Acupuncture points on the human body

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese method of treating diseases. This is a special way of influencing special points located on a person. Acupuncture helps speed recovery and heal functional disorders. It is able to eliminate the effects of stress. It is only necessary to know where these points are located and how to influence them.

The benefits of acupuncture

Acupuncture can alleviate and eliminate nervous disorders. It is difficult enough to know all the points that affect the vital activity of the human body, but it will be enough to learn only the main ones. Knowing these points will help you improve your physical condition.

There are points that help to cope with dental and headache, blood pressure and cough, frigidity and fear, osteochondrosis and cervical osteochondrosis, pain in the joints and intervertebral discs, heart pain.

Acupuncture points

The main points are located on the so-called meridians, there are 14. Each of them is responsible for its field of activity and has its own name.

  • The points that are responsible for harmonization are located at the end and the beginning of the meridians.
  • The points responsible for stimulation are located one on each meridian.
  • There are also sedative points, special points and points corresponding to each organ.

What are the effects of acupuncture points?

Harmonious points are responsible for the harmonization of the work of organs. Stimulating points help activate the body's energy reserves. Soothing - help balance the functions of the nervous system. Stimulating these points will cause a very pleasant feeling. Proper exposure to the points will help soothe the pain and reduce suffering. Special points are used to treat certain diseases.

Acupuncture Effect Principle

In diseases, the connection of the organ with its point is broken. The physical impact on her is able to restore this connection and normalize the work of the body.. If you have soreness at the point on the lower back, this may indicate kidney disease; in case of stomach diseases, pain appears at the point on the abdomen. In the early stages, by pushing the dots, you will be able to normalize the functioning of the organ. If you lightly press, you will feel a slight pain, massage slightly the point, and this will help alleviate the condition. The therapeutic effect of acupuncture can appear immediately, or after a while.

Acupuncture rules

Before you begin, decide on a time that is right for you. At this time you should not be distracted by anything: neither calls nor visits. After that, you can sit or lie down, then relax. The point to be massaged has a diameter of 1 cm. Here you should focus on the feeling of pain. As soon as you are ready, you need to put your index finger on the point and, gradually increasing the pressure, start clockwise rotation, massaging the point. The time for massaging one point is from 40 s to 6 min. Acupuncture can be performed 5 times a day.

Medical Acupuncture Recipes

In order to reduce body weight and suppress appetite, massage point "yu-be". If you are tormented by too much appetite, you should press on the point from 2 sides for 30 seconds. In this case, you will feel a calming effect, reduce appetite and improve metabolism. To cope with fear, lightly press for 5 minutes from 2 sides on the point of "divine composure." Pressing helps to harmonize mental state. To combat asthma, shortness of breath, dependence on nicotine and cough, press lightly on the point "chaba-ex" for 1 min. You can repeat this procedure at any time. If you want to smoke, sharply click on the point until you feel pain.

Acupuncture in the fight against thirst, pain and tension

  • In order to cope with blinking or pain in the eyes, start massaging the eye orbit with circular movements.
  • To combat thirst, grope a point 1 cm from its tip on the mucous membrane of the tongue. Press your front teeth 20 times for 60 seconds.
  • In order to relieve tension in the neck, hold the fay yang point with your index finger and thumb. Start pressing lightly, then increasing pressure. If necessary, repeat.
  • With pain in the gallbladder, it is necessary to easily press the point "chu-san" from 2 sides. Press until you feel a sensitive effect. Such an impact can have a preventive effect on the human body.
  • In case of pain in the joints, it is necessary to press strongly with the chronic disease, with acute pain it is easy. It will be enough to apply acupuncture once a day.
  • In the event of pain in the frontal area, it is enough to close your eyes and easily press from 2 sides at the same time to the "Xin-San" points.
  • With pain in the heart, in a relaxed lying position, lightly push down on the points "cha-fu-li" and "ch-ti". To alleviate the condition with hypertension, it is necessary to press lightly on the "yang-si" points. Press on the points once a day, preferably up to 5 minutes for several weeks.
  • To fight the pain in the back of your head, press firmly on the chen-ji points at the same time on 2 points with 2 fingers. Migraine will help to calm the taking point "Kho-ku" index and thumb, and rhythmic pressure up to 6 minutes.

If you have health problems, everyone is looking for an opportunity to alleviate their condition. This can help you impact on special acupuncture points located on the body of each person. Knowing where they are, the functioning of which organs are responsible and how to properly massage them, one can cope with many health problems. Acupuncture is an ancient healing art used by Chinese emperor doctors. Having learned the secrets of acupuncture, you can improve your overall condition and be completely cured.

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