Inflammatory skin diseases are rather unpleasant, they require an immediate solution to the problem. At the reception at the doctor, after conducting a certain list of studies, various ointments are prescribed, one of which is Advantan.

Advantage ointment: instructions for use

Advantage ointment: instructions for use

The main question that interests the parents is hormone ointment Advantan or not? According to the instructions for use, the ointment belongs to the group of corticosteroids, that is, with the content of hormones. The drug is designed to quickly and actively eliminate the objective signs of allergies - a rash on the skin, redness, swelling, thickening of the skin, will also relieve itching and burning.

Indications for the use of the drug will be a variety of dermatitis, including atopic, contact and, of course, allergic. Also Advantan has proven itself in relieving eczema, even in children. In addition to obvious therapeutic properties, the ointment may have additional effects, and the choice of the form of the drug will depend on the patient's age, the condition of his skin.

  • So, if the child has dry skin, then it is best to use Advantan ointment, which will additionally nourish the skin.
  • If the skin is a normal type, it is recommended to use a balanced ointment in the ratio of water to fat.
  • For moist skin, it is recommended to use a cream based on more water than fat. - Advantan emulsion can be used in the treatment of sunburn in children.

Ointment advantan for children

It is worth remembering that regardless of the form of the drug, it must be used externally and no more than once a day. The course of treatment with ointment Advantan may be an average of 12 weeks for adults, not more than a month for children.

Of the side effects of itching, redness of the skin. Parents often fear manifestations that will be associated with the use of hormones. When properly selected ointment, that is, prescribed by a doctor, it is not dangerous for the child for many reasons. The content of hormones in it is minimal. This amount is enough to provide a therapeutic effect, but not enough to somehow break the complex balance of the hormonal background of the baby.

Those "horror stories" that periodically pop up in the media are nothing more than negative reviews due to improperly or independently assigned hormonal ointments (especially for children). Hormonal background and his work is a rather complicated system. Her balance is quite fragile, for these reasons, the body will protect and protect it in all possible ways. And correctly selected ointment, with strict adherence to recommendations for use, is absolutely safe for patients.

Advantan: consumer reviews

Analyzing customer feedback, the highest priority is evident - the rapid effect of the drug. Advantan not only instantly relieves itching, burning and redness, but also quickly reduces the symptoms of dermatitis, eczema, etc. But, like with antibiotics, the ointment should not be thrown when the first symptoms of improvement appear, it is necessary to complete a full course.

Another positive effect that buyers have noted is the rapid renewal of the skin.

There are negative reviews, which are connected with the fat content of the ointment, which can leave marks on clothes. But this can be avoided if you use the tool before bedtime, isolating it with bandage dressing or plastic bags.

Price Advantan high enough. But for a high-quality and effective drug that will quickly help and guarantee the effect, it is not a pity to pay.

Advantan: analogues and substitutes

Advantan: analogues and substitutes

Most of the expensive drugs have their analogues and substitutes. But the change of Advantan even for a substitute should be agreed with the doctor. The number of analogues ointment include: "Sterokort",

  1. "Metipred",
  2. "Methylprednisolone",
  3. Depot Medrol et al.

Due to its proven effectiveness, Advantan has extremely positive reviews not only among patients, but also doctors. It is noticed that the effect of treatment for eczema and dermatitis is noticeable on the third day. A significant advantage of the drug is the presence of many forms of release, the ability to pick them up with each specific type of inflammation. In addition, Advantan is not characterized by negative and side effects that are common to most corticosteroids.