Adenoids 2 degrees in children


Is your baby not parting with snot and constantly forced to miss kindergarten or school due to illness? Does he snore at night? And besides, he says "in the nose"? If this is the case, then it is possible that he will be diagnosed with "adenoids 2 degrees". In children, treatment often involves surgery. Delete or not delete - what to do?

The third amygdala: what are adenoids and do they interfere with the child?

What are adenoids and do they interfere with the child?

Adenoids - the same amygdala, only in the nose. Parents will not be able to see her with the naked eye. To do this, you must have a special mirror through which the ENT doctor examines the nasopharynx.

The task of the adenoids is not to harm, but to protect. They are the first to take the blow when attacking microbes and try not to miss them further into the body. This is a kind of filter that delays the infection. This organ reacts to any inflammatory process. At the same time it increases in size. If the child is ill too often and the interval between diseases is very short, then the adenoids do not have time to return to normal. In the end, they acquire such dimensions that they almost completely cover the nasopharynx.

The consequences of this are obvious: it becomes difficult for the child to breathe, his hearing is impaired, the psyche suffers, the bite can deteriorate, the shape of his face changes. Inflamed adenoids can also trigger more serious problems: change the composition of the blood, lead to spinal curvature, impaired kidney function, speech retention and urinary incontinence. In this case, it remains an extreme measure - to get rid of the increased formations. But, if adenoids of grade 2 are diagnosed in children, treatment should not begin with surgery!

Signs of abnormal increase

Adenoid glands - a problem that is relevant for children from 1 year to 14-15 years. Most often it occurs in preschool children from 3 to 7 years. According to what signs can parents assume that their child suffers from adenoid vegetations (as it is called in medical language)? The following symptoms should attract their attention:

  • baby breathes through the mouth;
  • baby sleeps with mouth open;
  • runny nose is missing, and the nose is stuffy;
  • on the contrary, the child constantly develop persistent runny nose, which is very difficult to cure;
  • speech becomes nasal (nasal);
  • hearing is reduced;
  • the baby becomes sluggish or irritable, the schoolchild is lagging behind in school, as his concentration decreases;
  • there may be a temporary stop breathing at night;
  • urinary incontinence;
  • the child is forced to abandon the outdoor games, as it is difficult for him to breathe through his mouth;
  • The kid is endlessly sick with colds and otitis.

At detection of such symptoms it is necessary, without delay, to consult with the otolaryngologist. A very important point - modern diagnostics. If a doctor performs a digital examination or rhinoscopy, then you should know: these are outdated methods that were used 30-40 years ago. Today, CT or endoscopy is used to make an accurate diagnosis.

Adenoids 1, 2 degrees: the operation will wait!

Adenoids 1, 2 degrees: operation

Adenotomy is not an emergency surgery. For it must be a good reason and a certain age. At first it is worth trying conservative methods.

If the case is limited only by shortness of breath, the upper or two upper thirds of the opener are covered (adenoids 1 and 2 degrees), in children the treatment can be carried out with the help of such preparations and therapeutic methods of influence:

  • laser therapy;
  • washing the nasopharynx with aseptic (Albucidus, Furacilin, Rinosept) and salt (Aquamaris) formulations;
  • anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • immunomodulators;
  • antibiotics;
  • fortifying drugs (vitamins);
  • homeopathic remedies (lymphomyazot);
  • instillation into the nose of vasoconstrictor (Vibrocil) and medicinal (Isofra, Protargol, tui oil) drops;
  • nasal sprays (Euphorbium compositum, Nasonex);
  • antihistamines (Zyrtec, Suprastin, Fenkrol);
  • physiotherapy - electrophoresis, ultraviolet irradiation, treatment in a speleochamber;
  • breathing exercises.

We treat yourself: folk methods and advice Komarovsky

The most important thing that caring moms and dads are interested in is if treatment is detected in grade 2 adenoids in children. Komarovsky, for example, believes that the most important role in curing a child belongs to the parents. And it's not just that they arrange for washing and give the baby the drugs prescribed by the doctor. It is very important what kind of atmosphere prevails in the family and what kind of life is conducted by adults and its small members.

According to the "teledoctor", dry air and dust are the main friends of the adenoids. The child must spend a lot of time outdoors, play sports and harden. And one more thing: it is necessary to fully treat colds until the end, not to rush to take the child to kindergarten or school (where he is expected to meet with a new infection) as soon as he stops blowing his nose.

If the third degree of adenoid expansion involves operative intervention, then in the initial stages good results can be achieved with the help of such popular methods:

Adenoids 2 degrees in children: treatment, reviews

  • washing the nose with water (1 l), in which 1 tbsp. l salt. The procedure is repeated 2 p. per day;
  • healing composition of celandine. Take 2 tbsp. l grass, pour 1 l. milk, simmer. Strain, use for instillation of the nose (2 cap. In each nasal passage);
  • chop onions, add 1 tbsp. l honey and ½ tbsp. l apple cider vinegar. Put for 3 days in a dark place. To drip into the nose (5 cap.).

Will recover without surgery: the opinion of parents

Treat or delete - this is the question that confronts all parents of sick children. It is known that after the operation, relapses are possible, therefore very few people are pleased with the prospect of giving their children to surgeons. Parents share their experiences: it is quite realistic to cure grade 2 adenoids in children without extreme measures. Treatment (reviews prove it) with a laser and homeopathy gives positive results (especially Praise Kid Little).

Most parents believe that there is nothing superfluous in the body. Some doctors share their opinion. So do not rush to "cut" the adenoids. Get treatment, combine drug therapy with folk remedies and try to protect the child from infection. In the summer, be sure to take it to the sea. Such an approach will surely give positive results!