Stuffing for pancakes. sweet recipes

Pancakes are always associated with home comfort and celebration. Probably, in every family, grandmothers indulged their loved ones with fragrant golden pancakes. They prepared them in different ways: they laid them out in a pile, smearing with butter and sprinkling with sugar, ate at the top with a sour cream and jam. Nobody was left indifferent and pancakes with filling. She could be anything: sweet and salty.

Stuffing for pancakes should be quite finely chopped. Everything requires chopping: mushrooms, onions, carrots. Meat is best used in the form of minced meat. If you use cottage cheese, it is better to rub it through a sieve. The most famous filling for pancakes is caviar. By tradition, pancakes need to put a stack, and put caviar on top. Creamers with caviar and spoons are placed near the dish with mushrooms. A person taking a pancake independently fills it with caviar.

Another simple filling is fish. Usually for this purpose, pink salmon or more expensive trout and salmon are used. The fish is cut into layers and spread on pancakes. The dough is wrapped in envelopes. Pancakes with fish filling can not roast. At the same time that the dish was not spoiled, you need to carefully consider the quality of the fish. The finished fillet should be saturated color. If it is dull, it means that the fish was thawed many times.

It is very tasty to use something sweet as a filling for pancakes. Most often it is cottage cheese or berries.

Curd filler for pancakes

Stuffing for pancakes from cottage cheese


  1. Bold cottage cheese - 200 g
  2. Egg - 1 pc.
  3. Sugar - 100 g
  4. Vanillin - to taste
  5. Raisin - 50 g


  • Wash the raisins and soak in water.
  • While raisins swell, cottage cheese rubbed through a sieve or beat with a mixer. Add to the cottage cheese egg, sugar and vanilla on the tip of a knife.
  • Beat curd-egg mixture.
  • Raise the raisins in a colander. Drain. Add to the filling. Mix everything with a spoon. Stuffing for pancakes from cottage cheese is ready.
  • Also, sweet stuffing can be made from cream or cream cheese. To do this, you can not adhere to any proportions. It is enough to whip fat cream or use cream from a balloon. Then they add sugar powder and berries - currants, pitted cherries. The resulting filling stuffed pancakes.

Another simple filling for pancakes is mascarpone cheese or Philadelphia. They are mixed with a spoon until smooth with icing sugar. Unfortunately, these cheeses are not sold in all stores. You can replace them with a domestic Omichka. In addition, in this case you will not have to whip the filling and add sugar. This cream cheese is sweet enough. Therefore, you can simply spread it on pancakes and put them in triangles.

You can also fill pancakes with boiled condensed milk or apples. The apples are usually peeled off the peel, then rubbed on a large grater. Next, sprinkle with sugar and add a little raisins. The filling can be wrapped in pancakes in this form. If you want to make it a little softer, you can stew it with a small piece of butter.

Pancake Fillings: Unsweetened Options

Such stuffing for pancakes can turn them into an independent hot dish. For this, pancakes are stuffed, wrapped in the form of an envelope with a filling and fried. The dish is served hot.

Chicken and mushrooms

Stuffing for pancakes from chicken and mushrooms


  1. Fresh chicken fillet - 200 g
  2. Champignons or any other mushrooms - 200 g
  3. Onions - 1 pc.
  4. Vegetable oil, spices - to taste


  • Cut the chicken into small pieces. Mushrooms and onions chop straws.
  • In a heated pan fry onions, add chicken and mushrooms.
  • Fry the mixture until tender. Salt and pepper the filling.
  • By the way, fresh chicken in this recipe can be replaced by smoked. Do not forget that in this case you will need less salt for the filling.

Meat for the filling can be boiled or raw - in the form of minced meat.

Of beef

Beef stuffing


  1. Boiled beef - 400 g
  2. Onions - 1 pc.
  3. Butter - 30 g
  4. Salt and spices - to taste


  • Boil a piece of beef for 2 hours. Cool the meat.
  • Cut into thin short straws along the meat fibers.
  • Cut onions into strips. Heat a piece of butter on a heated frying pan. Put on the pan onions. Fry until golden brown.
  • Add chopped beef to onions. Fry everything together for 5-7 minutes. Stuffing salt and pepper. Stuff her pancakes.
  • If you have no beef, then you can replace it with a good ham.



  1. Any kind of minced meat - 500 g
  2. Onions - 1 pc.
  3. Carrots - 1 pc.
  4. Vegetable oil, spices - to taste


  • Onions and carrots clean. Shred onion, grate carrot on a large grater.
  • Heat the pan with butter. Fry the onions on it, then add the carrots. Bring to readiness.
  • Add minced meat to vegetables. Fry for 15-20 minutes. Stuffing salt and pepper.
  • Meat filling for pancakes is wrapped in different ways. You can cook an original restaurant dish - pancake pouches. To do this, lay out the stuffing in the middle of pancakes, the edges of the dough are wrapped to the center and tied with a feather onion. Before serving, the same bags are recommended to be heated in a microwave or oven.

Pancakes for the filling should not be very thick. Thin pancakes interrupt the taste of the filling. It is necessary to achieve elasticity of the finished dough so that it does not tear when wrapped.

Beef stuffing

It is also very important to bake pancakes correctly. The main secret is a well-heated cast iron pan. Unlike others, it warms up evenly and quickly enough. By the way, the first pancakes are obtained, which is called a lump precisely because of the insufficient heating of the surface.

In order to make pancakes thin, you can use improvised means. Kneading dough in a bottle is so popular. Then simply pour a small amount of pancake dough on the pan - the neck helps to regulate the desired volume.

Wrapped pancakes with filling can be in different ways. Sweet pancakes are usually a straw or triangles. If the filling is dense enough. It is better to wrap it in envelopes or in the form of bags.

If you are afraid that the pancakes will tear because of the filling, then you can cook them a little differently. It is enough to pour a small part of the filling on the roasting pancake. Try to lay it out with a small layer over the entire diameter. Then the pancake is turned over and it turns hard. Usually, pancakes are sprinkled with finely chopped ham and grated apples. You can also make pancake cakes with the filling.

Pancakes are a truly versatile dish. They can be served with tea, jam, honey, condensed milk, or smeared with butter and sprinkled with sugar and with milk. From a sweet dish, pancakes can turn into a salty snack. To do this, just wrap the stuffing in them. Unsweetened pancakes are usually recommended to serve hot, pancakes with a sweet filling, on the contrary - cold. In order for the pancakes to just melt in your mouth, do not forget to apply sour cream or fat cream to them.

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