Allergy string


As soon as they do not call the series in our country. Popular names, but at first may seem strange: "scrofulous grass", "goat horns", "marsh arrow", "trailer", "dog lover". The list can be continued, all these "nicknames" reflect external signs and features of the train.

This annual plant grows almost throughout Russia and has one unique feature - it helps with all types of allergies.

The series includes carotene, ascorbic acid, essential oil, tannins, flavonoids and coumarins. The series gives anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, antimicrobial, diaphoretic effect. Also improves metabolism, increases appetite, treats the respiratory system. You can buy a series in any pharmacy without a prescription at a cost of 45 to 100 rubles.

There are several ways to combat allergies with the help of a train: you can drink tea from the train, boil broths, take baths.

Allergy Tea

You will need: dried train, boiling water. From the calculation of a teaspoon of the series in a glass of boiling water. You need to brew such tea as usual. Before drinking, let tea stand for 20 minutes and try to drink several cups a day. The bigger, the better. The drink itself should be rich golden color, only then it is considered useful. Muddy or greenish shades should alert you. This tea is better not to use. Choose a sheet sequence, in briquettes it will bring little effect. Better yet, get your own collection.

Allergy series baths

Baths, lotions and dressings - an effective remedy for skin allergic reactions.

Allergy Tier No. 1 Prescription

Take 4 tablespoons of dry succession, pour 0, 5 liters of boiling water - the bath is ready.

Allergy Tier 2 Prescription

Take 1 tablespoon of dry succession, chamomile and bark of oaks. Next, pour all this with a liter of cold ox and leave for 12 hours to infuse. After that, boil the infusion and strain by adding to the bathroom. Act on the basis of: 1 liter of infusion per 10 liters of water.

Allergy Alcohol Infusion

Take 3 tablespoons of raw materials, cover with 1 glass of hot water, boil on low heat for 15 minutes, then cool to room temperature and strain. After all these manipulations, take half a cup 3 times a day with meals. Infusions from the series dry the skin, treat seborrhea and psoriasis.

Oil tincture of the allergy train

Take 50 grams of succession, pour 2 cups of sunflower oil. Then let it sit in a water bath for 10 hours and strain. Use in the form of lotions and compresses for ulcers and difficult healing wounds.

How to properly collect and store a train?

You need to collect the grass from the beginning of flowering. The tops of the plant are cut and dried in the shade under an awning, and can be dried in the attic or roof. Store the string should be in paper bags or boxes, where there is a paper lining. The series is stored in dried form no more than 2 years.

There is great news - the train has no contraindications, so you can not worry about your health. The sequence is a source of good mood. And the mood improves when the family is healthy and happy.

With a series of help, you will feel like a real homeopath. It is easy to prepare, easy to collect and store. Great fees for you and a great tea. And let the occasion for him be not someone's allergy, but someone's birthday!