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7 ways to clean the tap water at home. preparation of living

Drink water is necessary. But which water is better to drink? Let's start with the fact that the water that flows from the tap is not the most suitable for use. It is saturated with chlorine, harmful impurities of heavy metals, and may also contain viruses or microbes.

7 ways to clean the tap water at home. Preparation of living water

There are different ways to purify water from the tap, consider the most accessible of them:

  • Boiling. This is the easiest and most affordable way, but at the same time the most unsafe. As a result of boiling tap water, chlorine passes into chloroform, nitrates - into nitrites, all of these are the most dangerous carcinogens that cause cancer. Yes, in the process of boiling microbes and bacteria are destroyed, but not all. To kill most of the harmful microorganisms, boil water for at least 10 minutes. Hepatitis A virus dies only after half an hour. With boiling, most of the beneficial salts evaporate. After boiling the water tastes unpleasant, dead.
  • Upholding also not the best option of purification: a small part of chlorine and some volatile substances will go away, but during this time water, as they say, will bloom, it will also be unsafe to drink it.
  • Freezing or cooking melt water. Clean water freezes faster, and water containing heavy impurities slower, and this method of purification is based on this. Pour water into the pan and place in the freezer, preferably on plywood or wooden plank. Wait until the water freezes to half, break the top layer of ice and drain the unfrozen water. Ice melt and drink. Melt water has many healing properties.
  • Purification with activated carbon. A glass of water requires one tablet of charcoal. Aging time is not more than 15 minutes. Pharmaceutical coal can slightly purify water from organic impurities, chlorine, improve taste and smell. He is not capable of removing bacteria. It is impossible to boil water after such a purification, when boiling of activated carbon from dust, dioxins are formed, the products of the interaction of chlorine with organic matter in high-temperature conditions are substances that are toxic to humans.
  • Water purification using a home filter. The method is more expensive and does not exclude counterfeiting. If you use filters, the main condition is to change them more often. The dirt that accumulates inside the filter beds is washed out over time, and drinking this “purified” water becomes even more dangerous. In addition, most modern filters use active carbon, which, as studies have shown, in combination with chlorine during boiling, is extremely dangerous. As an option, you can use filters from shungite, or purify the water yourself.
  • Cleansing with shungite. Shungite is a mineral, a type of carbon. It has excellent cleansing and healing properties. The water infused in shungite is clean and healthy. Purification method: filtered water is poured into a container; a shungite product is placed in it in the following proportion: 100 grams of mineral per 1 liter of water. Such water is cleaned in half an hour, and acquires healing properties in 2-3 days. The smaller the piece of mineral, the faster the cleansing takes place, shungite crumb cleans the water in as little as 10 minutes. Such water can be used for general recovery of the body. The treatment should be carried out, in consultation with a doctor familiar with the action of the mineral.
  • Purification with silver. Silver is known to have cleansing and disinfecting properties, but you need to be careful with the dosage, silver is also a toxic and heavy metal and prolonged presence of silver in water can be dangerous to health, as well as placing too large silver objects in water.

7 ways to clean the tap water at home. Preparation of living water

Bottled water

Bottled water is also not the best option.. The interaction of water with the material of the bottle, long storage in warehouses, transportation, all these factors destroy useful properties and make water just technical. All the negative of a big city is accumulated in such water by informational pollution, which causes no less harm than chemical. And then, there is no guarantee that this water was not poured from the water supply, as, unfortunately, it is often done.


The most useful water is water purified by nature itself.This is water from underground sources. Water that flows naturally - the way it wants to flow: rotating clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere or counterclockwise in the Southern. Rotating, the flow of water acquires an additional charged electron. The direction of water through pipes under pressure deprives the water of this electron and makes it incomplete, unstructured, or simply dead.

On whether distilled water is suitable for use, read the article Can I Drink Distilled Water?

Thus, the most effective ways to purify water in a city is distillation or thawing.(By the way, this method removes both chemical and informational pollution). And also insisting on shungite, silicon.

By the way, structured water is rarely found in nature, because its structure is extremely unstable. You can revive it with the help of an electroactivator.

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