Antiviral drugs for children and adults

SARS, flu, cold - these diseases come to us every season, and rarely anyone can protect themselves from them. Sensing familiar symptoms, most of us prefer to be treated at home without resorting to doctors. If you are sure that you have caught a viral infection, antiviral drugs will help - inexpensive, but effective drugs that overcome the disease in 2-3 days. What achievements of modern pharmacology can be used?

The principle of action and classification of drugs

Viruses are parasites that, when ingested, destroy cells

Viruses are parasites that, entering the body, destroy cells from the inside. Since it is very difficult to eliminate the infection without destroying healthy cells, antiviral drugs activate the body's defenses, which themselves begin to fight against foreign bodies.

According to the principle of action of drugs against viruses can be divided into 2 groups:

  • stimulating the production of natural interferon (a protein that stops the spread of infection);
  • destroy the virus by dissolving its protein.

Preparations of the first group are more effective at the stage of prophylaxis or at the very beginning of the disease. When the virus enters the body, the defenses are already activated and adequately meet the attack.

There is another classification of drugs - by type of disease:

  • against flu;
  • against herpes or cytomegalovirus;
  • anti-immunodeficiency drugs;
  • drugs with a wide spectrum of action (interferons).

Best of all, if the funds from the virus is prescribed by a doctor. However, in the absence of medical care, you can use some cheap and effective drugs.

Antiviral drugs for adults

Inexpensive, but effective means will help to cope with a cold or a virus in a few days. The rating of the most popular and acceptable in price and quality of drugs includes such achievements of pharmacology.

Antiviral drugs for adults

  • Kagocel It is a good immunomodulator that stimulates the production of interferon. The active ingredient in the preparation is the sodium salt of the copolymer. The best effect of the drug gives, if you apply it on the first day of the disease; good effect on viruses, it has up to 4 days of illness. Prevention of colds and colds with Kagocel also gives excellent results. The drug is prescribed to children from 3 years and adults, during pregnancy and lactation, it is unacceptable. Side effects from the drug are almost absent; sometimes allergic to components. The average price is 200-250 rubles.
  • Tsitovir 3. This medicine is a complex action. Active substances - bendazole, which contributes to the production of interferon, and vitamin C. The drug can be found in pharmacies in several forms of release: powder for suspension, syrup and capsules for adults. Assign Tsitovir 3 children need to be careful, although the instruction allows the use of medication for children from 1 year. Tsitovir 3 has a fairly large range of side effects, so it is not prescribed for people with vegetative-vascular dystonia, an ulcer, diabetes, low blood pressure, during pregnancy. The result of treatment is noticeable already for 2-3 days. The average cost is 300-400 rubles.
  • Ingavirin. This medicine is used for the treatment of influenza of various groups and adenoviruses. The action of the drug is based on the stimulation of the body's defenses and the production of interferon. Ingavirin does not apply to children under 18 years of age, women with breastfeeding and pregnancy. The only side effect may be allergies. The average price is 350-400 rubles.

The drug is not used during pregnancy.

  • Amixin. The main active ingredient is tilorone, which stimulates the production of interferon. It well eliminates the symptoms of viral and catarrhal diseases and has a wide spectrum of action. The drug is not used during pregnancy and lactation, for children up to 7 years. Adverse reactions in the form of allergies are very rare. The average cost is 500-600 rubles.
  • Tamiflu. The drug is used exclusively for the treatment of severe cases of influenza. In relation to other viral diseases, the drug will be of no effect. Tamiflu can be used for babies from 1 year, sometimes prescribed to pregnant and lactating. At the same time, it has a number of drawbacks. The drug has a large number of side effects, such as migraines, nausea, vomiting, psychosis, depression. Doctors do not recommend Tamiflu for prophylaxis. The drug eliminates the flu virus well, but it cannot be called cheap: the average cost is 1,200 rubles.
  • Arbidol. It is a broad-spectrum drug that effectively prevents the spread of influenza, rotaviruses and other pathogens in the body. The drug is not recommended for use by children under 3 years of age, pregnant women and breastfeeding. In general, it is a fairly cheap and effective remedy, only occasionally causing migraines or allergies. The average price is 100-130 rubles.
  • Remantadin. The drug used to treat influenza A. Although the medicine is very effective, its spectrum of action is rather narrow. Not recommended for children under 1 year old and pregnant. The average price is 50 rubles.

Drug used to treat influenza A

  • Oxolinic ointment. This medicine has a local effect. The ointment protects well against infection with viral infections, but is not a treatment, since it does not produce interferon and does not kill viruses that have already entered the body. The use of oxolinic ointment is not limited in time: during seasonal epidemics, it can be used daily. The tool is applied to the nasal mucosa and protects against infection by airborne droplets. The average price is 50 rubles.
  • Anaferon. This drug belongs to the homeopathic and stimulates the immune system. It is allowed even for children and pregnant women, it has the only contraindication - lactose intolerance. After taking Anaferon reduces the risk of complications of the disease. The average cost is 150-200 rubles.
  • Oscillococcinum. Another homeopathic medicine that works well against colds and flu. The drug is suitable for everyone except people with lactose intolerance. The sooner the drug is started, the better the result will be. The average cost is 550-600 rubles.
  • Acyclovir The tool interacts with the elements of the virus and prevents the spread of infection. Effectively used to treat herpes, Epstein-Barr virus, depriving. Available in pill and ointment form. The average price is 20-60 rubles.

Medicines for viral infections for children

Inexpensive, but effective drugs for influenza and viral infections can be chosen for children. It is worth remembering that you do not need to give babies drugs designed for adults. Sometimes the same tool is available in different forms and dosages depending on the age of the patient. In addition to those already listed, several other drugs that are acceptable for the treatment of children under one year should be noted.

Antiviral drugs for children

  • Viferon. Very strong immunomoduliruyuschee remedy that affects not only viruses, but also some bacterial infections. It can be used as an independent medicine to get rid of viral diseases, and as a component of complex therapy. Available in the form of ointment and candles, it can even be used for the treatment of newborns.
  • Grippferon It is a topical medication, sold in the form of a nasal or spray. With this tool you can treat the flu, even in newborns.
  • Groprinosin. It is applied to children from a year. Well boosts immunity and enhances the body's resistance to viral diseases.

Pediatric dosage and release forms exist in Arbidol, Kagocel. The remaining drugs for adults can be given to children in reduced doses. Best of all, if children's antiviral drugs are inexpensive, but effective, the doctor picks up. By applying for medical care for your child in time, you will minimize the side effects of medication.

Antivirals are inexpensive but effective: reviews

Antiviral drugs are inexpensive but effective: reviews

The best assessment of antiviral drugs can give users who watch them in action.

Among the most effective, inexpensive and easy-to-use children's medicines called Viferon or its equivalent (Interferon) in the form of candles. They are very easy to use, as candles can be set even for newborns. If the child cannot or does not want to take pills or syrup, it is enough to put a suppository into the baby’s rectum, which is easy to do in a state of sleep. The drug has a wide spectrum of action, the temperature passes already for 2-3 days.

Arbidol and Kagocel are good antivirals for adults. They are inexpensive, but quickly relieve symptoms of disease.

Acyclovir and oxolinic ointments are popular among topical preparations. The latter protects the respiratory tract from infection, and Acyclovir perfectly removes the manifestations of herpes.

Although today pharmacology offers antiviral drugs that are inexpensive, but effective in large quantities, it is better if the doctor chooses to choose them for the patient. Especially careful to be in respect of children under one year. Even prevention should be built correctly to cause the least damage to the body.

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