Alerana for eyelashes

It is believed that weakened lashes and thinning dull eyebrows require expensive professional care in beauty salons. You can significantly save and achieve excellent results, choosing the right tool for eyelashes.

Means for eyelashes Aleran

Cosmeticians recommend restoring a unique eyelash for Aleran to strengthen eyelashes, restore their scaly structure after curling and building up, as well as protection against various adverse environmental factors, including hard water when washing. Even thinned, weak and dull eyelashes will acquire the former beauty after 2-3 months of daily care for them with the help of this preparation.

In the line of Aleran there is a two-phase stimulant for the care of eyelashes, which consists of different formulas "Day" and "Night".Already from the very name it becomes clear that the formula "Day" is intended for basic day care, and "Night" - for additional restoration and nutrition of weakened cilia in the dark.

Product packaging is compact and convenient, thought out to the smallest detail.

Alerana for eyelash growth

Alerana for eyelashes: reviews

The Day alerana contains ceramides, which protect fine hairs from excessive brittleness, panthenol, caring for eyelashes, and taurine, which promotes the growth of new strong and healthy eyelashes. Nettle extract added by cosmetologists to this tool significantly improves blood microcirculation and metabolic processes at the cellular level. The formula "Day" will provide reliable protection of cilia from aggressive external factors, such as the scorching sun or frost. That is why it serves as an excellent mascara base.

The formula of Aleran "Night" in turn, well moisturizes, restores and nourishes the damaged structure of eyelashes, preventing their fragility and loss. It contains almond oil, burdock, castor oil and jojoba oil. Such a healing cocktail most favorably reflects on the condition of weakened eyelashes, saturates them with vitamins and useful trace elements.

Eyelash growth stimulator Aleran

  1. Formula Aleran "Day" is applied to the cilia in the morning immediately after washing. In addition to its intended purpose, the stimulant will smooth your eyelashes well and properly prepare them for applying mascara.
  2. Aleran's formula "Night" is always applied on clean eyelashes right before bedtime. Flush or remove the remnants of this tool is not necessary, because It is applied directly to the hairs with a brush.

Growth and strengthening eyelashes Aleran suitable even when wearing contact lenses! At the same time, it is necessary to avoid contact of the smallest particles of this agent on the mucous membrane of the eyes.


Despite the high efficacy of alerans for eyelashes, for some the product may cause a slight burning sensation and individual intolerance. Therefore, at the beginning of the use of this tool, pay special attention to your individual feelings.

Keep food tightly closed, at a temperature not higher than 25 degrees, with a white lid (formula "Day") up.

Mascara Aleran: properties

Aleran's mascara is designed to stimulate growth and strengthen eyelashes. If your eyebrows are thin and grow poorly, be sure to try this tool to care for them.

Alerana for eyelashes: reviews

Due to the unique formula of mascara, it quickly restores each eyelash separately, makes its structure stronger, and the color is richer. Good reviews of customers and salon clients about eyelash growth stimulator Aleran confirm this fully. After all, this tool is specifically designed for women, taking into account the characteristics of hair growth.

Alerana for eyelash growth: reviews

  • Elena: Alerana for eyelashes is an excellent basis for everyday mascara. The active ingredients of the unique miracle remedy well protect the hairs from excessive brittleness, and also have an excellent regenerating and moisturizing effect, forming new strong cilia.
  • Zoya: In the reviews about Aleran for eyelashes, women say that in a very short time they have achieved the stunning effect of extended eyelashes. I tried - I put the producers of this tool Pyaterochka.
  • Alena: Aleran's remedy for several weeks of use strengthens the natural hair pigmentation and improves the nutrition of the follicles. It is, in fact, a non-hormonal mascara that fits all. I have lenses and, nevertheless, I am satisfied with this product.

With a growth stimulator and mascara aleran series you will improve the appearance, accelerate growth, increase the intensity of the natural color of your eyelashes and eyebrows. The formula of the product is enriched with active ingredients, and its effectiveness is confirmed by many enthusiastic reviews, both professional cosmetologists and ordinary consumers.

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