Smoked chicken breast salad

Remember what dishes you primarily serve to the festive table? True, salads and cold appetizers. To make the menu variety and surprise your guests, try making a salad with smoked chicken breast. The sophistication and piquancy of this dish will delight any gourmet.

Secrets of the success of the dish - in the details

Every housewife knows that the chicken fillet is a dietary product that can be used as a meat base for salad. Cold appetizers with chicken fillet are extraordinary in taste, because it can be combined with various ingredients and sauces.

Original salads with smoked chicken

Experienced housewives are happy to share their tricks and tell us how to make a true culinary masterpiece from a regular salad with smoked chicken fillet:

  • Of course, you only need to choose a fresh and high-quality product. The fillet must not be weathered and contain blood.
  • If you want to make a light and low-calorie salad, then combine the breast with cabbage, celery root, lettuce or mushrooms.
  • An exquisite and moderately nutritious dish made from boiled potatoes, eggs, smoked chicken fillet, carrots and mayonnaise sauce.
  • Spicy taste of this salad will give carrots in Korean, dried Provencal herbs or hot spices.
  • The salad from smoked chicken fillet with pineapple slices, dessert corn turns out to be very tasty and refined.
  • As a dressing, choose a variety of sauces - cheese, garlic, mayonnaise, tomato, etc.
  • The marinated onion, freshly squeezed lemon juice and yoghurt will give the salad an extraordinary taste and aroma.

Salad "Bright colors of summer": an exquisite supply of smoked chicken breast

So, if you decide to use chicken fillet as a basis for salad preparation, then take care of purchasing a high-quality and fresh product. Unusual taste of smoked breast and pineapple salad will give exactly chicken fillet. If there is no one on hand, take a boiled breast. Regardless of which fillet you choose, the taste of the salad is almost unchanged.



  • smoked chicken fillet - 0.5 kg;
  • canned pineapple pieces - 350 g;
  • 0.3 kg of dessert canned corn;
  • 4-5 potatoes;
  • any greens;
  • sweet pepper - to taste;
  • mayonnaise sauce.


  1. Boil the potatoes in their skins, cool them, peel them, and then cut them into cubes of medium size.Boil potatoes in their skins
  2. Smoked chicken fillet is also ground into small squares. If you use a chilled breast, boil it beforehand.
  3. We clean sweet peppers from the stalk and seeds, wash them, and then cut them into small cubes. If desired, the pepper can be fried in a pan or campfire.Sweet pepper clean
  4. With canned pineapples pour the juice and, if necessary, grind them.
  5. Put potatoes, pineapple pieces and sweet Bulgarian pepper into a deep salad bowl.Put potatoes and peppers into a deep salad bowl
  6. Canned dessert corn is laid out in a colander. After the juice is drained, add it to the salad bowl.Canned dessert corn lay out in a colander
  7. Grind greens, smoked chicken fillet and add these ingredients to the salad bowl.Add greens to the salad
  8. To taste we season salad with mayonnaise sauce. To add spice to the salad, you can lightly sprinkle with freshly squeezed lemon juice.

    Seasoning salad with mayonnaise sauce
  9. Mix the salad well, insist a little in the fridge, and then serve it to the table.Mix well salad

Salad with smoked fillet "Summer picnic"

In the cold season, we often remember the smell of the fire, the taste of kebabs or barbecued vegetables. But the summer is still so far away, and I want to have a small picnic for myself right now. To remember all the delights of summer holidays, you can prepare a salad with smoked breast and beans. Its taste will take your memories for a few minutes on that summer day when you and your family were relaxing outside the city.

Smoked Fillet Salad


  • 0.7 kg smoked chicken fillet;
  • 4-5 pieces fresh and pickled cucumbers;
  • canned red beans - 1 b .;
  • onion feathers;
  • boiled carrots - 0.2 kg;
  • mayonnaise sauce;
  • 2-3 boiled chicken eggs;
  • salt.


  1. Boiled eggs are cleaned and ground through a mesh or with a knife.
  2. With canned beans, drain the liquid and leave it for a few minutes in a colander.
  3. Fresh and pickled cucumbers are cut into small cubes or cubes.
  4. Boiled carrots rubbed on a grater.
  5. Green onion feathers cut into small rings, and fillets into cubes.
  6. Put all the ingredients in a deep salad bowl, lightly season with salt and add mayonnaise sauce to taste.
  7. All mix and leave in the refrigerator for about half an hour.

Follow the mushroom pickers: a simple salad in a few minutes

Many housewives are well aware that you can add mushrooms to almost any salad. And with smoked chicken fillet harmoniously combines both marinated and fried mushrooms. Do you need to make a tasty snack in a hurry? Then the salad with smoked breast and mushrooms just fit.

A simple salad in a few minutes


  • 0.2 kg smoked chicken fillet;
  • refined vegetable oil for frying;
  • 150 g fresh champignons;
  • 1 onion;
  • sour cream or mayonnaise dressing for dressing;
  • 3 boiled chicken eggs;
  • 3 pcs. fresh cucumbers.


  1. Carefully wash the cucumbers and cut them into small cubes. If desired, they can be removed from the skin.
  2. Putting cucumbers in a deep salad bowl.Cucumbers
  3. We thoroughly wash the mushrooms, separate the caps from the legs, cut them, if necessary, and then fry them in vegetable oil.
  4. Fried mushrooms spread in a salad bowl.Fried mushrooms
  5. Grind onions, boiled eggs and smoked chicken fillet.
  6. Add these ingredients to the salad bowl and pour plenty of sour cream or mayonnaise sauce on top.Mix salad
  7. Stir the salad well and decorate with fresh herbs.

We arrange Pancake House at home: pancake salad with smoked fillet

Have you ever tried adding pancakes to salads? If not, then it's time to cook a salad with smoked breast and corn, as well as with slices of pancakes. Of course, such a snack is quite high-calorie due to its component composition. But you can reduce calories by adding low-fat yogurt or freshly squeezed lemon juice. Believe me, this salad will have to taste even the most capricious gourmet.

Pancake salad with smoked fillet


  • 0.4 kg smoked fillet;
  • 5 pieces. eggs;
  • canned sweetcorn - 1 can;
  • 1 onion;
  • 1 tbsp. l food starch;
  • flour;
  • mayonnaise sauce;
  • 1 tbsp. milk;
  • 1 tbsp. l vegetable oil refined;
  • salt.


  1. For a start, let's do the pancake dough.
  2. Pour chilled milk into a separate container, add table starch, flour, chicken eggs and some salt.
  3. Beat dough with a mixer or blender.
  4. We bake pancakes in a frying pan with a small addition of refined vegetable oil.
  5. When the pancakes have cooled slightly, roll them into a roll and cut into small pieces.
  6. With dessert corn pour juice.
  7. Tear smoked chicken fillet into arbitrary pieces.
  8. Clean and chop the onion.
  9. In a deep salad bowl lay out crushed pancakes and all other ingredients.
  10. Dress the salad with mayonnaise sauce, add a little salt and mix.
  11. For 30-40 minutes, leave the salad in the fridge for infusion.

Smoked chicken fillet is considered a universal product for any salad. Thanks to its taste, the breast harmonizes perfectly with any ingredients and sauces. For a change, you can add olives, hard cheese, spices, tomatoes, chili peppers, etc., bon appetit!

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