What drink whiskey

So many years this good strong drink does not lose world popularity! Whiskey is not let go from the hands of the heroes of many famous novels and movies. Traditions approved special dishes and features of the process of savoring a drink. What drink whiskey? Let's tell about it in more detail.

Whiskey - Matured Drink


The English name "whiskey" comes from the Celtic phrase, which literally means "water of life" (like the Latin expression "aqua vita"). It is used as a common name for strong alcoholic beverages with an original flavor. Get the whiskey as a result of distillation of fermented wort, which is prepared from water and cereals of various kinds.

Wheat or rye, barley or corn is used, sometimes even buckwheat, millet, rice. Among the ingredients is malt. Depending on the components and characteristics of the formulation, these types of whiskey are distinguished:

  • grain;
  • malt;
  • mixed (mix of grain and malt);
  • bourbon (corn, produced in the United States).

It is not surprising that the invention of this blood-warming drink is associated with places that are rather cool. Scots and Irish recognized manufacturing technology pioneers. Today, it is engaged in the production of countries in different continents of the world.

A prerequisite for the "right" whiskey is a long aging in oak barrels. After the drink has spent its period in these containers, it is carefully filtered. The level of alcohol content is reached from 32 to 50%. There are varieties that differ 60% of the fortress. Sugar in the composition of whiskey is either not contained at all or its content is minimal. Whiskey has a pleasant warm tint: from light yellow, resembling a golden wheat field, to brown-red, similar to oak leaves.

Supplements and Dilution

Types of whiskey

The tradition of cooking and consuming this noble drink has been established over the years. What drink whiskey? Of course, the recommendations on this matter are conditional, each makes a decision according to his or her taste. However, traditional tips may be helpful. After all, when diluted and added to the drink of tested components, the fullness of the range of its exquisite taste opens.

A popular solution is to mix this alcohol with coke, but such an additive is not always appropriate. What drink whiskey, except for cola? In this case, much depends on the type of drink.

Connoisseurs of expensive whiskey with a long exposure often prefer to use it in its pure form. But to supplement the drink with other ingredients is not considered a violation of tradition. The following combinations are recommended:

  • choosing how to drink Scotch whiskey, pay attention to a specific type of drink. It is customary to supply water to a single malt - in a glass or in a decanter. Dilute the whiskey quite a bit. Drink mixed type (blended) to drink clean, with ice cubes. This variety is often used to make cocktails;
  • Irish sentences are more delicate, so they are most often not diluted. Sometimes it is allowed to add some cold water or 1-2 ice cubes. This kind of alcohol is very popular as part of the original cocktail compositions. There is a beautiful view of aromatic coffee called "Irish morning" - there are notes of whiskey in it;
  • The territory of the USA is the historical homeland of cultivating various types of corn. Therefore, whiskey in this country is often produced from corn grain. From here originate and traditions, like drinking whiskey and coke. You need to dilute quite a bit (1 part cola into 3 parts of whiskey), the addition of ice cubes is welcome. In America, the use of bourbon with fruit juices (for example, apple) is practiced. The use of this whiskey in its pure form is also not contrary to tradition;
  • One of the most famous types of bourbon is Jack Daniels. In the exciting film "Scent of a Woman" he devoted a lot of attention. This drink has a wonderful rich tinges of taste, which provides significant and proper aging. What do Jack Daniels drink whiskey with? Most often, it is savored undiluted. Additives can be lemon or apple juice, 1-2 ice cubes;
  • lovers of rye whiskey appreciate its softness. Produce such a drink most often in the country of lakes - Canada. Usually this type of whiskey is used clean.

Whiskey: accompaniment features

How to drink whiskey

Many rituals have developed around the process of competent use of this drink. How to drink whiskey? General advice applies to special dishes: traditional transparent and voluminous glasses with an outstanding bottom thickness are used. Call this dish tumblers.

Fill the whiskey no more than 1/3 of the glass. It is recommended to start enjoying the bouquet of smell, shimmering shade. Drink is not quick, after a few sips to take a break to appreciate the richness of taste and aftertaste.

The Scots have developed for their brand of strong drink 5 rules of use:

  • view - a visual assessment of the color, saturation of the contents of the glass;
  • smell - feel all the notes of aroma;
  • greet - take a sip, appreciate the first sensations of taste;
  • swallow - drink half the contents of the glass;
  • splash water - dilution will help to fully experience the unique taste and refine the aroma.

For single malt whiskey sometimes used glasses, shaped like a tulip. It is recognized that such dishes best helps to feel the smell of the drink. After all, the pleasure of whiskey depends largely on the charms of its aroma.

The culture of cooling strong drink also has its own characteristics. Usually involve ice cubes. And who does not want the melted ice to affect the unique taste of the drink, use the so-called "soap stone". Special chic - to cool whiskey with precious stones (for example, jade).

Choosing the right snack

Whiskey snack

This popular drink is used as an aperitif (served before meals) and a digestif (served at the end of a meal). If the whiskey is one of the main characters of the feast, it is recommended to choose the appropriate snack:

  • Scottish, Irish varieties are combined with meat dishes (lamb, beef), fish (salmon), seafood. Vegetables grown in northern latitudes, dark bread, snack puddings are also good;
  • for whiskey of American origin recommend dishes from cornmeal, pork, turkey. A fruit snack, including juices, a pie, will also be good. Can be supplemented with chocolate and nuts;
  • Sushi is the best snack for Japanese whiskey.

Whiskey is a drink with history. The process of its manufacture takes a lot of time, it requires knowledge. Regarding the use of the drink has developed a lot of rules and advice on how to drink whiskey properly and what to eat. The drink can be supplemented with water, ice and other components. Recommend to use special glasses. Choosing a snack for whiskey, you should give preference to the products of countries with which the origin of the drink itself is connected.

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