Allergy activated carbon


Allergy refers to diseases that require a special approach to treatment. However, most people suffering from this disease, try to cope with traditional allergies, that is, folk remedies.

It is believed that with this disease well helps Activated carbon, but this is only partly true.

Activated carbon and its properties

  • Regular use of activated carbon significantly alleviates the general condition of the patient, with less frequent episodes of the disease, and the strength and duration of spasms are significantly reduced. The use of activated carbon reduces the proportion of use of hormonal drugs, and in particularly favorable situations - it helps to completely abandon their use. This is due to the fact that activated carbon is a kind of catalyst for hormonal drugs and greatly increases their properties.

Activated carbon and its properties

  • Coal use activates the process of cleansing the body from pathogenic microbes and harmful hormones that trigger asthma and allergies.
  • Activated carbon is excellent remedy for various inflammations. Such a positive effect is due to the fact that it normalizes the overall composition of the blood and the level of white blood cells in particular. For treatment, 5-7 tablets of activated carbon should be crushed (at the rate of: 1 tablet of agent per 10 kg of human weight), and then take them inside and drink water. These manipulations should be carried out every morning.
  • Modern specialists did not agree on a common opinion regarding the duration of treatment with activated carbon. Some doctors claim that coal can be used up to six months, while others insist that the course should last no more than a week. The course of treatment is not recommended to interrupt, otherwise you can get a relapse of the disease, and the course will have to start over.
  • In addition to harmful substances, coal removes various toxins from the body. Such a property of his has long been noticed and quite successfully used in our time. In situations where a person has drunk too much alcohol, he needs to be given activated charcoal (1 tablet per 10 kg of human weight). To assert that the patient is immediately sober up is impossible, but his condition will noticeably improve.

Allergy and activated carbon

The treatment of allergies involves the stage of complete cleansing of the body from various harmful infections. It is in this question that activated carbon helps - it removes toxins and slags from the body, and also cleans the blood from various harmful substances. In the process of such purification, the internal forces of the body are activated, the number of eosinophils and free immune cells decreases.

Allergy and activated carbon

Still activated carbon normalizes the efficiency and the state of immunoglobulins E and M, when it is consumed, the number of T-lymphocytes in the blood increases. With such processes favorable for the human body, itching, swelling and various rashes disappear.

There is still a number of reasons why experts recommend using activated carbon for allergies:

  1. it is practically the cheapest and at the same time an effective way to treat a disease, unlike antihistamines, most of which are very expensive;
  2. This drug helps to cleanse the body of various toxins, which are located in problem areas of the body, in particular - in the liver;
  3. According to the majority of people suffering from allergies, it is this tool that allows to relieve the symptoms of the disease itself for a long time.

Is activated carbon harmful to allergies?

There is an opinion that activated carbon is absolutely harmless - but it is wrong! Naturally, coal cannot directly harm the body, but nonetheless - it exerts its passive adverse effect.

The fact is that coal, being in the body, absorbs everything indiscriminately. For this reason, not only harmful, but also useful substances and vitamins are exterminated, which are subsequently removed from the body. Therefore, Undergoing treatment with activated carbon, it is necessary to take multivitamins in parallel.

Coal is taken well before meals, you need to keep in mind that this drug can cause constipation, because of this, they need to coordinate the course of treatment and dosage with the doctor.

Is activated carbon harmful to allergies?

For people suffering from constipation, excellent Garlic can be a substitute for this drug.. It also has a positive effect on the body, but it does not cause constipation. In addition, garlic perfectly strengthens the body's immunity. It should be consumed 3-4 times a day as a slurry, which is prepared as follows: for each crushed clove of garlic, take 50 g of plain water and mix everything well. Garlic should be used after or during meals, otherwise there is a risk of simply “burning” your stomach.

Other drugs for the treatment of allergies

For allergic reactions of various kinds, you can buy special drugstores. antihistamines, produced in the form of tablets. When an allergy occurs in the body and in the blood in particular, substances - histamines accumulate. Histamine is a special chemical that causes itching, skin drying, runny nose, the so-called “skin allergy” by increasing the permeability of the vascular walls.

These same antihistamines and block the connection and relieve symptoms. But, like all pharmacological agents, these drugs have contraindications, this is especially pronounced in drugs of the first and second generation. Only the newest drugs have good active work and no side effects, and thus are safe antihistamines.

If you decide to Allergy Treatment with Activated Carbon, remember the main thing: do not harm yourself and your body. We are all unique, and our organisms have their own individual characteristics that only a qualified specialist will help to identify. Prescribing a course of treatment with this method is necessary only after consulting with your doctor and in no case deviate from the treatment regimen he proposed.