Sandesh - indian curd dessert

Perhaps, only in India, people are unanimous in their attachment to sweets. Indian sweets amaze with a variety, simplicity, refinement. And most importantly - it is a vegetarian diet food. She takes origins from Vedic times. The living art of cooking sweet dishes and desserts is passed down from generation to generation by confectioners, who in India are called halvays.

Sandesh is an amazingly delicious Indian cottage cheese dessert. Its preparation will take about half an hour.



  1. 550 g paneer (or sour cottage cheese)
  2. 3/4 cup (150 g) sugar
  3. 1 bag of vanilla sugar
  4. a handful of raisins


  • Paneer is a homemade cheese, similar in taste to Adygei. To make a Sandesh, use either it or ordinary non-sour cottage cheese.
  • Put the curd on the table and start kneading it with your hands until it turns into a soft homogeneous mass without lumps. The softer the basis of the Sandesh, the more delicious the Sandesh will be.
  • Now divide the resulting mass into two equal parts. Mix one part with the sugar. It is better to use unrefined, brown (cane) sugar, but if it is not there, then ordinary white sugar will go. The ratio of sugar and paneer (cottage cheese) is usually 1: 3, i.e. sugar is 3 times less than the basics.
  • Put the cottage cheese with sugar into the pan (without butter) and, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon, cook over low heat. In the pan, the mass will first become liquid, and then thickens again. When the curd thickens (after about 5-10 minutes) and begins to lag behind the bottom of the pan, remove the dishes from the heat. You should not cook a lot longer, since then the sandesh will turn out dry and grainy, and also will not be able to take a beautiful shape.
  • Then mix boiled and fresh cottage cheese and add raisins to the mass.
  • Make balls of cottage cheese (rectangles, flowers, etc.). You can, if desired, dip them in coconut chips and decorate with mint leaves (multi-colored raisins, nuts).

Sandesh is ready!


For the preparation of this Indian sweetness requires very few ingredients and time. Especially delicious Sandesh is obtained if you cook it in a good mood, with love, wanting good and good to everyone for whom it is intended.

Enjoy your meal!

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