Anthelmintic drugs for people - for the prevention and


Anthelmintic drugs for humans are used both to prevent helminth infections and to get rid of worms. In order for the treatment to produce the expected result, it must be carried out comprehensively. Only a doctor can choose a treatment regimen. What drugs are now used to eliminate worm infestation? How effective and toxic are they?

What drugs are most effective for helminthiasis?

Modern anthelmintic drugs for people of a wide spectrum of action can affect various types of worms.

Modern anthelmintic drugs for people with a wide spectrum of action are capable of infecting different types of worms, which is very important if several types of parasites have settled in the body at once. Such drugs are less toxic than narrow-acting tablets.

What are antihelminthic drugs today are the best?

  • Pyrantel is considered the safest against worms(Gelmintoks, Nemotsid, Kombantrin). It can be given to a child from 6 months. It helps with ascariasis, necatoria (infection with a necator, living in countries with a hot climate), enterobiasis (caused by pinworms), hookworm (occurs when infected with nematodes - roundworms).

The drug does not enter the bloodstream, but acts only in the intestines. It has a paralytic effect on parasites, which leads to their death. The standard dosage is 10 mg per 1 kg of patient weight.

When treating Pyrantel, there may be a decrease in appetite, nausea, itching and rash, drowsiness, headache. The tool does not have a preventive effect. Although Pyrantel is relatively harmless, it cannot be used to get rid of worms in pregnant women and people suffering from kidney and liver diseases.

  • Albendazole (Aldazole, Helmodol) is approved for use from 2 years. Differs in ultra wide spectrum of action. In addition to ascaris, nematodes, nekator, effective against the Chinese fluke (infection occurs when eating raw fish), tapeworms (pork tapeworm), dwarf tapeworm.

Side effects of the drug include diarrhea, heartburn, nausea, stomatitis, a feeling of dry mouth, a rash of the type of urticaria.

  • A medicine that not only destroys worms, but also strengthens the immune system, is Dekaris from worms.It may also be sold in a pharmacy called Levamisole. Appointed from 3 years. Acts against ascarids, nematodes, tapeworms and other parasites. Once in the body, it causes the destruction of the respiratory center of worms.

In exceptional cases, the drug is prescribed for pregnant women. The adult dose is 150 mg, children are given 1 time a day before going to bed (at the rate of 2.5 mg per 1 kg of body weight).

Use Decaris may be accompanied by digestive disorders, vomiting, insomnia, irritability. In severe cases, there are convulsions, disorders in the liver and kidneys.

  • Mebendazole or Vervox. Can be used from 2 years. Fights ascarids, pinworms, whipworm. The components of the drug violate the metabolism of parasites, so they die. The drug does not enter the human blood, but tends to accumulate in the tissues, which can lead to negative health effects.

The drug can cause anemia, fever. Often marked vomiting, rash. There may be problems in the liver.

Specific drugs for worms

If the parasite is accurately identified, special preparations may be used.

If the parasite is accurately identified, then special preparations can be used. Such funds are even more poisonous, so it is better not to conduct experiments, but to take them as prescribed by a doctor.

Narrow-acting drug is Piperazine. It is prescribed even for children up to a year. It paralyzes ascaris and pinworms (but does not destroy the eggs of these helminths), while it is characterized by low toxicity.

Against roundworms (pinworms), Top Line Embonate can also be used. It blocks the enzymes of their cells. Helminths die and go along with fecal excrement. The use of this drug can paint the feces in a bright red color. During treatment, allergies can develop.

Worms worry - run to the pharmacy or go to the doctor?

Not everyone wants with such an unpleasant problem as worms, to see a doctor

Not everyone wants to go to a doctor with such an unpleasant problem as worms. Since helminth drugs are sold in a pharmacy without a prescription, many people prefer to choose the most expensive or powerful medicine and “feed” them to the whole family. But after a couple of days, there are side effects: diarrhea, vomiting, bitter taste in the mouth, dizziness. This may be due not only to the toxicity of the drug, but also to improper use.

Anthelmintic therapy should include not only anthelmintic drugs for humans: additional treatment is also used. Before taking antiparasitic agents, sorbents (activated carbon) should be taken for 3 days. This will help to remove from the body the toxic waste products of worms.

Additionally, antihistamines are prescribed. They help the body to more easily and quickly cope with intoxication, relieve inflammation and allergies.

To eliminate the negative effects of the presence of parasites in the body, multivitamins, enzyme preparations (Karsil, Gepabene) and a protein diet are prescribed.

Drug prevention of worms

To take anthelmintic drugs for people for the prevention of doctors advise in 2 cases: if someone from the family members found worms and those who have pets. The rest is enough to follow the usual rules of hygiene.

The most effective antiparasitic drugs are Albendazole (Nemozol), Medamin (Carbendatsim), Dekaris. For the prevention of suitable "Antigelmos" - a drug that includes plant extracts.

The course of anthelmintic drugs is best to pass in the spring and autumn.

To safely protect yourself from worming, you should regularly eat garlic, lemons and pumpkin seeds. The effective folk remedies for worms are wormwood, grated carrots, boiled in milk, and birch buds. For prevention, you can eat every day a few leaves of sorrel.

If symptoms indicate helminthic invasion, treatment is a must! By themselves, the parasites will not disappear from the body. However, it should be borne in mind that the more effective the anti-worms medicine is, the more toxic it is. Therefore, it is better to get rid of parasites under the supervision of a physician.