Almond is a delicious and sweet nut. It has found wide application in cooking, but few are known as a therapeutic agent. Almonds and its oil have so diverse beneficial properties that they allow to improve the condition of the body in many diseases.And in some cases, have an effective effect that can greatly help in the treatment of serious diseases. In addition to its medicinal properties, almonds are an excellent preventive measure that prevents the occurrence of even cancer.

Almond Healing Composition

It is thanks to its substances almonds found wide application in traditional medicine. It contains recognized antioxidants-unsaturated fatty acids and essential fats, large amounts of B vitamins, vitamin E, which has powerful antioxidant and absorbing properties, trace elements and minerals: potassium and copper, phosphorus and iron. Thanks to its vitamin E, almonds enrich the blood with antioxidants. It is an excellent alternative to animal protein sources. The composition of almonds includes more than 20 types of flavonoids that enhance the antioxidant properties of almonds.

Almond Healing Properties

Almonds can have a healing effect on the gastrointestinal and circulatory system of the body. It has anticonvulsant and analgesic properties. It will be useful for disinfection, in the treatment of ulcers in the intestines and bladder, relieve pain when bruises and abrasions. No less useful will be almonds to restore weight and speed up metabolism., and even as an anthelmintic.

Regular consumption of almonds in the right amount helps to protect the body from the occurrence of cancer. Milk or almond cream helps to quickly remove bile from the body and empty the gallbladder. This composition is able to heal gastric and duodenal ulcers faster (read how to make milk from almonds, see Almond milk with sugar in the article).

Almond application

Almonds are used to get rid of sore throat, pleurisy and hemoptysis, to strengthen brain activity and vision, normalize the respiratory system. It is used to cleanse the internal organs. Its use with sugar helps with asthma, ulcers in the bladder. In folk medicine, it is very often used to treat disorders of the kidneys and digestive disorders.

Eating almonds every day can reduce cholesterol levels in the blood and improve the function of intestinal motility. To get the beneficial effect of eating almonds, it’s enough to eat 2 pieces per day. Eating more almonds is undesirable because it is easy to get harm instead of benefit.

Almond oil: beneficial properties

Sweet almond oil contains in its composition all the beneficial substances of almond seeds. 2 tbsp. l Almond oil can help with constipation, treatment of chronic bronchitis, colitis and gastritis. Reception per day 4 p. 1 tbsp. l Almond oil is able to help in the treatment of various inflammations, and especially pneumonia. Oil has a cooling effect. It has been used as a nutrient and emollient for skin care. It will be useful in the treatment of breast tumors, bedsores.

Cake, which remains after the manufacture of oil, is considered an excellent tool that softens the skin of the face and hands. To cope with headache, sulfur and tinnitus, 5 drops will be enough to drip into each ear. In case of hearing loss, one ear should be dripped with 7-8 drops of oil and covered with ears with cotton wool. The next day, do the same with the second ear. After 5 days, the condition will be better.

Useful properties of almond and weight

Almonds contain a lot of nutrients that help restore weight after surgery and disease, while expelling toxins and harmful substances. If you need to solve the problem of painful thinness, almonds must be eaten with the skin. In addition, almonds and has the opposite effect, the inclusion of it in your diet can quickly, and most importantly effectively reduce waist size and remove excess weight. This effect is achieved due to almond property to speed up the metabolism, restoring it with various disorders, which are the source of overweight.

Almond treatment

For headache treatment, it is enough to drip 7 drops of almond oil into each ear. If it is necessary to fight the tumor that has appeared, it should be rubbed with almond oil. This procedure will help to cool the fever and soothe the sharp pain. To soften the skin will be enough to take 2 tbsp. l residues of almonds, after pressing the oil and pour them 2.5 cups of boiling water, then cool. The resulting liquid must be filtered. They wash the face with it, and all that they want to make soft.

To alleviate the condition of a painful cough, nervous disorders, and abdominal cramps, it is usually prescribed to take orally 15 drops of water prepared from almond residues after pressing oil. For rheumatism or hearing loss, almond oil should be used. Oil must be rubbed into the place where it hurts, and each ear should be instilled in turn every other day with 8 drops.

Almond Consumption: Caution

Remember that only sweet almonds have beneficial properties, and more than 10 pieces of bitter almonds carry a deadly threat to humans, and especially to children.

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Almonds have long been recognized for their taste. Garden almonds are sweet and very tasty. But besides this, it has many healing properties: sedative and analgesic. Its use helps to cope with pains of different nature, and regular use can help restore weight, or vice versa, bring it back to normal, eliminating extra pounds.

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