Salads with canned fish and rice

Salad is a favorite dish in every home, which allows you to combine the incompatible, experiment with food and serve, and most importantly, enjoy the pleasure of the most varied taste sounds. Salad with canned fish and rice is no exception.

Mimosa is not only a delicate flower, but also a wonderful dish.

Salad with such a name is not new to most of the hostesses, it is easy to find a lot of suggestions on the preparation of this dish on the Internet. However, it is not always possible to find a truly delicious recipe that does not disappoint in the end. We will show you a proven and already significant recipe for this salad, which has become a classic.



  • Canned fish - 1 b. (best to opt for sardine or tuna in oil);
  • Chicken eggs - 5 pcs .;
  • Rice - about half a glass;
  • Hard cheese - 130 g;
  • 3-4 carrots;
  • Chives - bunch;
  • Mayonnaise - 300 g;
  • Spices to taste.

These ingredients are enough for 5 servings of salad with canned fish and rice.


  1. Cooking for the salad all the necessary components. To do this, wash and clean the carrots, fill it with cold water, cook for about half an hour. Eggs are also cooked, only best of all, if you get them hard-boiled. We need a yolk that will be hard. Next, prepare the rice: wash the grits, cook (the ratio of water and rice 1: 4) for half an hour, then put the finished rice in a colander and wash again. Next step: wash and finely chop the onion. And after opening the canned fish, drain the oil, get rid of all the bones and mash the fish well with a fork. And the last thing - grate the cheese;Salad Mimosa Composition
  2. Now we have to collect all the ingredients together, and this should be done in layers. Therefore, it is best to take a baking dish or similar convenient salad bowl. At the bottom we place the cooked cereal (1.5-2 cm), pour all the mayonnaise as in the photo;Pic
  3. The second layer is a fish, we lay it out evenly and again, do not forget to flavor all with mayonnaise;Canned food
  4. Then add cheese and green onions, grease with mayonnaise (it should be more than in the photo below);Green onions
  5. The next step is to separate the whites from the yolks. To make it work out perfectly, we make an incision on the egg as in the photo, after opening it along the section and divide the egg into 2 parts;EggEggThe separation of the protein from the yolkThe separation of the protein from the yolk
  6. Three squirrels on a fine grater and spread over the top of the previous layer, then again add mayonnaise;

    Grated protein
  7. The next layer is carrots. Three her on a large grater, equate and tamp everything with your hands. Here again the recipe with a photo will help you, everything should be the same as in the picture;Boiled carrots
  8. We shave the vegetable layer with mayonnaise, and the spatula will help you spread it over the surface;Salad mimosa layers
  9. And the last step - rub yolks on a fine grater, sprinkle our salad with them, while trying not to mix the yolk with mayonnaise;Decoration salad mimosa egg
  10. Want to start to the main, to eat? But no, it is necessary to put the dish in the fridge to let it stand, having previously covered with cling film. A few hours later, each layer is soaked with the next door and the Mimosa salad will give you an unforgettable fantastic taste.

What kind of salad can you still cook with rice and canned fish?

"Mimoza" is unconditional, popular and capable of decorating the table, but this is not the only recipe by which you can cook a dish with rice and canned fish. For another tasty and successful salad you will need.

Salad with canned fish and rice


  • Rice - 0.5 st .;
  • Canned fish - 1 b. (sardine);
  • Onions - 1 pc .;
  • Chicken eggs - 3-4 pcs .;
  • Mayonnaise -100 g;
  • Greens and salt - to taste and desire.

Salad: rice, egg, canned fish is cooked for about 25 minutes (taking into account the fact that the cereal is cooked in advance) and from this amount of products you get 4 servings.


  1. Prepare all the products that will be involved in the salad. First you need to cook rice, for this purpose: we wash it, boil it in salt water, wash the prepared cereal again and let it drain;
  2. Now cook the eggs: pour them with cold water, wait until the liquid boils, cook for another 5 minutes. Eggs should cool down, then they need to be cleaned and grated on a fine grater;Grated egg
  3. Peel the onions and chop finely. Best of all, if you scald it with boiling water, bitterness will disappear, or you pass it in a frying pan;Chopped onion
  4. We take out the fish and rid it of oil and bones. Then knead the fish with a fork, you can skip through a blender;Canned Salad
  5. Combine fish fillet, rice, grated egg and chopped onion;Salad with canned fish and rice
  6. Add mayonnaise and mix, if you wish, you can add salt;Salad with canned fish and rice
  7. Serve the salad best with greens and a slice of fresh bread. You can also make a paste and put it on crispy croutons.

Useful tips

As you can see, the salad with canned fish and rice does not require certain knowledge. So, you need to understand how to choose the right canned fish:

  • The bank should in no case be bloated;
  • Do not be afraid to shake the jar of fish you like: if there is a lot of liquid in it, it means there is little fillet;
  • You should be able to read all the information on the label: who produced it and where, composition, shelf life, and so on;
  • Choose those canned goods, where the date of manufacture and release date are knocked out from the inside, that is, the numbers must be convex;
  • If there are additions in the composition - do not take such a jar, for canned food there should not be any other inclusions;
  • If at home you will see that the fish is hard or boiled, this means its repeated re-freezing. Best of all this fillet is not used for cooking salad.

Also, in order to make the salad tasty, you need to properly boil the rice:

  • Before you cook the cereal, it must be rinsed by placing in a sieve;
  • Water, in which you cook rice, pre-salted and add seasoning, and you can still Art. l vegetable oil;
  • The ideal ratio of rice and water: 1: 2, that is, if you have 0.5 tbsp. cereals, then the liquid need 1 tbsp .;
  • Rice should be cooked over low heat and in a closed saucepan;
  • Willingness is determined by evaporation of water. If there is no liquid, then the rice can be removed;
  • After cooking, the grits should be washed again under running water.

As for the serving of salads with canned fish, it all depends on the recipe. In the proposed methods of cooking us salad served with bread, greens, you can offer it as a pasta. Serving is allowed both in a large dish in which you put the salad, and in portions to each guest.

We told you how to make mimosa salad with rice and canned food, as well as a different recipe using the same main ingredients. Both dishes are nourishing, bright and worthy of attention in your home. And step-by-step recipes with photos will help you to create these masterpieces of cooking correctly and pamper all guests with the delicious taste of the dish.

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