A bump on the arm under the skin on the wrist


It is believed that the skin is a mirror of the human body. Any changes in the epidermis can tell about the internal state and even diagnose the disease. That is why every neoplasm on it can not guard. A bump on the arm under the skin on the wrist is no exception.

Any morphological manifestations should not be ignored, especially such pronounced. By their nature, they are divided into two groups - primary and secondary. The first category includes spots, bumps, small and large nodes, blisters, vesicles, blisters and pustules. All of them indicate the presence of a problem in the body and warn about the possible development of the disease.

and a lump appeared in the wrist, then medical intervention is necessary

If a lump appears on the wrist, medical intervention is necessary even in the absence of pain. Clinical and laboratory research is required to identify and diagnose. Often this formation is characterized as hygroma.


Hygroma can form on both sides of the limb. However, the bump on the wrist from the inside, as well as on the palm appears less frequently, although it happens. The reason for its appearance can serve as:

  • systematic physical stress of this part of the arm,
  • injuries of a different nature
  • joint diseases
  • local inflammation.

This is a fairly common problem, especially for people who have a heavy workload on their wrist: musicians, athletes, workers in production. The worn joint with each movement passes the synovial fluid into the soft tissues, where it accumulates, forming elastic or solid movable swelling. The disease can occur for no apparent reason.

Signs of hygroma

  • Slight seal in the wrist area.
  • The location of the bumps solely on the working limb.
  • Gradual increase in swelling.
  • Pain when moving with a brush.
  • Some mobility of tubercle.
  • Coarseness and roughness of the epidermis in the area of ​​education.

How to get rid of bumps?

A bump on the arm under the skin on the wrist: the causes of

Even if the tumor does not cause inconvenience and is diagnosed as benign, it is necessary to get rid of it. This can be done in several ways.

  1. At the early stage of the disease, getting rid of the disease is possible with the help of physiotherapy: mud and paraffin linings, electrophoresis and ultraviolet rays.
  2. With little development, hygromas draw out liquid from it and inject blocking drugs into the affected area. Do this with a syringe, with local anesthesia. To strengthen the capsule and in order to avoid recurrence of the tumor, a special orthopedic device is applied to the arm, which must be worn for several days. Without it, a relatively hard and mobile bump on the wrist on top of the arm is formed again.
  3. The most reliable (and in the neglected case - and the only) method of eliminating the hygromy is its complete removal together with the “bag”. The operation is done with an ordinary scalpel or laser beam.

Folk methods against hygromas

  • To make an alcohol compress, medical alcohol is diluted at the rate of 1: 2. Gauze or cotton cloth is moistened in a solution, applied to the cone and covered with wax paper. A bandage fix compress and leave it overnight. Pure alcohol for this purpose can not be used.
  • From strong broth marigold make lotions on the hygroma. The properties of this plant are now widely used in the treatment of tumors, and not only benign ones.
  • You can get rid of bumps on your wrist with cumin oil. Hygroma is smeared with the composition several times a day, making it light massage movements. The remedy is simple, but very effective: after a while, not only the pain, but also the hillock itself disappear.

Folk methods can be very effective with regular repetition. But they do not guarantee a quick result: it may take more than one month to fully recover.

No one is insured from the hygroma, and it can even appear in a child. Dangers to the life of a bump on the arm under the skin on the wrist is not, but if you do not pay attention to it, then the trouble will not keep you waiting. What treatment to use, folk or drug, everyone chooses. The main thing is to start it in time.