Than wash your hands from mushrooms


Autumn is the time for active mushroom picking in the forest. If you and your family are nature lovers, feel free to go to the forest, especially after the rain! Mushrooms in the forest will be many. And how much of all the yummy you make of them! And do not buy dubious mushrooms in the store!

butafter sorting the mushrooms, processing them, cleaning the hands acquire an unpleasant brown tint, like a bloom that got into the skin.

How to cope with such a problem? Sometimes washing your hands is not enough. Rubbing alcohol does not help either. What to do?

Why do fungi leave indelible marks on my hands?

The fact is that mushrooms contain pigment, something similar to human melanin. It is not just a dye. And wash it with plain water, soap, shampoo will not succeed.

Working with different types of fungi causes problems with stains after them of varying degrees. Stains are easily washed off with some mushrooms with lemon juice, while others seem to be washed away with nothing.The most caustic in this regard are boars and boletus.Milk and chanterelles least of all disturb people with brown spots on their hands after treatment. Brown spots on the fingers also remain from touching the caps of the brown caps, but they are not the same as from oil.

How to wash your hands after processing mushrooms?

Most of all problems for fans of mushrooms deliver boarish. Juice oil is very corrosive. And it is just necessary to wash it off immediately. Otherwise, he will hold on your hands for a long time.

Do not wash your hands with soap and water after working with oil!Many people make the mistake of thinking that soap will wash brown stains from the juice of mushrooms. With bolettes, the situation is such that soap, on the contrary, fixes the result. That is, due to the influence of the soap solution, the spots are better absorbed into the skin cells and remain there for a long time. In the future, they will have to tear off straight from the skin.

Wash hands after oil. But ordinary water is not much help.Dip smeared hands in an acidic solution.. This may be acetic water or water, with the addition of citric acid.After some time, the oil film on your hands can be removed with the help of pumice or a rag of a hard texture.. An old toothbrush will do. With its help you will scrape the remnants of the "products" oil from under the nails.

It is important not to miss the moment! Otherwise, the hands that are not washed immediately after working with the butts will be felt tomorrow by darker spots on the fingers, on the nails, on the skin.

If you are afraid that you will not wash your hands of oil well, it is better to wear gloves.Because if the spots appeared the next day, then nothing will help you until the spots disappear from your hands in a natural way.

For the rest of the mushrooms, do this:

  • Prepare soap solution. To do this, shake soap into a container of warm water with thin strands. Or just hold the soap in this container. Traces of this method will not completely remove. However, a little nudge them.
  • Nail polish remover or a simple solvent will help you deal with some corrosive fungal stains.
  • Rub your hands with pumice stone. Her pores will have brown spots on her hands, along with old skin particles.
  • Still, when handling freshly picked mushrooms, use gloves. So you definitely do not get dirty! If it is inconvenient to work with gloves, then wash and clean the mushrooms with your hands, but do not forget the tips of this article. You need to be very attentive with boars, bolettes and boletus.

When collecting mushrooms it is better to wear old unwanted gloves.. So the hands will be warmer and there will be no traces of mushrooms. You can't wash your hands in the forest.

Acid solution and pumice stone are the most effective ways to eliminate fungal stains. Feel free to use them yourself and advise other mushroom pickers!