Shortbread dough for cookies

Many housewives are happy to pamper their households gourmet pastries. We took most of the recipes from our mothers and grandmothers. Sand cakes, cakes and biscuits come from our childhood. Knowing some of the features, you can easily prepare shortbread dough for cookies, the recipes of which you will find in our article.

How to make shortbread dough for biscuits: cooking tips

How to make shortbread dough for cookies

Many housewives do not particularly like to make sandy pastries. This is primarily due to the fact that the dough does not always acquire the desired consistency. In addition, if you mix the dough incorrectly and bake the confection, it can become hard and lose its friability.

To make sand cakes tender, tasty, fragrant and unique, read the advice of professional pastry chefs:

  • Products and cooking utensils used to make dough should be chilled, but there are recipes according to which you can add ingredients at room temperature;
  • in order for the shortbread dough to acquire the necessary crumblyness, the crumbs must be carefully rubbed with their hands;
  • The tenderness of the dough and its crumbly structure directly depend on the amount of fat, so do not feel sorry for butter or margarine;
  • Before baking, pies or other pastries should be pierced evenly with a fork or toothpick;
  • the form of grease is not necessary, but you can use baking paper;
  • shortbread dough goes well with curd mass, fruit, berry, caramel and other fillings;
  • optimum temperature for baking - 150-200 °;
  • baking pans should be placed in an oven that has already been heated to the desired temperature point;
  • baking time can vary from half an hour to 50 minutes;
  • short pastry should be kneaded very quickly, otherwise it will turn out to be tight and tough.

The classic sand base for cookies: a recipe with photos

Classic shortbread dough is prepared from a minimum set of products and even without the addition of chicken eggs. From this dough, you can make pies, cookies, cakes of various shapes. Below there are a simple shortbread dough recipe for cookies. If you wish, butter can be replaced with margarine.

Shortbread dough for cookies: recipe with photos


  • 3 tbsp. sifted flour;
  • sour cream of any fat content - 3 tbsp. l .;
  • softened butter - 210 g;
  • granulated sugar - 1 tbsp .;
  • ¼ tsp salt.


  1. Creamy softened butter must be laid out in an enamel or glass dish and knead well with a fork.Creamy softened butter
  2. Add sugar to the oil mass and grind everything thoroughly to avoid large crystals.Add sugar to the oily mass.
  3. In the resulting mass should pour the sifted flour and salt. Hands rub all the components until small crumbs form.Kneading dough
  4. Then you should add sour cream and knead the dough to a smooth consistency. It must acquire resilience and elasticity.Kneading dough
  5. Finished dough should be covered with food film and sent to the refrigerator for 40-50 minutes, and then you can make cookies from it.Kneading dough

Dough through a meat grinder

This option of making shortbread is always a win-win. Baking is prepared incredibly quickly, and you can give it an original and unusual shape with the help of a conventional meat grinder. The shortbread dough recipe for cookies in the tins is almost the same. Many housewives for cutting cookies use available materials: glasses, glasses, corks, etc.

You can substitute butter with margarine and add citrus zest and coke chips to taste. It is also recommended to replace the granulated sugar with powdered. In this case, the consistency of the test will not be broken, it will turn out more homogeneous and crumbly.

Shortbread dough recipe for minced biscuits


  • 3 egg yolks;
  • 1 tbsp. sugar sand;
  • softened butter - 130 g;
  • sour cream of any fat content - 150 g;
  • 1 tsp. baking soda;
  • sifted flour - 3 tbsp .;
  • vanilla essence.


  1. It is necessary to lay out the yolks in a separate enameled or glass dish and combine them with sugar.
  2. These components should be ground to obtain a homogeneous mass.
  3. Creamy softened butter, soda, vanilla essence should be added to the egg-sugar mass and mix thoroughly.
  4. In small portions, pour the sifted flour and knead the dough.Shortbread dough recipe for minced biscuits
  5. Mixed dough should be cooled in the refrigerator. For this enough 30-40 minutes.
  6. Small pieces of dough should be minced, forming the right size cookies.Shortbread dough recipe for minced biscuits
  7. Blanks must be laid out on a baking sheet or a form, baked paper.Shortbread dough recipe for minced biscuits
  8. Bake cookies should be in the oven at a temperature of 180 °.
  9. The baking time of the confectionery product is on average 20 minutes.Shortbread dough recipe for minced biscuits

Preparing the basis for kurabie

Few people are familiar with the Azerbaijani cuisine, but Kurabe was loved by many of us. Even as a child, we were happy to eat a star shaped cookie with a delicious berry filling. If earlier the preparation of this oriental sweetness was the prerogative of experienced pastry chefs, today any hostess can bake such tasty and delicate cookies.

You need to purchase a special pastry bag. If this is not, then you can use a dense plastic bag. The highlight of Kurab is considered a drop of jam or jam. You can use any sweet canning preserved in the back room, or you can purchase berry jam in the cooking store. It is recommended to choose only thick jam, so that under the influence of high temperature it does not spread and retains its shape. So, we present the recipe for shortbread dough for cookies with jam.

Shortbread dough recipe for cookies with jam


  • sifted flour - 2-2.5 st .;
  • softened butter (margarine) - 200 g;
  • powdered sugar - 4 tbsp. l .;
  • 1 egg white;
  • vanilla sugar or essence;
  • any jam or jam according to your taste preferences.


  1. Lightly softened butter or margarine should be placed in a separate enamel bowl.
  2. Vanilla sugar or essence, as well as powdered sugar, must be added to the oil mass.
  3. Using a mixer or blender, all of the above components should be thoroughly whipped to form a fluffy smooth mass. On consistency, it should resemble a cream.
  4. Then you need to add the egg white and again all thoroughly beat.
  5. Wheat flour of the highest grade should be sifted and then poured in small portions into the resulting mass.
  6. First, knead the dough with a spatula or spoon, and then with your hands.
  7. After kneading the dough, cover with food film and place in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes to cool it slightly.
  8. Using a special bag to form pastry or a tight plastic bag with a hole, it is necessary to form a star-shaped biscuit.
  9. Baking sheet or a special form should be covered with baking paper, on which you should put the blank Kurabie cookies.
  10. Finger in the middle of the cookie should make a small depression in which you want to put jam or berry jam. Some housewives use pear confiture. In this case, the pieces of fruit must be pre-cut.Shortbread dough recipe for cookies with jam
  11. Baking tray with kurabie should be put in a heated oven to 200 °.
  12. Bake shortbread cookies need an average of 15 minutes.
  13. If the jam is too liquid in consistency, you can add it to the ready-made confection. Before this, the cookies should be cooled.

As you can see, in the preparation of shortbread dough for cookies is nothing complicated. If you are preparing for the first time such baking, start with the simplest recipe, and then as you master the confectionery skills, you will be able to create real masterpieces of crumbly dough. If desired, cottage cheese or curd mass can be added to the shortbread dough. Such baking will be not only tasty and fragrant, but also very useful. Enjoy your meal!

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