too much, you need to bring the body into balance and clean it. This soft weed and help us. But do not forget that when treating with decoction you need to follow the regime and diet. Do not immediately give up everything. Just a reasonable choice of food. Horsetail will help you in reducing your appetite. Here's how to use grass:

Grass horsetail: application

  • On 4 tbsp. horsetail add 1 tbsp. liter of boiled water and leave for 30 min. in a water bath. Cooled decoction pour 200 gr. water moderate temperature. Take after eating 0.5 tbsp.
  • Take in equal shares of horsetail, parts of nettle, buckthorn, flax seed, add 1 tbsp. l meadowsweet, add 200 ml to the mixture. boiling water. Leave the mixture for 20 minutes. in a water bath. Horsetail must be infused. Should be taken within 1-2 months, 3 times a day on an empty stomach for 1 tsp.
  • Take the horsetail along with the birch leaves in the same parts. Pour boiling water. Let broth 20 min. stand in a dark place. Take the tincture before a meal at 0.5 st. in 30 minutes
  • Birch leaves (100 gr.), Strawberry leaf, field horsetail, elder-root, 1 tbsp. l to mix. Add 1 tbsp. boiling water, boil for 2 minutes, insist. Take before bedtime.

Grass horsetail: application

An infusion of grass of a horsetail can be taken as a drink for diseases of the kidneys, bleeding of internal organs, for chronic cystitis, for diseases associated with swelling of the heart. Use a decoction in the form of rinsing in case of inflamed sores in the mouth, gums on the skin, non-tightening wounds. Also from the horsetail can be prepared ointment. It is necessary to evaporate the grass before extracting over low heat. And then mix with Vaseline.

Grass horsetail: application

  • To make a hair mask, take 1 tbsp. oatmeal, milk, 2 tbsp. almond oil. Mix everything in the right proportion and apply on your hair like a mask. Hold 30 min. That is quite enough. Wash off the mask with herbal extract of chamomile or sage (chamomile - for blond hair, sage - for dark).
  • You can also make another recipe. Pour the sunflower oil into a small, necessarily glass jar. Pour dry chamomile and add broth or infusion of horsetail. Leave for 2 weeks in a dark place. Then use a mask too. Rinse better with shampoo several times, and use 1-2 times a week. Thanks to this tool your hair will shine with brilliance and health!
  • Also, a decoction of horsetail can be used to wipe the face. Just brew 1st.l. herbs in a cup of boiling water, let stand, cool. Use the product as a tonic for the skin. You can add to it a drop of lavender oil and tea tree. Remember that only they can be applied in minimal doses undiluted to the skin. The rest should be diluted in base oils (such as apricot, peach, olive, linseed). This will help prevent burns.

Horsetail is not only a healing plant-like grass, but also a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. In the springtime, you can even enjoy this gift of nature. Eat nodules and young shoots. With them you can cook a salad, various soups and omelets. They are used as a filling for pies and pies. From the horsetail and from its tubers make healthy flour.

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Interestingly, because of the content of silicon in the horsetail, it should be applied at home, in the domestic sphere. Dried shoots can be polished and clean the dishes. Root decoction will help in dyeing fabrics in yellow-gray tones. This means that a chemical allergy is excluded. This method of dyeing with natural dyes is very suitable for people suffering seasonally with this ailment. Also, horsetail looks very impressive in needlework. In this case, the stems should be without moisture. Take a beautiful vase, ribbon, bright colors and tie the stems with a bow. Put the composition on the table or in any other place. An interesting element of decor is ready. Also, if you apply fantasy, you can paint the stems with tempera or acrylic paints, put beads and beads on glue. The decor will surely delight the guests of your house.

Remember, any remedy has side effects and contraindications. Before you begin treatment, consult a competent specialist, carefully read the instructions from medicines. Horsetail due to the strong removal of fluid from the body is contraindicated for pregnant women, children, and people with kidney disease. But if there are no contraindications, then the horsetail will bring you only benefit. Stay close to nature! Excellent health to you!

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