Seaweed recipes

Laminaria, also known as kelp, is a valuable source of nutrients, which is why it is often called alga health.

This is one of the most affordable seafood, which is brought to us from the Far Eastern coast and the northern seas. Laminaria contains iodine, folic and pantothenic acid, vitamins A, C, D, E and group B, as well as bromine, magnesium, iron, potassium, cobalt, manganese. Laminaria significantly improves the central nervous system, increases physical and mental activity. To raise immunity and prevent iodine deficiency in the body, it is enough to eat only two tablespoons of seaweed per day or a plate of seaweed salad weekly, periodically taking breaks of 1-2 months.

Initially, kelp is a huge algae, the leaves of which grow up to 13 meters in length. And they call her sea kale for the resemblance to shredded cabbage after the primary processing of leaves. Kelp is a readily available product, it is sold both in canned form and in dried.

Seaweed Recipes

We can not say that sea ​​kale - an effective remedy for weight loss. It cleans the body of toxins well, and due to its high content of fiber, has a beneficial effect on the bowels and reduces appetite. And due to the required content of vitamins and nutrients, kelp does not weaken the body during a diet. Besides, girls, remember that sea ​​kale is also a strong aphrodisiac. So, if you do not really like algae, sort yourself out and start to eat them slowly. And to improve the taste of kelp, we suggest you add it to different dishes a little bit.

Vegetable Salad with Sea Kale

One large carrot must be rubbed on a coarse grater, or grated on carrots in Korean. White cabbage 200g. finely chop. Sweet pepper cut into strips. And take 1 jar of pickled seaweed (100-150g.). Mix first carrots, cabbage and pepper, add spices for vegetable salads, season with vegetable oil and sprinkle with lemon juice. And put the sea cabbage piece by piece so that the dish is not very sour. And before adding all the cabbage, first try the salad.

Seaweed Recipes

Laminaria Pate Appetizer

Two tablespoons of dry kelp poured into a plate and pour boiling water, insist 10-20 minutes. Sour cream 50g. and 200-300g. grained cottage cheese mix, add chopped greens and 2-3 cloves of garlic, crushed in garlic. Laminaria squeezed through a sieve or gauze and add to the cottage cheese. Very tasty, if you spread the paste on toast or white bread.

Far Eastern shchi

For borscht, it is better to use dried sea kale, which must be soaked in cold water for 10-12 hours. Take 15g. dried seaweed and fill them in a ratio of 1: 8. Then rinse the cabbage well, cover with water and boil for 15 minutes, drain the broth. Pour water again, warm this time, and ferment once more. This is done in order to improve the taste of cabbage and remove excess iodine.

Seaweed Recipes

If you are cooking soup with meat, boil 300 g of pork. Onions, carrots and sea kale fry lightly in vegetable oil. Cut the potatoes into straws and put them into the broth (or into the water if you are cooking a diet lunch), boil for 5 minutes and add the rest of the vegetables. When the potatoes are ready, pepper and salt the soup. Boil 1-2 eggs, cut into 4 parts. Pour the soup in plates, add an egg, a piece of pork and greens, you can still spoon a sour cream. Cooking soup is better in small portions, fresh, they are much nicer.

Vinaigrette "Sea"

Cook separately 1-2 carrots, 1 beet and 3-4 medium potatoes in their skins in order to preserve useful properties, and even better to take baked vegetables in the oven. When the vegetables have cooled, peel them and cut them into small cubes. Mix them well, add there chopped salted cucumber and 100 g of marinated sea kale. If you feel that the vinaigrette is bland, you can add another cucumber, green onions and canned peas.

Seaweed Recipes

Then add sugar, salt and vegetable oil. Vinaigrette is undesirable to store in the refrigerator, so you need to cook it immediately before eating. You can cook vegetables in advance: boil them, chop them up and lay them in layers in a container: beets, carrots, potatoes, cucumber and greens. And then just mix in small portions, add cabbage and butter. And if you want to surprise guests and relatives, decorate your dish with beautiful flowers from vegetables. And in order to get a beautiful ring shape, put a glass on a plate and put vegetables along it, and then just take it out from the middle, top it with a little mayonnaise to keep the form.

Sea kale is such a specific product that you either adore or hate it.

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Of course, you shouldn’t force your body with sea kale, just try to find your recipe with kelp and eat it a couple of times a month, that will be enough.

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