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As a result of injuries, surgical interventions, and external effects, traces remain on the skin: scars, scars, and pits. A lot of grief delivering women stretch marks that remain after childbirth. Even juvenile acne can cause skin scarring if it is wrong to get rid of them. A good remedy for the problems will be the tool cotratubex, as well as its analogues, cheap and not so much, based on substances that contribute to the softening of the scar tissue.

How to beat scars?

In the pharmaceutical market, counter-tubers have been known for a long time.

In the pharmaceutical market, counter-duplex has been known for a long time. His appearance was a kind of revolution in the world of cosmetology. This drug promised removal of scars, stretch marks, stretch marks and scars without surgery, without expensive plastic manipulations.

The countertubex drug is based on heparin sodium, which helps to soften the scar tissue. After prolonged use, the cicatricial cells become faded, lose their shape, soften and the scar is compared with the surface of the skin. How does the drug?

As a result of deformation of the skin, a wound surface is formed, from which the body tries to get rid of as soon as possible. The larger the area of ​​the damaged surface, the more serious the injury, the sooner the “work” of special cells of the connective tissue - fibroblasts - begins. They secrete components of the intercellular substance, form fibrous strands with low water content. On the one hand, the sooner the healing takes place, the better, but on the other hand, one has to sacrifice the aesthetic side of the issue. Coarse fibrous tissue forms a scar. It can protrude above the surface of the skin (hypertrophic), as if sag, forming a groove (atrophic) and grow significantly, exceeding the size of the original wound (keloid). In order for this not to happen, contubex and drugs of similar action are used. They saturate the cells with fluid, interfere with the rapid clotting of blood and promote uniform healing. Numerous reviews indicate that the earlier the use of the drug was started, the greater the effect was achieved, and this took less time.

Maria, 32 years:“After the first birth (cesarean section), I had a monstrous keloid scar. I was embarrassed to undress on the beach and in the pool, wore closed swimsuits, was very worried that such a“ decoration ”would push my husband away. During the second pregnancy, I asked the gynecologist beforehand whether I would have a cesarean, and when I heard a positive answer, I asked what to do to avoid repeating the story. In the consultation, the doctor waved off, referring to “the features of the organism.” But in the hospital I was asked to prescribe a surgeon's advice (the drug is quite expensive and did not want to spend money in vain.) He confirmed that the counter-duplex was really able to cope with my problem. I applied it from the moment the wound was delayed three times a day for a few months. The seam is neat, thin, like a thread, I'm just happy. "

Cheaper doesn't mean worse

Counterubex is good in action, but it has one major drawback: price. However, you can use not the counter-ointment itself, but counterpart of counter-scars from acne scars; reviews about them on the Web inspire confidence in success.

Venitan Forte

Venitan Forte

The composition of the drug includes two active ingredients: heparin and beta-escin. First of all, the medicine is indicated for people with vascular problems. But according to the action and the substances that make it up, venitan is close to a counter-counterbex, therefore, it is recommended for the speedy healing of wounds, hematomas, abrasions, destruction of scars. Beta-escin is obtained from natural raw materials - horse chestnut seeds, it has an anti-inflammatory effect, relieves swelling, is an antihistamine agent. Heparin also prevents the formation of fibrin and scarring tissue.



An ointment or gel dermatics will be a good alternative to counter-sex, reviews and photos of scars before and after indicate its high effectiveness. It is based on polysiloxanes and inorganic silica, substances that can affect scar tissue, including long-standing keloid scars. Dermatics not only smoothes the surface of scars, softens them and promotes the resorption of pathological cells, but also has the property to relieve itching, irritation, and swelling of tissues.



The preparation contains extracts of plants (onions and leeks), bodyagi extract, dexpanthenol and allantoin, silicone, camphor. Due to its composition, the ointment has an anti-inflammatory and resorbing effect, softens tissues, whitens them, relieves puffiness. According to customer reviews, it is dermofibrase that is most effective, it has a complex effect on scars and scars.

Regardless of which drug is used, the counter-tube or its cheaper counterparts, it is impossible to apply ointment (gel) directly into the wound. It takes a few days to form a crust. On fresh scars and scars, the drugs are rubbed with a thin layer 2-3 times a day, with careful massaging movements. Course duration is 1-2 months. For old, scarred scars, more time and effort will be required, the treatment may take from six months to a year, the medicine is applied and the skin is applied, and an occlusive bandage is applied on top.

Acne scars and injuries, scars, stretch marks do not decorate the body, but if it so happened that the appearance of such skin defects was unavoidable, then there is no need to endure, just take yourself in hand and methodically apply the selected drug day after day, month after month before reaching desired result. If you have any doubts, then you should consult a dermatologist to find the most optimal drug.

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