Sausages in the dough in the oven

For most people, the sausage in dough is a dish from childhood, because it appeared on the Russian tables in the 20th century. Ease of execution and satiety determined the demand for it, as a result of which the sausage recipe in the dough settled in the cooking book of each hostess. You can bake sausages in the dough quickly and easily in the dough using ready-made dough, and connoisseurs of all home-made pastries will appreciate the traditional yeast.

Sausage dough from yeast dough in the oven: a recipe with photos

The classic version of sausages in dough brought by A.I. Mikoyan from America is based on yeast dough and requires 6-7 hours of free time, of which 5 hours go to the distance to the dough, and only 30 minutes. - on its direct mixing. The following recipe of the dish corresponds to the Soviet GOST, and it is he who is familiar to most people. The dough is spun-filled, the fermentation is long, therefore it is usually turned on in the morning or at night to calmly wait for the specified time period to expire. The difference between this dough and the faster yeast is its behavior after baking: sponge dough allows baking for several days to remain soft, which is not the case with the fast option, which hardens in a day. Therefore, if you want to cook sausages in dough in large quantities, use the GOST recipe, where the most important thing for an ideal result is to keep proportions in accuracy.

Sausage dough from yeast dough in the oven: a recipe with photos

Yeast dough sausages


  1. Chicken eggs - 2 pcs.
  2. Wheat flour - 640 g
  3. Fresh yeast - 23 g
  4. Butter - 70 g
  5. Sugar - 45 g
  6. Salt - 1 tsp.
  7. Drinking water - 270 ml
  8. Vegetable oil - 1 tbsp.
  9. Milk sausages - 18 pcs.


  • The main stage on which the taste and texture of the future dough depends is the creation of a dough. 170 ml of water is heated, but not brought to a boil, and fresh (this is important!) Yeast, previously cut, is put into it. They need to knead with a fork to get a more homogeneous liquid mass, then carefully pour a pile of flour (240 g) from the top, and mix the ingredients again. The cup is tightened with cling film or a regular plastic bag, in which several small holes for air exchange are created with a knife. And for the next 3 hours, the dough will be in the warm oven turned off.
  • After 2-2.5 hours. You need to check the dough: if it has increased in volume, then you can start rolling it out now. If not, it is worth giving him another 1-1.5 hours to climb. While it is warm, the remaining components are combined: the eggs are beaten, and of the resulting mass is poured into a large bowl. The rest will go to lubricate the baking surface.
  • The remaining flour (400 g) is mixed with beaten eggs and salt, soft butter and sugar. It is recommended to bring the dough to homogeneity with a mixer at medium speed so that the consistency of future baking is airy and delicate. Additionally, in the process of beating, 100 ml of warm water is poured in here and at the very end - sponge, which is important to be injected gently, not kneading and not clogging it.
  • The smooth lump, obtained as a result, is retracted into the oven turned off for 2 hours. After this time, it should be wrung with fingers, removing excess air and allowing it to infuse for another 1 hour.
  • At the final stage, the entire dough volume is divided into 18 sausages, which are rolled into a long ribbon: she needs to wrap the prepared peeled sausages, carefully fixing the ends on the underside of the product, smear it with the remnants of a beaten egg, and send the dish to a hot (200 degrees with convection) oven The distance between the sausages is 3-4 cm, as the dough will add in volume. 20–25 minutes are spent for baking, after which the sausages are laid on clean parchment, covered with a towel and cooled.

Sausages Baked in Puff Pastry

After a number of modifications, carried out with the traditional sausage recipe in the dough, the popularity gained a version involving the use of puff pastry. Taking into account the fact that such a dough is most often available at the store, and it is baked faster than yeast and does not take time to rise, the sausages in puff pastry have become a kind of express dish. However, if you knead the puff pastry yourself, the strength of it will go no less than the yeast. But time will need only 1.5-2 hours.

How to make sausages in puff pastry dough in the oven?

puff pastry sausages


  1. Dry yeast - 5 g
  2. Wheat flour - 500 g
  3. Sugar - 2 tbsp. l
  4. Warm milk - 120 ml
  5. Salt - 1 tsp.
  6. Chicken eggs - 2 pcs.
  7. Butter - 100 g
  8. Milk sausages - 10–12 pcs.
  9. Soft cheese - 150 g


  • For the yeast puff pastry is also prepared sponge, but it should not rise - its creation is only a guarantor of the subsequent splendor of baking. Dry yeast and 1 tbsp. Sugars are diluted in warm milk (40 ml), after which the bowl is covered with a lid and retracted in a warm place for 15-20 minutes.
  • During this time, you need to do the main part of the test: sugar, salt and milk residues are mixed, combined with egg yolks, butter and flour (300 g). After the expiry of the term for the dough, she is introduced, all the ingredients are whipped with a mixer for 2-3 minutes.
  • Remains of flour (200 g) are poured out onto the board, and a soft, sticky dough is laid out there, which must be kneaded into a thick lump. They pack it in film and leave it in a cool oven for 1 hour, then knead it with hands and put it back on the board. In contrast to the classic non-yeast puff pastry, it cannot be cooled, otherwise there is a risk that it will not rise at all.
  • The dough is rolled into a flat cake 2-3 mm thick, cut into 10-12 rectangles. Each of them is divided into thin strips, which need to be wrapped around the sausage and plastic cheese bent on it. If desired, you can also add a leaf of lettuce and a slice of bacon. It is not necessary to make a clear spiral of dough - with a layered version, the chaotic winding looks much more interesting. Try to leave each end on the same side, so that it eventually lay on the baking sheet, preventing the disclosure of a "cocoon" of dough.
  • Sausages in puff pastry are baked at a temperature of 175 degrees with forced convection, at an average level, and the process takes 25 minutes to complete. The finished baking will have a golden hue and a crunchy surface. Additionally, for brilliance, it can be smeared with egg yolk, whipped from 1 tbsp. warm water and sprinkle with sesame seeds, and add herbs in the filling.

Home-made sausages in the dough, cooked in the oven, are much healthier and tastier than the store sausages, in addition, you can control their calorie content and even completely abandon the use of convenience foods if you cook sausages made from minced poultry or lean veal. And for a large family as a breakfast you can serve whole rolls of several sausages, wrapped in dough, cut into chunks.

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