A lot of people on the planet know barley. But, unfortunately, few people realize that how useful is it. And they refuse to eat it for the reason that it looks unappetizing, and its taste has impurities. In the article we will look at all the benefits of pearl barleys and that how to cook it so that it was tasty and appetizing.

What is useful barley?

To begin with, pearl barley is a whole grain of barley. In ancient times, people very much appreciated barley. It was a hugely expensive item. At the same time there was even a measurement system in barley. Barley grains paid for various goods, and the presence of barley in a person was an indicator of his wealth! Barley is mentioned more than twenty times in the Holy Scripture - the Bible. There is evidence that in ancient Greece, of all the existing cereals they cooked only barley! This was for the reason that the ancient people, not even knowing the chemical composition of barley grits, noticed that after eating barley "the forces filled the body, but the diseases did not cling"!

  1. The President of the Japanese Institute of Health has been studying all the cereals in the world for thirteen years. And as a result of so much research, he concluded that barley is the most useful and best cereal of all existing!
  2. Pearl barley is rich in amino acids. Barley has antiviral, anti-herpes effects on the body, and also helps fight acute colds.
  3. Barley groats, entering the body, participates in the production of collagen. And he, in turn, struggles with aging and its signs.
  4. The composition of pearl barley is a large number of trace elements, almost the entire periodic table! This potassium, and phosphorus, and calcium. Iron, copper, manganese, molybdenum, zinc, cobalt, chromium, nickel, strontium, iodine and bromine!
  5. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the phosphorus content of this product is incredibly high! Such content of this microcell, in such quantity, is found only in expensive and inaccessible products. And barley is a very cheap product!
  6. Perlovka boastsand the presence of vitamins - A, B, D, E, PP. The use of pearl barley cleanses the body of toxins and slags. In addition, barley may act as an antibiotic, assisting in the treatment of fungal skin diseases.
  7. Just a few centuries ago barley cure disease with broths and lotions kidney, teeth, hemorrhoids, liver, arthritis, diabetes, obesity, cough and many other diseases! But, best of all, if you use barley grits for the prevention of various diseases, rather than their treatment.

Having considered beneficial properties of barley, go to the process cooking delicious barley.

How to cook a delicious barley?

The classic method of cooking delicious barley porridge.

You will need two hundred grams of cereals and one liter of water. It should be soaked in water grits overnight. Approximately 10-12 hours. In the morning you drain the water in which the croup is soaked. You heat two liters of milk to about 40 degrees, and pour cereal into it. Without closing the pan with a lid, bring to a boil over low heat, simmer for about five minutes. Then move the porridge saucepan to a larger container of boiling water (water bath). Now you can cover our porridge with a lid, and simmer for 6 hours. Just do not forget, from time to time, pour boiling water into a large pot. If you do everything as it is written here, you will get beautiful grains of beige color with delicate taste!

  • In most cases barley porridge is seasoned butter. But you can show imagination, and fill with something else. For example, you can season with cream. The taste will be even more delicate!
  • If you want something exquisite, you can season barley porridge powdered mushrooms.
  • There are a large number barley recipes. This and various soups and cereals and main dishes. There are even pearl barley patties. By the way, very tasty!
  • You can do it easier and fill the barley porridge with fried onions, there will be a great side dish for main dishes.
  • Gourmets say if cook pearl barley according to the rules, then its taste, absolutely without impurities, is simply divine!

As you see barley is also delicious. Try to cook it, surprise your loved ones with its exquisite taste!

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