What can be used instead of baking powder

In the kitchen of any housewife there is a little wizard ... Without it, it is impossible to cook delicious cupcakes, muffins, pancakes. Just a couple of spoons of baking powder will make baking lush and tender. The use of some other substances leads to the same result.

Most flour products use baking powder. Thanks to him, the dough increases in volume and rises. Without a baking powder, pastries stick to the bottom, crust over and may not be baked in the middle. There are several ways to loosen the dough. If the recipe contains a lot of butter and sugar, then use chemical baking powder. Most often it is ammonium and soda. In the purchase of baking powder there is a mixture of substances. In some types of baking, yeast is added. Alcohol is also used to loosen the dough.

If baking powder is indicated in the recipe, this means that you need to use the so-called purchase. baking powder. But you can prepare the mixture to raise the dough baking yourself. To do this, use citric acid, soda and other ingredients.

The increase in volume and imparting an airy texture to the dough is due to the evolution of gas, which is formed under the influence of temperature.

Baking Dough: Recipe

What can be used instead of baking powder?


  1. Soda - 10 gr.
  2. Flour - 12 gr.
  3. Starch - 12 gr.
  4. Citric acid - 6 gr.


  • We wash and wipe the small jar. It must be dry inside. We fold all the components into the container, close it with a lid and shake.
  • Next, use the powder according to the recipe. To increase the amount of homemade baking powder, you can, following the proportions: flour, starch, soda and lemongrass are used in a ratio of 12: 5: 3.

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Home baking powder: how to cook?


  1. Baking soda - 50 gr.
  2. Flour - 8 gr.
  3. Citric acid - 32 gr.


Dry ingredients are mixed together. They should be well dried, without wet particles. The mixture is sieved through a sieve and stored in a tightly closed jar. On 1 kg of flour take 50 gr. home baking powder.

You can make a powder that does not require storage. It is used as needed.

Soda instead of baking powder: how to use?


  1. Soda - 5 gr.
  2. Citric acid - 3 gr.
  3. Flour - 12 gr.


  • As in the previous recipe, you need to mix all the ingredients. They must be dry. The mixture is sifted into flour. Then it is added to the dough, following the recipe.
  • The amount of this powder is calculated for 1 application per 400-500 gr. flour.

Soda instead of baking powder: how to use?

Soda perfectly replaces the ready baking powder. Usually, before use, it is quenched with acid (vinegar, lemon juice). In order to properly replace the baking powder in the recipe, you need to take certain proportions of soda. Usually at 400 gr. Flour need 10 gr. baking powder. This proportion is equal to 1 tsp. soda, extinguished by a bite.

Soda for loosening the dough is not always quenched. Usually in this form it is used only in biscuits. In other types of baking, you can use a mixture of soda with lemon and flour. Also, soda is not quenched, if baking uses sour milk, sour cream, kefir. When damping with vinegar, it is important to observe the measure. If the soda is not extinguished, then the dough may have its flavor. Conversely, too much vinegar will also ruin the taste of baking. Therefore, the most popular mixture of soda and citric acid in a 1: 1 ratio. For the preparation of 1 tsp. baking powder take 0.5 tsp. soda and as much lemon.

If the dough contains acidic components, then you can quench the soda and boiling water. Do not be afraid that it will not rise. The reaction is endothermic, i.e. it will continue under the influence of temperature.

In some cases, the use of soda is preferred.It is better to add it, and not baking powder, if honey is present in the recipe. It and in dark syrups contain acids that react with soda. The proportion of baking powder for soda baking powder is as follows: 1-2 tsp. / 0, 5 tsp. respectively. If the powder is less than 1 tsp, then you need to take the amount of soda equal to half of its volume.

Alcohol can act as a baking powder. Usually it is added to cupcakes, charlottes, brushwood. A few spoons of brandy or rum will make the dough airy. The smell of alcohol during baking will evaporate. It can be used together with baking powder. It improves the taste of baking and its appearance.

What can be used instead of baking powder? The most popular substitutes are a mixture of soda and citric acid. This composition is not inferior to the finished product. If your kitchen does not have baking powder, you can replace it with extinguished soda. It makes baking lush and airy.

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