Antipyretic drugs at high temperature in adults. what effect


In everyday life, people often struggle with various ailments. One of these illnesses is mistakenly believed to have elevated body temperature. But the increase in temperature can not be attributed to any disease or symptoms of a particular pathology. With the development of pathological processes in the body of any nature, the immune system performs its protective function. An increase in temperature indicates the proper operation of our protective system. When do you need to beat down the temperature? What help antipyretics at high temperature in adults?

When do I need to take antipyretics for an adult?

normal temperature threshold in the human body varies from 35.6 to 37.9 °

Treatment specialists emphasize that the normal temperature threshold in the human body varies from 35.6 to 37.9 °. An increase in temperature may indicate the development of a serious illness. As a rule, in this way our immune system reacts in such cases:

  • with the development of inflammatory processes;
  • in the case of the development of pathologies of internal organs;
  • with acute respiratory or viral infections;
  • in case of toxic poisoning;
  • in the postoperative period.

If the fever lasts for several days and there are no accompanying symptoms, it is recommended to immediately resort to the help of the attending specialist. In order to bring down the temperature, you need to initially identify the reason for its increase. Remember, you should always eliminate the cause of the ailment, not the symptom itself.

Doctors say that if the temperature rises to 38 °, it is not worth taking antipyretic drugs. To reduce the temperature threshold can be due to abundant drinking or wiping with wet towels. But if the temperature exceeded 38.5-39 °, then it is necessary to immediately take a febrifuge.

A person can independently bring down the temperature to 40 °. If the column on the thermometer is rapidly growing up, immediately call an ambulance. At a temperature threshold of about 41 ° C and higher, serious changes begin to occur in the body, especially in the tissues and cells of the brain, which are sometimes irreversible and lead to the most terrible consequences.

People who suffer from cardiovascular diseases or do not tolerate high temperatures should take antipyretic agents as the thermometer bar rises to 37.5 °.

Than to bring down the temperature in an adult: a list and characteristics of drugs

Every adult has his own record of pharmacological drugs.

Every adult has his own record of pharmacological drugs that easily reduce fever. Treating specialists all antipyretic drugs are conventionally divided into 5 groups. A classification feature is the active ingredient that forms the basis of a pharmaceutical preparation.

In general, antipyretics contain the following active elements:

  • various combinations of salicylic acid;
  • various forms of ibuprofen;
  • various variations of paracetamol;
  • pharmacological agents containing nimesulide;
  • analgesics.

When the temperature rises actively begins to produce interferon, which is the guardian of our health. Pharmacological agents with antipyretic properties block the production of this substance, thereby weakening the natural immune forces. As already mentioned, it is undesirable to churn the temperature of such drugs. But in practice, very often there are cases when the fever needs to be brought down, because it can be dangerous to health. This is especially true of people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Best for an adult to quickly lower the temperature to take the following pharmacological agents:

  • Nimesil;
  • Aponil;
  • Coxtral;
  • Nise;
  • Mesulide;
  • Nimesic and others

In all of the above medicines, the active ingredient is nimesulide, which, when ingested, can drastically reduce the temperature to a normal level. Treatment specialists do not recommend taking potent pharmaceuticals right away. In order to bring down the temperature, you can take ibuprofen or paracetamol. In cases where these drugs have not brought the desired result, you can take Nimesulide.

Nurofen on temperature

Nurofen can be considered a unique pharmaceutical drug.

Nurofen can be considered a unique, broad-spectrum pharmaceutical product. It is produced in the form of capsules, gels, candles, syrups, tablets, and with a liquid filling. You can take Nurofen in such cases:

  • for headaches of various types;
  • with toothache;
  • with rheumatic pains;
  • in the postoperative and postpartum period to reduce the pain threshold;
  • with increasing temperature;
  • with various types of arthritis;
  • with painful menstrual bleeding;
  • in the event of acute viral and infectious diseases.

Nurofen contains the active substance ibuprofen. Under its influence, fever quickly returns to normal. Take best Nurofen in the form of capsules or tablets. This should be done after a meal. Acceptance of pharmaceuticals on an empty stomach may cause pain in the gastrointestinal tract.

Capsules and tablets are swallowed whole, they do not need to be crushed. The tablet should be washed down with a small amount of liquid. Faster results bring soluble tablets. Before taking Nurofen in this form, the tablet should be dissolved in water (1/2 tbsp.) And drunk.

There are a number of contraindications to the use of Nurofen. It is not recommended to use this medicine in such cases:

  • during late pregnancy;
  • children in the age category up to 6 years;
  • with poor blood clotting;
  • in the presence of diseases of the urinary system (in particular, the liver and kidneys);
  • with gastrointestinal ulcers;
  • hemophilia;
  • in case of individual intolerance to the components.

Paracetamol on temperature

Paracetamol is a very common medicine for temperature.

Paracetamol is a very common medicine for temperature. It is this active substance that is part of many antipyretic drugs. Paracetamol is well absorbed by the body by absorption in the small intestine and begins to act within half an hour after ingestion. Pure Paracetamol is available in the form of tablets or capsules. The spectrum of its action is quite wide.

So, Paracetamol can be taken by adults in such cases:

  • at manifestation of a headache of any genesis;
  • in cases of menalgia;
  • with toothache;
  • with increasing temperature;
  • to eliminate inflammatory processes.

As a rule, one tablet of this drug contains 500 mg of the active ingredient - paracetamol. In order to bring down the temperature, children over 12 years old and adults can take 1-2 tablets. The maximum dosage per day should not exceed 8 tablets. If the temperature is too high, Paracetamol can be taken together with analgin in proportions of 1: 2, but this method is not recommended to bring the temperature more than once.

The use of Paracetamol has a number of contraindications:

  • early pregnancy;
  • kidney or liver failure;
  • excessive drinking;
  • anemia.

When the temperature rises, which does not pass for several days, you need to contact the attending specialist to determine the cause of the reaction of the organism. Independently, you can knock down the temperature only in isolated cases and when the threshold on the thermometer reaches the threshold of 38.5-39 °. Be healthy!