Whole chicken in the oven

Many housewives love to pamper their household delicious chicken with a golden crust. Her meat is very tender and dietary. You can find countless chicken recipes, and each one has its own characteristics. You can cook as usual a dish as baked chicken for a festive table. To do this, bake the chicken carcass whole.

In this article, you will learn how to cook a chicken in the oven as a whole, as well as get acquainted with the advice of experienced chefs, so that the meat dish will turn out to be a real masterpiece.

Cooking secrets

Whole chicken in the oven

Experienced cooks give their tips to the housewives how to cook the whole chicken, so that the meat turns out to be juicy and very tasty:

  • Choosing a chicken carcass, pay attention to its weight. She should weigh no more than one and a half kilograms. Such a chicken will be cooked evenly, and the meat will be tender and juicy.
  • Cooking chicken carcass is from one to one and a half hours. Be sure in the baking process you need to check the meat for readiness, for this you can use a toothpick or a knife.
  • While baking the whole chicken in the oven, you need to constantly pour it with juice. You can make any seasoning or sauce. Due to this, the chicken meat will not be dry.
  • To chicken acquired golden crust, it should be baked only in the open form in the oven.
  • Choose the appropriate dishes: glass or cast iron. Remember that when cooking the whole chicken with a side dish, it is better not to use a cast-iron baking sheet, because the vegetables laid out at the edges can be burnt.
  • The most juicy and tender chicken meat is obtained by baking in the sleeve. The chicken baked in foil is very tasty, but rather dry.
  • If you decide to fill a chicken with a side dish, be sure to bring it to half ready, otherwise it will turn out raw.
  • Vegetables for garnish should be spread on a baking sheet under the chicken, so they will be fried very well, because chicken fat will drain down.

Chicken in the oven entirely up your sleeve: a recipe with photos

If you decide to bake the chicken in the oven completely, then be sure to try to cook it according to the following recipe.

Whole chicken in the oven


  • chicken carcass;
  • spices (basil, paprika, curry);
  • garlic;
  • salt - 2 tsp;
  • sunflower oil;
  • ground pepper.


  1. The chicken carcass must first be thoroughly washed and dried.Whole chicken in the oven
  2. To give chicken meat a spicy flavor, it should be marinated. To prepare the marinade mix, you need to take sunflower oil, spices and garlic. All this should be thoroughly mixed, and garlic - pre-chop.
  3. Cooked marinade grease the chicken inside and out. Before baking it is best to marinate for at least half an hour.Whole chicken in the oven
  4. After half an hour you can shift the chicken into the baking sleeve. Be sure to put the carcass down breast.

    Whole chicken in the oven
  5. Bake the whole chicken should be in the oven at a temperature of at least 180 °. Cooking time is from one to one and a half hours.

Chicken on a spit to the festive table

You can cook the whole chicken not only in the sleeve, foil or on the baking sheet. If you have a special spit for installation in the oven, then why not cook the chicken on it. Chicken on a spit turns out very juicy and with a golden crust. Believe me, your household will taste it with pleasure. Chicken, baked on a spit, will also be the main decoration of the holiday table.

Whole chicken on a spit in the oven


  • chicken carcass - 1.5 kg;
  • sour cream - 150 g;
  • salt;
  • pepper (black and red);
  • mustard - 1 tbsp. l


  1. Chicken carcass should be thoroughly washed, to remove the remnants of feathers and yellowed skin. Be sure to clean the carcass inside: there should be no traces of entrails or blood clots.
  2. In a separate bowl, mix the sour cream with spices. Mix everything thoroughly.
  3. The resulting marinade grease the chicken well inside and out. Then place the chicken carcass in a separate dish, cover and leave to marinate for about 1-2 hours.
  4. After this time, make cuts in the chicken and hide the wings so that they do not dry out during the baking process, and tie the chicken legs with special clips or wire.Whole chicken on a spit in the oven
  5. Next, you need to put the chicken on a spit: to do this, remove the clamp and pierce the carcass with the tip, and then carefully place it in both clamps. It is best to place a baking sheet under the spit so that the flowing fat does not splash over the whole oven.Whole chicken on a spit in the oven
  6. You need to bake at least one hour in the oven at a temperature of 180-200 °.

How else can you cook the whole chicken in the oven?

Most housewives will improve existing recipes for baking chicken in the oven. The main difference is marinade. Chicken can be cooked using cheese, cream, mushroom, lemon, ginger and other sauces. It all depends entirely on your taste preferences.

Very often, the whole chicken is cooked with a side dish. It is best to spread the garnish directly on the bottom of the pan, and on top - the chicken carcass. In this case, all the fat and juice will thoroughly soak the vegetables, and they will turn out juicy and roasted.

Whole chicken can be baked with various vegetables:

  • mushrooms;
  • tomatoes;
  • potatoes;
  • squash;
  • eggplants;
  • carrots.

Also, the chicken carcass can be filled with a variety of side dishes, for example, rice with spices or buckwheat. Very often, housewives choose other types of cereals as a filling. As already mentioned, any filling must first be prepared.

If you cook the whole chicken for the holiday table, you can fill it with oranges or apples with various spices. In this case, it will acquire an unsurpassed, exquisite and moderately savory taste.

Chicken - very tasty, tender and dietary meat. Cooked whole chicken carcass will be the main dish on the daily and festive table. Experiment, try adding new ingredients or spices to your recipes. Remember that chicken, baked whole, requires a long preparation, so that the meat is well roasted. Always try to hide the chicken wings and tie the legs. Thus, you will achieve that meat will turn out very juicy, and fat will not follow. Enjoy your meal!

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