Amber acid at hangover


“One is not enough, two is many, and three is the norm” - many people drink this principle, and in the morning they look for effective drugs to get rid of the unpleasant effects of a fun evening. Succinic acid with a hangover is in this list far from the first place by and large due to the doubtfully low cost and low awareness of citizens.

Description and main properties of the drug

Amber acid at hangover

It is generally accepted that succinic acid is used for hangovers, but its instructions for use describe the properties of the drug much more widely. It has such pharmacological properties as:

  • immunity strengthening;
  • elimination of asthenic symptoms, such as sleep disturbance, loss of strength, constant feeling of fatigue;
  • stabilization of the nervous system, due to which the drug is often appointed as an adjunct in the treatment of prolonged depression;
  • regulation of oxygen metabolism at the cellular level;
  • reducing the effects of free radicals on the body;
  • removal of products of intoxication and decomposition of ethyl alcohol;
  • stimulation of the digestive tract and increased production of gastric juice;
  • increased diastolic blood pressure.

However, despite all the colorful description of the properties of this tool, you should pre-set the correct accents. The fact is that succinic acid itself is not a drug, but only a dietary supplement. Therefore, using this tool as the main one would be a blunder. Succinic acid is prescribed by the doctor only in some cases and as an auxiliary element at a certain stage of therapy.

The mechanism of action of the remedy for hangover

Amber acid at hangover

Every second, the human body produces a small amount of succinic acid, which is actively involved in metabolic processes. It is on this property that the main mechanism of action of the drug on a person with hangover is built.

Any alcohol-based product, whether it is an elite whiskey, five-year cognac, or the usual “booze”, will always be converted into ethanol and acetaldehyde. It is these two components that settle in the body and make us feel in the morning all the delights of a violent alcoholic party.

During normal body function, the products of alcohol decomposition are quickly and without consequences broken down by liver enzymes and excreted along with urine, sweat and other substances of metabolism. However, when alcohol is consumed with an unmeasured amount, the liver simply does not have time to cope with the task. It is in this case that succinic acid comes to the rescue, which will act as an auxiliary absorbent:

  • absorbs residues from the production of ethyl alcohol;
  • saturate the cells and tissues with oxygen;
  • relieve all the side effects of a hangover - muscle weakness, nausea and vomiting.

Similar properties and has activated carbon. But the main difference in the preparations is that succinic acid from a hangover can be taken both before and after the feast. But the positive effect of activated carbon can be achieved only if you drink pills before drinking alcohol.

It's all about the dose

Amber acid at hangover

Succinic acid is available in the form of tablets or powder, but to buy it is often quite problematic. The supplement is not sold in every pharmacy, although it costs mere pennies, especially in comparison with other anti-drug drugs.

It is recommended to take the drug orally before meals with water, juice or mineral water. The dosage of succinic acid hangover is:

  • for powder - 250 mg 20-60 minutes before taking alcohol;
  • for pills - 2 pieces in 40 minutes.

As an adjunct in the treatment of long-term intoxication with ethanol, they drink:

  • powder - for 4-10 days, 250 mg up to 4 times per day;
  • tablets - 1 pill of 100 mg once per hour, but not more than 6 doses per day.

The advantage is that succinic acid can be used in combination with other traditional drugs designed to eliminate alcohol withdrawal syndrome.

In case of violation of the recommended doses, slight side effects may occur:

  • stomachache;
  • excessive secretion of gastric juice;
  • in people prone to hypertension, with prolonged use of the drug may increase blood pressure.

Before the use of bioactive supplements based on succinic acid should also take into account the existing contraindications. These include:

  • hypersensitivity to the active component;
  • angina pectoris;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • ischemic heart muscle disease;
  • aggravation of peptic ulcer of the esophagus and duodenum;
  • glaucoma.

In addition, the dosages indicated in the instructions may vary by the attending physician at his discretion, depending on the chosen tactics of therapy and health indicators of the patient himself. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to consult a specialist before consuming succinic acid. In the case when the hangover syndrome catches up again and the preliminary diagnosis has been made, you should adhere to the previous recommendations of the doctor.

Succinic acid is a really effective and very often underestimated remedy for hangover. It is inexpensive, has a minimal set of side effects and a clear dosage. But getting rid of the regular symptoms of alcohol intoxication this drug will not help. Here there are only two options: either drink in moderate doses, or completely abandon the use of strong drinks.