Stuffed pepper in the oven

Every housewife every day is faced with a dilemma, what to prepare for dinner. Offer your family to taste the delicious, savory and fragrant stuffed peppers, baked in the oven. Only a real gourmet will be able to adequately evaluate all the benefits and unique taste of this dish.

How to cook stuffed peppers in the oven: cooking tips

Bulgarian pepper baked in the oven with various fillings is not only tasty, satisfying and healthy, but also very beautiful. Imagine a riot of red, yellow and green colors on your plate! In addition, sweet pepper goes well with almost any side dish and stuffing. Add some favorite seasonings, and then your dish will become even more fragrant and savory.

stuffed pepper in the oven

Experienced cooks are happy to share the secrets of cooking delicious stuffed peppers, baked in the oven:

  • For the stuffing should choose peppers of medium size and the same size. It is very important for uniform roasting.
  • For the filling in the classic version, use any meat pulp and polished rice. Pre-rice should be subjected to heat treatment and boil it to a state of semi-ready.
  • You can add mushrooms (fresh or pickled), zucchini, zucchini, eggplants, carrots and onions, fish fillets, prunes, etc. to the stuffing. Everything depends solely on the taste preferences of your household.
  • To make the stuffed peppers juicy, you can stew them in tomato or sour cream sauce. Top every peppercorn need to smear with mayonnaise.
  • Peppers can be baked as a whole. Also, they can be pre-cut in half in the form of boats.
  • Many chefs bake pepper in the oven in foil. In this case, 10-15 minutes before the end of cooking, the foil should be opened so that the peppercorns browned.
  • Willingness to stew sweet pepper stuffed should be checked with a fork or toothpick. If the walls of the pepper are punctured well, it means that it is ready and can be served on the table.
  • Tomato paste can be replaced with fresh tomato pulp or cheese, in which case the peppers will acquire not only extra softness, but also a unique creamy flavor.
  • Pre-peeled peppers can be boiled in boiling water for five minutes. So you can fill them without damaging the integrity of the walls of peppercorns.

Baked stuffed pepper: a recipe with photos

Very tasty, fragrant and savory will be a dish of stuffed peppers, baked under a cheese crust. Be sure to peppercorn should be baked under the foil - so they can fry evenly.

Stuffed pepper in the oven: a recipe with photos


  • sweet Bulgarian pepper - 6 pcs .;
  • hard cheese - 250 g;
  • Any stuffing - 750 g;
  • 1 carrot;
  • 1 tbsp. polished rice, boiled until half cooked;
  • 2 onions;
  • 300 g broth;
  • garlic cloves;
  • a mixture of peppers and salt;
  • 8 tbsp. l tomato paste or fresh tomato pulp;
  • fresh greens.


  1. Sweet pepper must be cut. To do this, carefully with a knife you need to remove the stem and clean the seeds.
  2. Then, cut off the top of each peppercorn.Pepper
  3. The bottom of each peppercorn should also be slightly cut so that it is convenient to put them on a baking sheet.Stuffed Peppers
  4. Carrots and onions should be peeled and washed. Then the vegetables should be chopped for sautéing.Onions and carrots
  5. In the preheated vegetable oil must put the sliced ​​vegetables and saute until cooked.Fried onions and carrots
  6. In a separate dish should be laid out boiled until half cooked polished rice, grated hard cheese varieties, chopped garlic cloves, greens, minced meat.
  7. Also, these ingredients need to add tomato paste, previously diluted in 100 g of warm water.

    Rice, minced, vegetables
  8. All components for the filling need to be salted and seasoned with spices, and then mix thoroughly with your hands until smooth.Stuffed pepper stuffing
  9. In a deep pan or glass baking dish, you must pour the broth in which you need to add seasoning and tomato paste. Instead of tomato paste, you can use the pulp of fresh tomatoes.Sauce
  10. The remaining onion should be cut into half rings or rings and put in a baking sheet. All ingredients for the sauce must be thoroughly mixed.Stuffed pepper in the oven: sauce
  11. Sweet pepper must be filled with cooked minced meat with rice, carefully tamping down the stuffing with your fingers so that there is no emptiness left.Stuffed pepper in the oven: stuffing
  12. Put a little tomato paste on top of the filling in each peppercorn.Stuffed pepper in the oven: a recipe with photos
  13. Each peppercorn needs to be covered on top of the cut off part.Stuffed pepper in the oven: a recipe with photos
  14. Next, you need to take the foil and tightly cover it with a baking sheet or glass form. Be sure to press the edges well so that there are no gaps.Stuffed pepper in the oven: a recipe with photos
  15. Stuffed peppers should be sent to the oven preheated to 190 °.
  16. Under the foil peppers need to bake for an hour, and then remove the foil and cook for another half an hour.Stuffed pepper in the oven: cooking
  17. Baked stuffed peppers can be served at the table in sour cream sauce and with any garnish for your taste.

Add a dish of mushroom notes

Want to diversify your daily diet, try to cook stuffed peppers in new ways. In the classic stuffing add fried mushrooms. You can use fresh or pickled champignons.

Stuffed Peppers with Mushrooms


  • sweet Bulgarian pepper - 6 pcs .;
  • ½ onion;
  • garlic salt - pinch;
  • any mushrooms to taste;
  • 450 g chilled beef fillet;
  • 1 tbsp. boiled round or oblong rice;
  • tomato sauce (pasta) - 200 ml;
  • hard cheese


  1. Should choose medium peppercorn. They should all be about the same in size.
  2. Carefully cut off the top of the peppercorn with the stem.
  3. Peppers need to be cleaned from seeds, thoroughly rinsed inside and dry.
  4. Beef pulp should be twisted in a meat grinder to the consistency of minced meat.
  5. Half the onions need to be cleaned and cut into small cubes. Onions can also be twisted in a meat grinder.
  6. Chopped onions should be mixed with beef.
  7. On heated vegetable oil in a pan, fry the minced meat with onions.
  8. Selected mushrooms should be washed, cleaned, to separate the caps from the legs and cut into small cubes.
  9. Crushed mushrooms must be added to the mince and fry for 3-5 minutes.
  10. Boiled rice should be poured into a colander and rinsed to clear water.
  11. In a separate container, mix roasted minced meat with mushrooms, boiled rice and tomato sauce.
  12. All components must be thoroughly mixed and seasoned with garlic salt. You can use regular table salt.
  13. Prepared peppercorns should be boiled in well boiling water for about 4-5 minutes.
  14. Boiled peppercorns need to be filled with the prepared mixture, well tamping it with your finger so that there is no void left.
  15. Stuffed peppers should be laid out on a baking sheet or in a baking dish, and tightly covered with foil on top.
  16. In the oven, preheated to a temperature of 200 °, it is necessary to put a baking sheet with pepper for 40 minutes.
  17. After this time, the foil should be removed, and each peppercorn on top abundantly sprinkle with grated hard cheese.
  18. In this form, stuffed peppers need to put out another 15 minutes.

Traditional Bulgarian dish perfectly complement the daily and holiday table. You can experiment with the fillings and cook stuffed peppers with prunes, zucchini, eggplant. Some housewives for stuffing use sweet stuffing. Enjoy your meal!

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