What to cook for a picnic

Summer time is not without reason the most "holiday" - at this time of year you do not want to sit in a stuffy room, and people, at least occasionally, try to get out on the street and walk. And if the weather allows, you can arrange a meeting, convening friends for a picnic. However, when planning this event, many questions arise. And one of the most important: what to cook for a picnic?

How to decide what to cook for a picnic?

Drawing a menu for a picnic occurs exactly at the same moment as the preparation of the list of things to be prepared. What will the choice of dishes depend on? Primarily from the reason for the collection and his ideas. Simple kebabs in nature in a large company or lunch on the grass together? Or maybe you should organize a meeting in the fresh air with the children or a snack on the beach?

What to cook for a picnic?

Weather conditions also have an effect on the picnic menu. In hot weather, nothing heavy would be desirable, because meat and fish delicacies disappear. Here, the choice is likely to fall on fruit salads, canapes, herbal teas and fruit drinks, perhaps even on cold soups, if there is a desire to eat something substantial. But an autumn picnic most often requires warming food: here both alcoholic beverages and grilled meat.

The most important thing is to ask each picnic member what he would like. After a complete survey, it will be possible to form the boundaries, which will have to be followed while composing the menu.

It is important where the collection will take place. For example, you have planned a picnic in the country. What to cook in this case? There is often the opportunity to use the stove, kettle and other benefits of civilization. From this and should be repelled. In addition, holiday gatherings often imply a big company and in most cases are focused on good snacks, the central meat dish.

How to make a menu for a picnic and choose the meat to the kebab?

As already mentioned, the menu for a picnic depends on several criteria. However, there is the simplest scheme from which unnecessary elements are simply thrown away, if none of the participants in the gathering wants to see them. These are grilled meats, fish, vegetables and mushrooms, cold soups (okroshka, tomato cream soup), sandwiches and canapes, potatoes baked in a fire, vegetable and fruit salads, simple portioned pastries (cookies, cakes). Additionally, on the table there are usually greens and sauces, often served with meat, as well as various drinks.

Meat dishes usually occupy a central place on a picnic, so they need to pay attention first of all. In fact, you can cook everything on a grill: from shpikachek, sausages and wieners, to shrimp and other seafood. And, of course, the classics are not discounted: various types and varieties of meat and fish. They are selected according to the preferences of the picnic participants.

What to cook for a picnic?

How to make the best meat on the grill? First you need to properly pick it up and cut. Then decide on the marinade. Already at the last stage, think about the side dish.

  • If the kebab is planned to be made from pork, chefs are advised to take the neck. It should have streaks and thin fatty layers. The complete absence of the latter is fraught with dryness of the finished dish. You can also take pork tenderloin - it is no less delicate and juicy than the neck.
  • Lamb will not be appreciated by everyone, at least because of its smell, and in the cooled state, the dish also does not please, since the fat on it quickly hardens. However, he has admirers. For roasting lamb on the grill, it is best to give preference to ribs, hind leg or brisket.
  • Beef is preferred by those who follow the figure and can not afford fatty pork. Here it is desirable to take a product from a young calf, it is softer and easier in terms of assimilation. Among the specific parts for the grill are the best fillet and tenderloin.
  • A chicken kebab is the easiest and most inexpensive way out of the situation, especially if heavier meat is not possible or not desirable. The breast can go to the course, but it often turns out to be too dry, therefore it requires abundant marinade. Much nicer to cook from the hips, wings or lower legs.
  • The last thing worth mentioning when it comes to preparing products for kebabs is the required volume of meat. Approximate calculation is carried out on 250-400 g for each participant of a picnic. Again, do not forget about individual preferences. Perhaps there are not many meat lovers among those gathered, and salads and potatoes will mostly be used.

Picnic in the country: what to cook with meat?

The most hearty dish at a picnic is meat cooked on an open fire. It is brought to full readiness already in place, for the sake of which they take with them a brazier and skewers or grates. And the main work is done at home. Since in the final stage - roasting - there are no difficulties, it is worth mentioning only the marinade recipes.

What to cook for a picnic?

Kefir - the easiest. Used for all types of meat from poultry to pork. For 2 kg of a raw product usually there is not less than 0.5 l of kefir with a fat content of 3.2%. It adds grated onion bulb and any herbs. Marinated in kefir meat should be at least 4 hours.

Mayonnaise with mustard is also a traditional version. And also universal. In addition, the volume of meat in 2 kg laid out 400 g of mayonnaise and 2 tablespoons. mustard Sprinkle favorite spices and onions. In such a marinade, the meat has been infused for 8-10 hours. It is impregnated with mayonnaise longer than kefir.

Uncanny can be called the process of marinating meat in wine, pineapple or pomegranate juice. Spices in it will be at a minimum, it will take 5-6 hours for impregnation.

In addition, eggplants and onions are strung on skewers, sometimes tomatoes take their place. The most important thing when cooking meat on the grill - you can not move away from it. It is required to monitor the state of the flame: the coals should smolder, not burn.

From any meat you can cook not only kebabs. For example, if you chop pork tenderloin chopped in small pieces in a mash of sour apple, mustard and spices, stand for 1-1.5 hours, and then spread over the grill, alternating it with slices of sour apples, after 30-40 minutes you can get a sweet and sour hot meat dishes.

The recipe for an unconventional kebab called "lula kebab" deserves attention. The cooking technique with the classic dish is similar, but the meat is not cut into pieces, but scrolls in the meat grinder. After that, it is salted, stuffed with greens and spices, and then rolled into large balls or sausages, which are put on the skewer. Such meat does not need marinovka. Served with greens and any spicy sauce.

What to cook on a picnic: recipes of interesting dishes

What to cook for a picnic?

  1. The simplest version of the original picnic dish is made from shrimps and bacon, taken in equal quantities. Each shrimp is cleaned and wrapped in plastic bacon, after which it is either tied with a thread or fixed with a toothpick. Then they must be placed on the grid and spend 4-5 minutes on roasting on each side over the glowing coals.
  2. To add zest to such a simple dish, you can marinate the shrimp. For this, 2-3 tablespoons. Lime juice mixed with soy sauce and sesame oil in a volume of 1 tbsp. and the same amount of brown sugar. Dried garlic (1 tsp) and red hot pepper are poured into the marinade. Soak the shrimp with a mixture for 2-3 hours.
  3. Shrimps with mango sauce can be a decoration for any table. To this end, peeled seafood are processed with olive oil and coriander, and then roasted on the grill for 4-5 minutes. For the sauce, peeled mango, sweet red pepper and the same red onion are ground. They are taken 2-3 tablespoons. orange juice and 2 tbsp. olive oil.
  4. Fish lovers will love grilled salmon, which can be wrapped in grape leaves for greater juiciness. Portion pieces are soaked in lemon juice and rubbed with any seasoning (for example, white pepper, garlic and lemon balm), kept in marinade for 2-2.5 hours and roasted on a wire rack for 20-30 minutes on each side.
  5. And, of course, do not forget to prepare a vegetable garnish for such dishes: favorite vegetables, sliced ​​portions, simple sandwiches for snacks, greens, sauces.

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The main attribute of the picnic, without which everything is in vain - a great company and a warm atmosphere. With them, any dish will be special. And to make the event particularly successful, prepare interesting contests and entertainment for guests. It can be both quiet exercises and active games in the fresh air.

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