Advantage of fasting days


A person in his entire life eats a huge amount of food. Despite their use or harm, they all leave behind themselves the substances from which unnecessary and even harmful substances are formed - slags.The body of people who are beginning to lose weight, becomes even more slagging and simply stands in addition to purification. In order to help our body to cleanse, to become stronger, stronger, we can not do without fasting days.

What is fasting days?

A fasting day is a day when you eat only one type of food the whole day. Because of this, your body, the digestive system, the intestines begin to work in a soft mode.. This process helps to remove harmful substances from the body, relaxes the stress on the cardiovascular system and has a positive effect on the functioning of the whole organism.

Advantage of fasting days

Fasting days will help you to lose weight. In the body, metabolic processes will increase, the blood vessels will be cleared of slags and the removal of harmful products through the skin will increase. This will support your weight at the level achieved. During these days, your gastrointestinal tract will rest. He can clear himself. This will have a positive effect on its further functioning.

Fasting days are the prevention of the formation of gallstones, reduce the risk of liver disease. They will help to normalize the metabolism. Fasting days, cleansing the body, reduce the manifestation of allergies and improve the condition of your skin.

Contraindications for handling days

Despite its advantage, fasting days are prohibited if there is a disease of diabetes mellitus, diseases of the gallbladder, liver. For any acute iichronic diseases, before proceeding to hold fasting days, consultation with a physician is necessary. In any case, starting the fasting days, be sure to consult with your specialist.

In order that they do not become a source of stress for you, do fasting times a week, choosing a certain day. Do not forget to alternate different products for fasting days.

The use of different types of fasting days

There are a huge number of products on which you can spend fasting days, and each of them has not only a positive effect on the entire body, but also oncertain types of diseases.

  1. Fasting dayson potatoes will help increase urination thatwill have a beneficial effect in heart disease andthe kidneys.
  2. Cucumbers positively affect uswith arthritis,gout,atherosclerosis,obesity.
  3. Watermelon days will have a beneficial effect for circulatory disorders,liver diseases andkidney, atherosclerosis,hypertension.
  4. For diseases of the gallbladder,kidney,the liver it is recommended to hold fasting days on compote.
  5. With heart disease andwomen after 35 fasting day will doon milk.

The advantage of fasting days with excess weight

If you are overweight and decided to lose weight, eating fast days 3–4 times a month every day 1 week a week without food abuse on other days will help you drop a few extra kilograms. You even need to sit hungry. For 1 fasting day you can lose 0.5 kg.

Fasting days after the holidays

After the holidays, fasting days will help your stomach to return to its normal state, improve the metabolic processes in the body, cleanse from harmful substances obtained during the holidays.

How to spend fasting days?

  • Before proceeding to the unloading day,do not fill up in the evening.
  • Coming out of the fasting day, eat moderately.
  • Choosing for yourself a fasting day, stop your choice on tomproduct, which you love, and for which you have allergies. This will make it easier for you to transfer the fasting day for the first time.
  • Drink enough fluids. This may be unsweetened green tea, and non-carbonated mineral water, and kefir, here everything depends on the type of product chosen for the fasting day.
  • During a fasting day, avoid severe mental and physical stress. Better take a walk outside in the fresh air, do what you love.

Time of fasting days

In order to receive the benefits that fast days give you, it is not necessary to spend them all day. You can finish in the evening, only eating and observing moderation in the amount of food. Do not do fasting days more than 1 time per week, divide the amount of food into 5 receptions.

Observing all the recommendations, avoiding stress and choosing the right product, you will get only benefit and excellent health from the fasting days. Your body will thank you for taking care of it. You do not hesitate to feel how your state of health has improved, and lightness has appeared in your body. Great mood will accompany you for a long time.

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