Adult hemorrhage


One of the main functions of the skin is to protect the body from the adverse effects of the environment. The appearance of various rashes, redness, vesicles indicates a violation of the integrity of the epidermis and the development of skin diseases. The most common illnesses include chick fever. When referring to a doctor, the main desire of patients is the desire to learn about the causes of such manifestations, and of course, how to get rid of them.

Acute heat in adults: causes

It is most often recorded in hot seasons. It is with overheating that the mechanism of the appearance of skin rashes is connected. Prickly heat is a consequence of the body's defensive reaction. When overheating, the skin opens the pores for better heat transfer, and the sweat glands begin to work actively, releasing the liquid - sweat for cooling. As part of the sweat is a set of salts that have a crystalline form. Salts themselves can be an annoying factor, aggravating the situation and their shape.

Adult hemorrhage

Irritation is formed gradually, salt molecules penetrate into open pores, irritating the epidermis from the inside, which causes redness and itching. After some time, bubbles may appear on the surface of the skin with transparent contents.

What does potnitsa look like?

Prickly heat occurs most often in closed areas of the body, for example, the armpits, the inguinal area, the inner surface of the thighs, etc. Symptoms of prickly heat are reddening of the skin. With a simple form, they pass by themselves within 24 hours.

Doctors distinguish several forms of this disease. Symptoms of crystalline prickly heat are the appearance of white or pearly bubbles of small diameter. The rash itself can be quite extensive and merge with each other. During mechanical contact, the bubbles are easily opened, after some time a peeling is formed on this affected area.

Red prickly heat is characterized by the formation of small homogeneous bubbles or nodules. Around of them appears areola of reddened skin - hence the name. With red prickly heat, the elements of the rash do not merge.

Areas of the skin with a rash are sensitive, when touched, pain may occur and itchy skin may appear. With increased humidity or high temperature, symptoms may increase.

Deep prickly heat is characterized by the appearance of skin rash of flesh color of small diameter. Most often, it is formed on the skin of the body, but may appear on the arms and legs. This type of prickly heat is more characteristic of adults living in places with a humid climate.

How to get rid of prickly heat?

For treatment and even for relief of symptoms of hemorrhage, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Only in this case will be provided the entire list of medical care, with well-chosen drugs and useful tips. With self-treatment of prickly heat in adults, there is a high risk of the probability of starting the process and provoking the appearance of complications.

Adult hemorrhage

Complications of prickly heat can be attributed to the accession of a secondary infection. At the same time, symptoms of prickly heat aggravate, pain appears. Elements of the rash are also transformed.

If prickly heat appeared for the first time, then you need to reconsider your approach to personal hygiene. Not only the frequency of taking a shower, but also cosmetics can cause illness. It is best to give preference to products with a neutral pH.

  1. As a means of traditional medicine, you can use a walnut bath. To prepare the broth, it is necessary to chop the walnut leaves and boil it.
  2. For the treatment of prickly heat, medicinal herbs can be used - chamomile, train, celandine, horsetail, mint, oak bark, etc. To prepare the broth, you must brew chamomile and train in equal proportions.
  3. Also, for the treatment of prickly heat, bay leaf can be used. To prepare the solution for applications, you must use 5 - 7 dry leaves of bay leaves, which must be brewed 1 tbsp. boiling water. This solution can wipe reddened skin or make lotions.

Sore throat: treatments

Drug treatment of prickly heat, involves the use of various powders and ointments. The prickly heat in the face is effectively stopped with the help of zinc ointment, which has an anti-inflammatory effect and has a drying effect. Ointment should be applied to clean and dry skin up to 6 times a day.

Zinc is also found in Calamine, which has an anti-inflammatory effect, perfectly relieves itching due to the cooling of the skin. Powders containing talc and zinc oxide can be used.

Adult hemorrhage

To care for the skin in the places of the favorite occurrence of prickly heat and sweating, you can use powders that are recommended for children's skin.

All persons suffering from prickly heat are recommended to wear loose clothing made from natural breathable materials. It is necessary to be afraid of an overheating of an organism, not to visit baths and saunas. Overweight can be a provoking factor in prickly heat. According to statistics, obese people are most susceptible to the occurrence of these rashes, regardless of the season and weather conditions.

In hot weather, it is recommended to drink as much water as possible. This will help reduce the concentration of salts in the perspiration, and, accordingly, reduce irritation. In the case of excess weight, frequent occurrence of prickly heat, consultation of the endocrinologist is necessary to exclude the disease of the thyroid gland.

It is better to prevent the occurrence of such unpleasant symptoms as prickly heat. To do this, follow a number of rules. The best prevention is the implementation of all hygiene measures, regular acceptance of air and sun baths. Fat people prone to rashes, you need to think about measures to reduce excess weight, because it can be the main cause of prickly heat.