Shrimp in a multivariate

The benefits of seafood have long been proven, because they contain iodine and so forth. Important microelements. In addition, seafood has a wonderful taste! Shrimps are undoubtedly recognized as the most popular. They can be both a tasty snack and a part of a low-calorie diet. Fried and boiled shrimps are an ingredient of many salads, soups and other dishes.

Shrimp in a multivariate

The benefits of shrimp are based on their chemical composition, first of all they contain a lot of protein. By itself, the protein is involved not only in the formation of muscle mass, but also collagen, and therefore prevents aging of the skin. Also, even 1 small shrimp contains vitamin A, which is very useful for vision, almost all the B vitamins that are needed for nails, hair and bones, as well as vitamins E, C and D, which protect the circulatory system and support immunity.

Shrimps contain Omega 3 acids, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, copper, fluorine, phosphorus, selenium, zinc, copper, iodine, and chromium. 100 g of shrimp include in their composition the daily rate of iodine! Together with all these advantages, these seafood have one more - they are low-calorie, 100 g of the product contains only 90 kcal.

If you eat these crustaceans, they will not bring harm to the body, of course, if a person does not have an individual intolerance. But if you eat them too much, it can lead to a glut of the body with protein, individual amino acids and heavy metals, and this is far from useful.

Some nutritionists attribute to the shortcomings of this product their ability to absorb radioactive substances from their habitat, that is, sea water. It has not been scientifically proven, but it is the reason for a more thorough selection of these marine life for consumption.

It is believed that seafood is very useful for the male body and it is justified. Back in Ancient Rome, shrimps were eaten by patricians, as a dish that stimulates potency. Due to the low calorie content, shrimps are well absorbed in the body, and the benefits for the male body due to the composition of this product.

Selenium and zinc increase sexual power, and fatty amino acids are participants in the biosynthesis of testosterone - the main hormone of men. And also, in the case of regular eating shrimp, the risk of oncological tumors and allergic reactions is reduced.

When purchasing shrimp, it is better to give your preference to unpeeled, then they will not lose their flavor and juiciness during the heat treatment.

How to cook shrimp in a slow cooker?

Shrimp today are becoming more and more popular dish, and you can cook them in a variety of ways and even in a slow cooker.

Cook seafood correctly

This recipe is the easiest, the ingredients will need very little, and the shrimps themselves turn out juicy and will not lose their taste and good qualities.

Shrimp cooked in a slow cooker


  1. Shrimp - 300 g
  2. Water - 0.5 l
  3. Salt, spices - to taste


  • For this recipe, the best cooker will be the Steamer.
  • So, put the shrimp in a steamer tank, pour water into the bowl, add salt and spices to taste. By the way, now in the shops you can buy special spices for shrimp.
  • Cooking shrimps in this way takes 10 minutes, they will not be digested and will retain all their beneficial properties.
  • Serve boiled shrimps with a side dish of pasta.

Fried shrimp with spicy flavor

Fried shrimp is a delicious, aromatic and appetizing dish. It is easy to prepare them, there is no trouble, and all the ingredients are quite accessible.

Rice with shrimp in a slow cooker


  1. Shrimp - 400 g
  2. Olive oil - to taste
  3. Garlic - 2 cloves
  4. Ground dill, salt, black pepper - to taste


  • First of all, shrimp must be cleaned of shells.
  • Pour a little olive oil into the bowl of the slow cooker and add garlic to it; fry it in the Baking mode for only a couple of minutes.
  • Then put the shrimp and other ingredients in the bowl, cook in the same mode for about 20 minutes.

Shrimp in a dye festive table

Shrimp, fried in batter in a slow cooker


  1. Shrimp - 400-500 g (can and more)
  2. Flour - 3 tbsp.
  3. White wine - 100 ml
  4. Chicken Egg - 1 pc.
  5. Salt - to taste


  • Shrimp is better to take "overall", that is, tiger or royal, but it is quite suitable and ordinary.
  • So, clean the seafood, salt and moisten in wine (about 20-30 ml).
  • Now you need to make a batter. To do this, mix the flour, the remaining wine and the egg.
  • Pour vegetable oil into the bowl of the multicooker, turn on the Baking mode.
  • Now, shrimps should be dipped in a bowl with hot oil, after having dipped them in batter.
  • You need to fry for about 5-7 minutes, while the multicooker cover is not necessary to close. So it is more convenient to control the cooking process.
  • Ready to shrimp to them with excess oil glass, spread better on a paper napkin.

How to cook rice with shrimp in a slow cooker?

Shrimp is an excellent dietary product. An ideal side dish for them would be rice.

Rice with shrimp in a slow cooker


  1. Long grain rice - 2 tbsp.
  2. Shrimp - 0.5 kg
  3. Garlic - 3 cloves
  4. Ground black pepper, salt - to taste
  5. Butter - 3 tbsp.
  6. Parsley - to taste


  • Washed rice should be poured into a multicooker bowl, pour water to the level of 2 tbsp., Close the lid and turn on Buckwheat mode.
  • Fry the garlic and parsley in butter, add the peeled shrimps. Fry a few minutes so as not to overdo the seafood.
  • After the rice is ready, the multicooker lid must be opened, put the shrimp in it. Add salt, pepper and mix thoroughly.
  • Now you need to close the lid of the multicooker and put it in the "Heated" mode for 8-10 minutes so that the ingredients are steamed together.

Plov with seafood gourmet

Pilaf with shrimp in a slow cooker


  1. Shrimps - 200 g
  2. Steamed rice - 1 tbsp.
  3. Onions - 100 g
  4. Carrots - 100 g
  5. Garlic - 2 cloves
  6. Olive oil - 4 tbsp.
  7. Spices, salt - to taste


  • First you need to cook the overcooking. To do this, chop the onion finely and fry for 7 minutes in a slow cooker in olive oil.
  • Then to the onions need to add carrots, grated on a coarse grater and crushed garlic. Fry vegetables need another 5 minutes in the same mode.
  • After the vegetables are ready, add washed rice and 2 tbsp. To the multicooker bowl. water.
  • After putting spices, salt and select the mode "Pilaf". Cooking time can be left as default, and you can choose yourself, but not less than an hour.
  • While the rice is boiling, it's time to fry the shrimp. Heat olive oil in a pan and put peeled shrimps there, which must be cooked in this way until cooked.
  • After rice cooking is finished, the multicooker lid should be opened and fried prawns should be added to it, mix well and leave for 10 minutes in the “Heating” mode.

Shrimps are an indispensable product. They can be prepared for both everyday dinner and holiday table. The main thing - to choose high-quality and fresh copies, as well as in the process of cooking does not make them tough. If all the conditions are met correctly, then even a dish like rice with shrimps, cooked in a slow cooker, will become a real exquisite delicacy!

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