What do halva do

Most people who adore this oriental sweetness, halvah, never think about what they are made of. For them, the main thing is that it is very tasty. But, in the meantime, there are people who are still wondering what halva is made of.

Composition of halvah

It is difficult to answer this question unequivocally. This is due to the fact that there is a large number of varieties of this sweetness, and in each form its own ingredients.

  • there is two unchanged components that will be present in any kind of halva, - these are nuts that are ground to a state of powder and sugar.
  • And as it becomes clear from the name, sunflower halva is made from sunflower seeds, peanut halva - from a peanut, sesame - from sesame, and so on.
  • Scientists carefully testing and analyzing the composition of halva, came to a bewildering conclusion. It turns out that the halvah has a lower sugar content than candy. This eastern sweetness contains 30% sugar from the whole composition, whereas sweets contain all 80%!
  • Halvah recommended for use and the elderly, because, due to its properties, it has a beneficial effect on the body.

What makes halva on production?

Making halvah in large quantities, confectioneries carefully observe the recipe. AT composition of this eastern sweet sure to include any nuts or seeds. In addition, as part of the required caramel component (this is either sugar or molasses), egg yolk or other frother. Some manufacturers add flavors, colorants and preservatives to halvah.

How to make halvah at home?

Halva Cooking Recipe so simple that it does not require any special skill from you! And if you doubted that you could make halva at home, now your doubts will be dispelled! You will need the most simple and affordable ingredients that you find in any supermarket. These are nuts, sesame seeds or sunflower seeds. In addition, you will need sugar or honey. Halva with honey will be even more useful than sugar!

In this article, we present one of halva recipes at home. Let's try to make peanut halva.

Peanut halva at home


  1. Peanuts - 1 tbsp.
  2. Flour - 2/3 Art.
  3. Sugar - ½ tbsp.
  4. Vanillin - ½ pack.
  5. Water - 2 tbsp. l
  6. Butter - 1 tsp.


  • For a start, let's peanuts. It should be crushed. This can be done with a coffee grinder or blender.
  • Fry the flour in a dry frying pan until golden. Carefully ensure that it does not burn. If, nevertheless, such a thing happened, take a new portion of flour, otherwise your halva will be bitter and give off the smell of burning.
  • When the nuts and flour are ready, mix them, add butter to the mixture.
  • In a separate container we make caramel. To do this, pour sugar into it and pour in water. And cook over low heat until golden brown, stirring well.
  • After the caramel is ready, mix it with the rest of the ingredients. Cool and try!

The main ingredient of this recipe is peanuts, which can be changed. Do not be afraid to experiment. Try Prepare halva with sunflower seeds, almonds or pistachios.

  • For other recipes of halvah look in the article Halvah at home.
  • For a greater variety of taste, you can make halva, using several types of nuts at once. Thus, it will turn out even more saturated and interesting taste.
  • AT process of making halva, You can additionally add raisins or candied fruits. Get unusual halva.
  • It is possible in addition to chopped nuts, add to halvah and whole nuts. Then the nutty taste of halva will become even richer!

Those who fast, it will be interesting to know whether it is possible to use halva in the post. About this - here.

Now you know, what make halva, and also learned how to cook it yourself. Do not be lazy to try recipe for making halvah at home, after all, whatever they say, homemade halvamuch more useful than the factory!

Enjoy your meal!

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