Not afraid of needles? And rightly so, because the therapeutic needles with which they are treated with acupuncture do not bring pain. It should be said at once that acupuncture has very few contraindications. The method is used to treat osteochondrosis (read the article Acupuncture for osteochondrosis), deafness, insomnia, stroke, dysentery. This is a very short list of what a needle can be cured by an experienced doctor. ABOUT

About all contraindications, the doctor must warn you in advance. And before that, your therapist and neurologist after the examination should make recommendations for treatment. It is useless to go mindlessly without a direction for acupuncture. It can be dangerous only in a few cases.

When is acupuncture contraindicated?

Acupuncture is not used for:

  1. Any tumors
  2. Serious chronic infections such as tuberculosis.
  3. Decompensation of respiration and circulation
  4. Acute infectious diseases
  5. Unidentified diagnosis
  6. Sharp exhaustion
  7. Drug and alcohol intoxication, overexcitement
  8. Second half of pregnancy
  9. The state when the patient was subjected to severe physical exertion.

Also, acupuncture is not used simultaneously with radiation therapy and at a certain age period: infants and the elderly are prohibited.

Here is a short list of contraindications has acupuncture. But this method has a very large list of indications. Speaking in numbers: acupuncture treats about a hundred fairly serious diseases, and that is without the use of expensive medications and complex equipment.

Anyone who is going to the next session of acupuncture, we wish good luck. And for those who are just going to visit their first, the wish is not to worry. All you get!

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