Adam's apple

Adam's apple is the ripe fruit of the maclura tree. Outwardly, it looks like an immature orange, and the smell reminds a cucumber. True, the fruit is absolutely not edible and even poisonous. Nevertheless, naturalists did find the use of this unusual plant. In folk medicine there are several miraculous recipes based on the adam apple.

Adam Apple Application

Adam Apple Application

In the pulp of maclura present biologically active substances, micro - and macronutrients, organic acids. That is what led to the use of adam apples for therapeutic purposes. Based on the fruit tinctures and ointments. What treats tincture Adam's apple?

Healing properties are found in the treatment of disorders such as polyarthritis, radiculitis, salt deposition, as well as lumbar pain, rheumatism, osteochondrosis, mastopathy, myoma, natoptys and spurs, blockage of veins, capillary fragility, hypertension, sciatica with external forms of oncology, skin diseases, etc.

Impact on the body:

  • inhibition of the division of cancer cells;
  • immuno-strengthening;
  • antisclerotic;
  • anti-carcinogenic;
  • analgesic and anti-inflammatory;
  • regulating water-salt balance;
  • antimicrobial;
  • wound healing and regenerating;
  • cleansing (removing intoxication);
  • strengthening (SS and TsN systems, organs, "filtrates").

However, with the drugs you need to be extremely careful. Due to the high sugar content, homemade and industrial maclura medicines are contraindicated for diabetics. Means can provoke allergies, side effects are observed when combined with antibiotic therapy and alcohol: weakness, shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea.

Use in traditional medicine

What treats Adam's apple

At home, from the fruit, you can prepare the tincture, oil or ointment. The following recipe is preparing tincture for the treatment of joints:

Ingredients: ripe (orange) maclura fruits, alcohol or vodka of 50% strength.

Proportions - 1: 1.

Cooking: fruits are crushed, the mass is placed in a jar with a tight lid, the second ingredient is sent there too.

Exposure: means 14 days in a dark place, a daily stirring of the contents of the jar is recommended. It is possible to insist and longer - the longer the shutter speed, the higher the concentration. In this case, the product becomes saturated brown liquid.

Using: apply a little tincture on a cotton swab, rub the sore spots, wrap, better use at night. Or moisten a strip of cloth, attach to a disturbing joint, wrap.

Tincture of long exposure can be taken inside: 7 days - 1 time for three drops; 7 days - 2 times three drops; 7 days - 3 times in three drops. And so add drop by drop until the dose reaches 30 drops per day. Then drop by drop until you return to the original dose.

Repeated course: It is recommended to take breaks of at least 1-2 months. On average, the use of Adam's apple tincture according to this recipe is recommended no more than 1-2 times a year, but only after a substantive consultation with a doctor.

An alcoholic tincture of the adam apple treats not only the joints, but also other pathologies, as already mentioned. External use is recommended for various orthopedic disorders, skin inflammation.

For the healing ointment need ripe fruit and lard. Fat (15 mm layer) and thin slices of Adam's apple (10 mm) are put into the container in layers until the container is completely filled. Then the jar needs to be sealed and kept in a water bath for a day. After that, the product is poured into a clean dish, tightly closed and stored in the refrigerator.


  • scoop a warm tablespoon of ointment out of the jar;
  • evenly distribute the mass on the fabric strip;
  • put a cloth on the sore spot;
  • secure, wrapped with a warm scarf;
  • hold the compress for 4 hours;
  • repeat the procedure every other day for 2-3 months.

Adam Apple Based Reviews

Adam Apple Based Reviews

"I learned about maclura from a casual acquaintance who also suffered from osteochondrosis. She shared a liqueur with me (on trial) and gave an exact recipe. Without much enthusiasm I did the procedure for a few days and did not believe in what I felt. This is amazing! Now Adam's apple has my first-aid kit is the first remedy for the disease. "

"Alcohol tincture perfectly warms, relaxes, relieves pain. I make compresses for the night, from time to time I take oral courses (for prevention, in small doses). I stopped worrying about the manifestations of rheumatoid arthritis. I advise everyone who needs effective treatment."

The Adam's apple also has doctors' comments: “Self-medication, especially with the use of such a specific product, is fraught. Do not be led by someone else’s opinion, because each organism is individual, which means that the effect of drugs, domestic or industrial production, is individual. It’s best to resort to therapy only after the permission of your attending physician. "

In conclusion, we add, be attentive to your health. If something bothers you, do not wait until it becomes unbearable. Indeed, in many cases it is easier to overcome the disease, warning the process of its development than then heroically cope with complicated forms.

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