It is necessary to catch ARD, as a cough comes after a cold. The shelves of pharmacies today are literally bursting with the means by which this symptom can be defeated. But why experiment with your health when there is a reliable and effective drug - Ambroxol? Instructions for use recommends giving it to both adults and children. So can this medicine send a cough to a knockout?

What to choose: an expensive novelty or a proven cough medicine?

What to choose: an expensive novelty or a proven cough medicine?

Although the cough is a normal reaction of the body to the disease, it is still necessary to treat it. The choice of drugs to combat it and sputum is so wide that many are lost. Usually in the first row in the pharmacies put up expensive drugs. But the price should not be the deciding factor in this case. For benchmarks should take safety and efficiency.

A proven remedy that is well known to many people, the mucolytic drug Ambroxol, helps cure cough without harm to health and the family budget. Its effect is to make the phlegm less viscous and to clear the mucus from the lungs and bronchi. And with such tasks the medicine copes with "excellent"!

The active component of the drug is ambroxol hydrochloride. The fact that the medicine is really effective confirms a huge number of its "clones". When creating them, pharmaceutical companies "borrowed" the main active ingredient from ambroxol, added a couple of flavors and beautiful packaging to it. These drugs are much more expensive, but do not surpass Ambroxol in their therapeutic abilities.

What is more in Ambroxol - "chemistry" or natural ingredients?

Today, patients are selective in choosing medicines, they want to be treated with medicines, including natural ingredients. This question is particularly acute when it comes to treating a child.

What is the composition of Ambroxol? It makes no sense to deny that ambroxol hydrochloride is a substance that is obtained laboratory using special chemical components. But it is an analogue of the plant alkaloid. Thus, the medicine cannot be considered absolutely natural, but there is very little “chemistry” in it.

In addition to the main component, the composition of the drug includes auxiliary elements designed to ensure its rapid absorption and improve taste. It:

  • purified water;
  • lemon acid;
  • sorbitol;
  • sodium saccharin;
  • propylene glycol;
  • methyl hydroxybenzoate;
  • propylhydroxybenzoate.

Ambroxol dosage forms for children and adults

Ambroxol is produced in different forms. This enables patients to choose for themselves and the child the most convenient version of the drug. What does the pharmacy range consist of?

  • for adult patients - 30 mg tablets;
  • lozenges (lozenges) 15 mg;
  • capsules (they are distinguished by their long-term action) - 75 mg;
  • syrup for adults - 30 mg (5 ml);
  • syrup for children - 15 mg (5 ml).

Banana flavor and excellent therapeutic effect - children's cough syrup

Banana flavor and excellent therapeutic effect - children's cough syrup

Ambroxol syrup for children is the newest pharmaceutical development. It helps the child to cough up phlegm, as it reduces its viscosity. Once in the lungs, Ambroxol performs another important mission - “flushes” harmful microbes from the mucous membranes. Due to the specially selected composition, the syrup has a positive effect on the metabolism in the lung tissues, which removes the inflammatory process.

The syrup has a banana (raspberry, strawberry) smell and a pleasant taste, so they will be treated without tears and persuasion.

Moms should remember this feature when buying Ambroxol syrup: the instructions for use of the drug are printed directly on the packaging, so you should not throw it away.

What does ambroxol treat?

Curing cough is the main function of ambroxol. But this drug is prescribed not only to eliminate the symptoms of acute respiratory infections or colds, but also as a component of complex therapy for:

  • relapse of chronic bronchitis;
  • pneumonia;
  • tuberculosis;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • acute tracheitis.

An exhausting, painful, unproductive cough is not the only problem Ambroxol relieves. What else does this drug help? Everyone knows that he dilutes and removes phlegm. But studies have shown that taking this medication reduces the inflammatory process and strengthens local immunity.

When is it best to choose another drug: contraindications for ambroxol

The argument in favor of Ambroxol is a limited number of contraindications. This once again proves his safety. The only case where drug treatment is strictly prohibited is idiosyncrasy.

There are also special instructions regarding the reception of different forms. So, the drug in tablets is not suitable for children who are not 6 years old, and patients who do not digest lactose. Capsules can only be given at age 12 because their dosage is unnecessarily high for young patients. Ambroxol cannot be combined with codeine-based antitussive drugs.

There are several diseases in which it is better to refrain from taking Ambroxol mucolytic agent, namely:

  • peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcer in the acute stage;
  • severe abnormalities in the liver and kidneys;
  • gastritis;
  • diabetes.

Ambroxol and the "interesting position" - is there a risk?

Ambroxol and

Pregnant women should take any medications only with the permission of the doctor. Ambroxol is no exception. Instructions for use warns that the effect of the components of the drug on the development of the fetus was tested only on animals. The results of such tests have been encouraging. However, coughing with this remedy before 28 weeks of pregnancy is undesirable.

The drug freely penetrates into breast milk, so nursing mothers can take it in exceptional cases and only after consulting a doctor.

How to avoid side effects: 3 rules and a few important notes

To reduce the likelihood of unwanted reactions, it is impossible to exceed the recommended daily dose even with a strong cough; Contraindications should be considered and do not self-medicate.

Adverse reactions are rare. These include:

  • excessive gas formation in the intestines;
  • violation of the chair;
  • indigestion;
  • rash and itching;
  • a slight increase in temperature;
  • heartburn.

Babies may experience allergic reactions to flavor flavors that are contained in the syrup. In addition, the parents of the child are not able to accurately determine whether the crumb can cope with the increased volume of sputum. Therefore, only a pediatrician should prescribe syrups and drops to children whose age is less than 2 years!

There are also comments regarding the interaction of this drug with other drugs. Ambroxol should not be given along with medications that inhibit the cough reflex. Such a combination can lead to stagnation of diluted sputum in the lungs.

Ambroxol increases the effects of antibiotics.

How to take mucolytic drug in pills and syrup?

Ambroxol acts quickly, but for a long time. One dose "works" for 6-12 hours. Eating does not affect the effectiveness of the drug and does not reduce its bioavailability.

If the mother treats the child with Ambroxol, then she should strictly follow the recommended dosage:

  • babies under 2 years old are given 2.5 ml syrup twice a day;
  • Children 2 to 5 years old should take 2.5 ml of ambroxol 3 times a day;
  • young patients from 5 years old are given 5 ml syrup in 3 doses.

Adults and adolescents over 12 years old should be replaced with syrup. Per day they should take 30 mg of the drug 2-3 times. If long-acting capsules are used (75 g each), then the daily dose will be 1 capsule per day.

Doctors advise to drink pills with plenty of liquid - this will improve the therapeutic effect.

How much time to drink Ambroxol?

Most often ambroxol is remembered when it is necessary to cure a cough caused by bronchitis or ARVI. Such treatment should be carried out from 5 to 7 days. If there is no improvement or, worse, the patient's condition has worsened, then the medication is refused. In this case, you should visit the doctor as soon as possible.

What assessment of the effectiveness of the drug give patients?

Ambroxol is a medicine familiar since childhood. The fact that this drug has already been used by several generations of children and adults shows its worthy healing abilities.

The drug can be bought at a pharmacy without a prescription, as it is proven and safe. Patients often call it the best remedy for those who suffer from coughing. They appreciate not only the quality, but also the availability of the drug. The cost of ambroxol does not exceed 50 rubles, while its analogues are often sold 3-4 times more expensive!

Moms celebrate the "delicious" fruit smell and pleasant taste of the medicine. A plus is the nice packaging, as well as the presence of a measuring spoon, with which Ambroxol is sold (syrup for children).

Ambroxol "family" has several dozen drugs. Among them - "Lasolvan", "Ambrobene", "Flavamed". "Ambrogexal". With a similar composition and action, they can not boast of the same affordable price.

If you need a good and inexpensive expectorant, you should pay attention to Ambroxol. It can be used by the whole family. The drug copes well with its tasks, is not addictive and with subsequent use acts as effectively as the first time.