Adult pyelonephritis diet


Pyelonephritis can occur in an acute or chronic form and requires long-term therapy. An important part of the treatment is a special diet. Diet for pyelonephritis in adults, regardless of the form of the disease, implies a reduction in the diet of certain foods and compliance with some other rules, especially for pregnant women. How to eat for this kidney disease?

Diet for acute pyelonephritis

Diet for acute pyelonephritis

Patients with acute pyelonephritis require hospitalization. At first, patients are “prescribed” only fresh fruits and vegetables. Every day you need to drink about 2 liters of various liquids: decoctions of herbs, fruit drinks, natural juices, jelly. After this, diet No. 7 is prescribed with the addition of dairy products and new dishes.

After the patient's condition has stabilized, the treatment is continued on an outpatient basis. During normal operation of the kidneys, the daily menu should consist of proteins - up to 100 g, fat - up to 90 g, carbohydrates - up to 450 g, salt intake should not exceed 10 g. You should often eat 5 times a day. The daily energy value of products is 3200 kcal.

If blood pressure is high, salt intake is reduced to 5 g. The menu should consist of a variety of products. Preference is given to juices and fruit compotes. Every week you need to arrange fasting days, the diet of which includes up to 2 kg of fresh fruit.

What should be excluded?

Smoked foods, fatty broths, canned foods, spices are contraindicated.

Consider a sample menu:

Diet for acute pyelonephritis

  • first breakfast. Recommended cereal porridge, vegetable salad, tea with milk;
  • lunch. A glass of fresh juice;
  • dinner. On the first vegetable soup, on the second, boil the fish and cook mashed potatoes, compote of dried fruits;
  • dinner. In the evening you can eat cottage cheese casserole, washed down with tea and milk;
  • overnight drink a glass of yogurt.

What can you eat with chronic pyelonephritis?

Doctors prescribe in this case a special diet number 7, while the liquid must be consumed in large quantities. Recommended products containing potassium and vitamins, for example, citrus or dried fruit.

During the period after rehabilitation, the patient's daily menu should include proteins - up to 100 g, fats - up to 90 g, carbohydrates - up to 450 g, salt - up to 10 g. You should eat often and in small portions. The energy value of the daily diet - 3200 kcal.

Black bread, vegetable soups, porridges, eggs, boiled soft-boiled milk, dairy products, fruits and berries, fresh juices are recommended.

What products are contraindicated?

It is forbidden to consume fatty broths; It should exclude or at least limit such products as sugar, spices, jam.

We make an approximate diet:

Diet for chronic pyelonephritis

  • first breakfast. May include a portion of buckwheat, vegetable salad and green tea;
  • lunch. Recommended cottage cheese casserole and natural juice;
  • dinner. You can eat a portion of vegetarian soup, boiled fish with mashed potatoes, drink fruit jelly;
  • dinner. Semolina and carrot stewed with prunes;
  • at night drink a glass of kefir.

What are the dietary habits of patients with high blood pressure?

Such patients should limit the use of salt and protein in the menu. It is necessary to give preference to foods rich in vitamins and potassium. Proteins in the daily menu should be up to 90 g, fats - up to 80 g. Drink copious - up to 2 liters, fractional and frequent meals. Unloading fruit days are very productive and useful. It is worth making them once in 7 days. A positive effect is the use of up to 2 kg of strawberries. Recommended vegetables, dried fruits.

Prohibited Products

It is necessary to limit the use of smoked meat, pickles, fatty broths, spices, honey, sugar, sweets. Alcohol is completely excluded.

We make an approximate diet:

What are the dietary habits of patients with high blood pressure?

  • first breakfast. Eat a portion of semolina, vegetable salad and drink a cup of tea;
  • lunch. Drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice;
  • dinner. Cook low-fat soup, boil meat with a side dish of cereals, drink compote;
  • dinner. Make a cheese casserole, applesauce and a drink of dried fruit;
  • at night drink a glass of kefir.

Often patients with pyelonephritis have a low hemoglobin content. The menu of such patients must necessarily consist of iron-containing products. In the period of improvement you need to drink medicinal mineral water in a warm form. The process is monitored by the attending physician.

Ration-safe with pyelonephritis

Diet for pyelonephritis in pregnant women: dietary habits

During pregnancy, many women are prone to edema. Such patients should limit their fluid intake. When preeclampsia shows food without salt.

Cranberry juice will be useful for pregnant women. This drink is characterized by a diuretic, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect. If there is no swelling in the patient, fluid intake is indicated in a large volume. Patients with pyelonephritis should drink up to two liters every day, and if it turns out, then it can be more.

It is necessary to control the gastrointestinal tract to avoid constipation, which support the inflammatory process in the kidneys. If they occur in the menu should be added products that give a laxative effect.

For a speedy recovery it is necessary to consult a doctor in time and pass all tests. Timely diagnosis and treatment in combination with proper nutrition will prevent all possible complications of pyelonephritis in the future. This article provides basic nutritional guidelines. In practice, a diet for pyelonephritis in adults should be prescribed by the attending physician.