Antiviral ointment for the nose

How effective is antiviral ointment for the nose? Many attribute her miraculous properties. Smeared nostrils - and in people! Children strenuously smear their nasal passages before taking them to kindergarten, to themselves - if at work everyone sneezes and coughs. Special hopes are placed on the ointment pregnant, because they can not be ill with colds. So does this remedy help?

What effect does antiviral ointment produce?

What effect does antiviral ointment produce?

The range of drugs designed to protect against infection, today is simply huge. But not everyone is satisfied with the prospect of swallowing chemist's "chemist" in the hope that this will help to avoid it. It is much safer to use prophylactic drugs of local action. And the most popular among such agents is antiviral ointment for the nose. Patients and some doctors are confident that it will not only prevent colds and flu, but also accelerate recovery.

What is the basis of the therapeutic and prophylactic effect of such ointments? They are composed of special substances, in contact with which the virus dies, not having time to get inside and infect the entire body. And since infections are transmitted mainly by airborne droplets (through the nose), this barrier turns out to be reliable and effective.

About the varieties of the drug

All drugs that are able to resist viruses are divided into the following groups:

  • natural (Fleming's ointment). They contain plant volatile (garlic and onion are involved);
  • artificial (obtained synthetically). This is the well-known Oxolinic ointment;
  • biological. Drugs that are caused by the presence of animal protein interferon (Viferon).

Whatever means is found in your nose, it will show the highest antiviral efficacy in the first 3 days of the onset of the disease.

The most popular local antiviral agents

The most popular local antiviral agents

Ointments that have clinically proven efficacy (that is, they are really capable of suppressing the pathogenic activity of microbes):

  • Oxolinic. About her heard, probably all. She actually has a high antiviral activity. Substances from its composition are able to block the interaction of the virus with the cell membrane - the "pest" will not be able to get inside the cell. In the preparation for adults, the active ingredient is 0.25% (per 10 g). If it is used for the purpose of prophylaxis, it is necessary to lubricate the nasal mucous membranes from 2 to 3 times a day before going outside (during the exacerbation of viral infections);
  • Antiviral ointment for the nose Viferon is an immunomodulator. Indications for her appointment are SARS and influenza, herpes, papillomas and warts. Adults and children over 2 years of age should be taken up to 4 times a day. The main active ingredient of the ointment is interferon. It practically does not enter the bloodstream, acting locally. While using Viferon, there may be a slight and short burning in the nose, as well as sneezing. But such phenomena pass quickly and by themselves;
  • Infagel. Also contains an immunomodulator (interferon). It produces a strong antiviral effect, stimulates the immune system, so it is advisable to use it for the treatment of local manifestations of viral infection and prevention of infection. The bioavailability of Infagel reaches 80%, the maximum concentration of interferon in the skin is observed 1-4 hours after application. Ointment should be put in the nasal passages twice a day (not longer than 30 days).

Antiviral ointment for children: what is allowed and what will help?

Antiviral ointment for children: what is allowed and what will help?

In children, the problem of colds is even more acute than for adults. Therefore, all parents are concerned with how to prevent the baby from getting sick or how to help him quickly cope with the disease (if prevention did not work).

Everyone knows that many drugs that are used by adults are not suitable for children. Caution should also be taken with antiviral ointments. Self-medication (even locally) can be dangerous for a child. Here is a list of ointments that are allowed for small patients:

  • Oxolinic. Almost no contraindications. The only restriction is individual intolerance. The composition of the ointment is only 2 components - dioxotetrahydroxitrahydronaphthalene and petrolatum. This tool has only preventive abilities, if the disease has begun, then it will not be able to help with anything;
  • Viferon. Can be used even for babies.

Safe protection against viruses for pregnant women

Ointments for pregnant women - safe protection against viruses

Unfortunately, despite all the precautions, pregnant women do not get sick. After all, they can’t leave the house for months, and, as you know, their immunity is reduced by the body itself. Antiviral ointment for pregnant women is a good, affordable, and most importantly - a safe way to prevent colds. Doctors recommend expectant mothers use okolinkoy. If "lucky enough" to catch a respirator, then Viferon, Infagel will do.

Rules for the use of ointments with antiviral activity

Although the ointment is not a pill, it is better to conduct a tolerability test before applying even such a proven agent as oxoline. To do this, it is enough to apply a little of the drug on a limited area of ​​the skin and observe the response of the body. If there is no burning and redness, then you can apply it in the delicate zones - the nasal mucous membranes. And in relation to pregnant women and children, it is wiser not to risk and consult with a specialist.

In order for the ointment to have a good effect, before using it, the nasal cavity must be thoroughly cleaned (blow nose). Since babies still do not know how to do this, the mother herself should carefully prepare the nose with a cotton swab.

Antiviral ointments - a good help in the fight against seasonal infections. They help many people withstand colds. But this, of course, does not mean that you should put them in your nose all year round. It is better to devote time to natural ways to strengthen the immune system: harden, eat fresh fruit, garlic and onions, walk more outdoors with your child. And ointment to get from the first-aid kit only when the epidemic of influenza or ARI began.

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