What drink pina colada liqueur

These drinks are traditionally recognized as mild alcohol for the lady. Although there are also considerable fortresses, the taste of the ladies is sweet, most often flavored with berry or fruit notes. The choice of what to drink liquor, affects the disclosure of the fullness, richness of the noble drink. It largely depends on the specific species.

Fans and fans of "ladies" alcohol a lot. Liqueurs produce different types in order to satisfy the variety of taste preferences. They are dessert, cream, fortified. Sweet varieties are usually used as the final chord of food intake (i.e. digestive). And bitter drinks are excellent aperitifs that whet your appetite. Knowing how to drink liquor, you can increase the pleasure from both pleasant alcohol and the dishes that accompany it.

Fine points of liqueur drinking

What drink liquor?

There are several proven ways to use this drink to warm the soft warmth and give ease of mood. The choice depends on personal wishes, the place and time of serving alcohol. The traditional options are:

  • pure liqueur - it is served in special elegant glasses on a leg with a capacity of 25-60 ml. The aristocrats of the past centuries used a drink during lunch. Today, most often offer varieties with bitterness before eating, and sweet alcohol is brought to tea or coffee. Although small glasses and small ones, they usually do not drink in one gulp: they stretch pleasure, savoring the original taste, enjoying the nuances of aroma. It is advised to drink in one gulp if there is a desire to feel the heat wave through the body. Sometimes a few ice cubes are added to the liquor - in this case, the appropriate dishes are whiskey glasses (old fashion, or tumblers);
  • diluted liquor is poured into spacious glasses (with a capacity of 100 ml). The sweetness of alcohol is most often combined with water or juice. Sometimes the original taste of the drink is well set off with milk, cream or hot chocolate. A popular solution to the problem, with which they drink liquor in the hot season, is to whip with ice cream or crushed ice. Either water or very small ice crystals are suitable for diluting elite, very expensive drinks. For other budget options, liquor uses sour juices. Citrus fruits are usually chosen, but they are not suitable for diluting creamy and many cream beverages, because they convert such alcohol into a non-uniform turbid liquid. A special kind of liquor serving is adding a small amount of beverage to tea, coffee, cocoa. In this way, you can replace sugar and get an incredible aroma and pleasant taste;
  • The liquor in the composition of the cocktail can play the role of the first violin or support the main component with sweetness and aroma. Such drinks include other types of alcohol and a variety of juices, as well as milk or ice cream, coffee or chocolate. For serving cocktails like "shot" use wine glasses on the stem or rather narrow stacks. Drink these drinks in one gulp. And long-type cocktails are served in large glasses, and drunk through a special straw. This version of the use of liqueurs is best suited for crowded and laid-back parties;
  • the liqueur is combined with other alcohol. Harmonious tones of taste can be achieved in compositions with rum or gin, brandy or brandy, as well as pure vodka. Best in the "partners" to the liquor choose alcohol from its own foundation. For example, "Beyliz" is combined with whiskey, "Malibu" - with rum, "Lawyer" - with cognac. Such drinks are gaining strength, are not so cloying and very fragrant.

Typically, the supply of liqueurs does not require additional cooling or heating. The drink retains its excellent taste at a temperature of 12 to 20 degrees. Excessive cooling may cause turbidity and taste distortion.

As for snacks, the rules are simple: the food should not be contrasted with respect to the drink. Most often accompanied by liquor fruit, chocolate, desserts. Herbal drinks go well with citrus fruits, cream ones with a slice of cake or biscuits.

As many species as combinations


There are a lot of varieties of liquor, different peoples have their own ways of making and using a drink. Peculiarities of drinking depend on the specific type of this alcohol, its components. For example, with what they drink "Amaretto" - a liqueur of Italian origin, created with the help of almonds, apricot kernels, spices:

  • add ice cubes;
  • diluted with orange juice and ice crumb;
  • include in a variety of cocktails;
  • mixed with cola;
  • pour in coffee, chocolate.

Many like the rich creamy taste that Irish liquor "Beyliz" has. Why drink such a drink? Popular options are:

  • enjoy pure liqueur, sometimes adding ice cubes;
  • add coffee instead of sugar and cream;
  • combine with other ingredients in cocktails (just do not use fruit juices or soda);
  • Combine with fruit and berry snacks, ice cream and other light desserts.

Inspiring exotic gives vanilla liqueur "Pina Colada." How to drink this drink:

& quot; Pina Colada & quot;

  • undiluted is used very rarely;
  • mixed with ice cream;
  • add to coffee.

But interesting ways to drink "Sheridan" - liquor, which is produced in an exclusive bottle, divided into 2 parts:

  • it is a two-color drink, which is poured into a low glass with crushed ice;
  • when pouring, the bottle is tilted by 45 degrees so that liquid flows from both sections simultaneously;
  • first, the elements of the liquor are mixed together, and then the creamy component rises above the coffee part;
  • drink undiluted or in cocktails;
  • combined with chocolate, a delicate cookie.

The original taste has a rum drink with coconut "Malibu". With what to drink such liquor - there are several tips:

  • pure alcohol is served in special glasses at the end of lunch or dinner, before coffee;
  • freshness will be given to taste by some ice cubes;
  • It goes well with ice cream;
  • part of a variety of cocktails.

Liquor - an amazing drink that acts gently, warming or refreshing. There are several options for serving this alcohol - you can choose the most suitable for the occasion and mood. For liquor, special glasses are provided, but sometimes they use other dishes. Most often, such alcohol completes the meal, it is an excellent ingredient for cocktails. With proper use of liquor brings pleasure, revealing its aristocratic taste and aroma.

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