Antifungal preparations for nails


Nail fungus is rather difficult to treat. For the treatment of the disease, local agents and systemic drugs are used. Topical treatment consists in applying ointments directly on the affected nails. Preparations of systemic action are available in the form of tablets and capsules, which must be taken for a long time.

Local treatment has one significant difference from taking systemic drugs, the drug reaches its maximum concentration in the affected area. At the same time, it is not absorbed into the blood and, therefore, rarely causes side effects. The duration of treatment depends on the degree of nail fungus damage.

First of all, we recommend that you use monastic tea against nail fungus. After 30 days, 97% of the volunteers had all traces of the fungus.

What tools are used to treat nail fungus?

With all the advantages of local treatment, it is effective only when the fungus struck only the nail plate, but did not reach the nail bed. With deep lesions will only systemic treatment in combination with local. Systemic drugs penetrate the bloodstream and spread throughout the body, they give a good effect even in severe forms of the disease. It is very important to take these drugs under the supervision of a physician, because of the high probability of side effects, the dose must be strictly controlled. Consider situations in which you can do only by local means and cases where complex treatment is indicated.

Antifungal preparations for nails: what to choose?

Local treatment is advisable to use in such cases:

  1. The initial stage of the disease.
  2. The fungus struck only 1 or a few nails.
  3. Only part of the nail is affected.

Modern remedies for nail fungi are available not only in the form of ointments, but even in the form of nail polishes. These drugs are very convenient and easy to use. In some cases, it is necessary to remove part of the nail plate, but over time, a new healthy nail will grow, which will not be affected by the fungus. Nails that are applied to lacquer are recommended to file in order to make it easier to penetrate into its structure and nail bed.

The most popular lacquers for the treatment of fungi are Batrafen and Loceryl. These funds should be applied to the surface of the nail only 1 time per week. In this case, the duration of treatment ranges from 6 months to 1 year. There are varnishes that need to be applied more often, every 2 days.

Exoderil Solution also effectively fights fungus locally. Apply it to your nails 2 times a day. Treatment is also long, at least 6 months. When there is improvement in the condition of the nails and the symptoms disappear, the treatment should be continued for another 2-3 weeks. This is to prevent the recurrence of the disease.

Is Mikozan Cream Effective?

Mycozan cream is a modern and very effective drug for the treatment of fungal nail diseases. It should also be applied 2 times a day in the morning and evening. The minimum duration of treatment is 4 weeks, but in practice the therapy is delayed for several months, and in severe cases even for a year. The use of the drug should be continued until the moment when the nails are completely cleared of the external manifestations of the fungus.

After the nails have acquired a healthy color and appearance, continue to lubricate them with another 2 weeks. Nail polish before lubricating them with mycosane needs to be removed. It is recommended to nail the surface of the nail, so that the tool better penetrated into the thickness of the nail and the nail bed. The first results of treatment can be seen already in 2-3 weeks. You should not expect that the fungus can be cured quickly.

Reviews of this drug are mostly good. It is usually prescribed in conjunction with system tools. However, even in the case of using only mikozan in 1-1.5 months, people noted a significant improvement in the appearance of the nails. On average, judging by the reviews, the duration of treatment is 3-4 months. If the fungus has just appeared and struck 1-2 nails or only part of the nail, it can be cured in 1-2 months. Many patients note that mycosane is much more effective than some antifungal varnishes.

What are systemic antifungals?

Antifungal preparations for nails: what to choose?

Preparations from nail fungi of systemic action are prescribed to speed recovery or in severe forms of the disease. Indications for the appointment of such funds may be as follows:

  1. The defeat of most of the nail plate.
  2. The lack of effect of local therapy.
  3. The defeat of 2 or more nails fungus.

The most effective drugs for systemic treatment of nail fungus are: Terbinafin, Ketoconazole, Fluconazole, Griseofulvin, Itraconazole. The doctor selects the dose of the drug individually for each patient. It all depends on the degree of the disease, the age of the person. The duration of the therapeutic course is different, if the fungus struck the nails on the hands, it will have to be treated for about 4-6 months. The fungus on the legs is treated longer - at least 9 months, but most often 1 year.

Doctors-dermatologists in one voice recommend using monastic tea against fungus. In the course of the research, acceleration of regeneration processes in 82 volunteers was noted.

With long-term treatment with systemic antifungal drugs, side effects may occur in the form of nausea and vomiting, unpleasant sensations in the stomach and intestines, dizziness and headaches, problems with digestion. There is also a negative effect on the liver, so before prescribing the treatment, the patient is examined for violations in her work. There are modern drugs that can cure the fungus in 1.5 - 3 months, but they will have to be taken in large doses, which can also adversely affect health. Some medicines can cause allergies, dermatitis and urticaria.

Special attention should be paid to the drug "Fluconazole", which for many years used to treat various fungal diseases. The drug is available in the form of capsules with different dosages, the minimum is 50 mg, the maximum is 200 mg. Fluconazole is taken on the principle of pulse therapy. A week for 1 time you need to use 150 mg of the drug. The duration of therapy is from six months to 12 months. The drug is very bad for the kidneys and liver. The need for long-term use increases the risk of side effects and therefore requires periodic monitoring of the patient's health. Do not prescribe drugs yourself, if you have symptoms of fungal diseases, consult a doctor. The remaining side effects of fluconazole are the same as those of other antifungal agents.

All drugs for the treatment of fungus on the nails are contraindicated for use during pregnancy and lactation, as well as for various liver diseases. If in the course of therapy there are signs of liver damage, the drug is stopped.

Antifungal preparations for nails often have a high price. Treatment of fungal diseases can not be cheap. The cost of medicines for the treatment of onychomycosis vary from 300 rubles. up to 1000 and more. In addition, the treatment is very long, but the result is worth it. If you have the initial manifestations of the fungus on the nails, do not tighten with the treatment. In the first stage, the disease can be cured easily and you can only get by using local remedies.

Consumer reviews

Antifungal preparations for nails: what to choose?

Opinions of patients about drugs are very diverse. About the same tool may be completely opposite reviews. People who took the drugs for a long time and did not miss the techniques, noted the high effectiveness of the funds. However, many are unhappy with the side effects that occur very often, especially the longer a person is treated.

The higher the likelihood of unwanted reactions. The fungus was treated quickly and without side effects at the initial stage and with a combination of local and systemic agents.

From the reviews we can conclude that the disease should be treated at the initial stage. To protect yourself from side effects, you can only use the funds for local therapy. The duration of treatment will increase, but there will be no risk of allergies and diseases of the kidneys and liver. If you have any chronic pathologies, start treatment with local remedies and only if they are ineffective, switch to systemic ones.