Salad with beans and kirieshkami


Who does not like to pamper yourself and your family even on the most ordinary non-holiday day? Sometimes it happens that the guests are on the threshold, and you have nothing ready. Not to receive guests with empty hands, or rather, with an empty table? Resourceful housewives will find a way out of any situation, and self-respecting guests do not go empty-handed.

What can be done in an emergency situation hostess? To start, look in the fridge, for sure there is ham and cheese. All this will help you quickly make sandwiches. But you can't feed guests with sandwiches alone.

Cooking light and quick salads in a hurry is an easy way to save the situation. Now there are a lot of such salads. All products for their preparation are sold ready. All that is required of the hostess is to mix all the ingredients and fill them with sauce (mayonnaise, sour cream, olive oil, etc.)

Salads in haste will help you to correct the situation of the lack of a table for unexpected guests, urgently reconcile with your husband after another big waste of his money or to please his little son for the "top five" on the control in mathematics.

Of course, if you have a moment of free time and a desire to please the household, then try to prepare a very tasty and fast bean salad with kirieshkami.

Recipe for salad with beans and kirieshkami

Recipe for salad with beans and kirieshkami


  1. canned beans - 1 b.
  2. kirieshki - 1 pack
  3. greens - 1 bunch
  4. garlic - 3-4 cloves
  5. mayonnaise - 3-4 tbsp. l
  6. pepper - to taste
  7. salt - to taste


  • Open a jar of canned beans, drain the water.
  • Open kirieshki and add to the beans.
  • Peel and chop the garlic.
  • Grind the greens. This may be parsley, green onion or dill.
  • All ingredients mix. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  • Dress the salad with mayonnaise. To mix everything.
  • Serve at the table immediately, until the kirieshki are filled with mayonnaise and become soft. So the salad will be especially tasty. After all, the crunch of the cyrheses will be felt.

Enjoy your meal with your family or unexpected guests!

A quick salad is a godsend for any hostess! And do not think that only lazy housewives decide to take advantage of this recipe, where you don’t need to cook anything, but just buy what’s ready in the store, mix everything up and dress with sauce. Indeed, in life there are different situations: unexpected guests, unforeseen quarrels or small amenities, for which you want to praise yourself and your household with tasty food, and much more.

In addition, no need to reject instant salads (salads in a hurry) for celebrations. After all, as a rule, each housewife has her own recipes for salads, which she uses for each family celebration. And agree, if every time even on a holiday there are the same salads, it becomes boring. But not every housewife will decide on important events to prepare something new - what if it turns out not at all what is expected, suddenly it won't be so tasty, what if the guests criticize? What kind of hostess would be nice? Therefore, to surprise guests at the festive table with something new and special, try a bean salad with a cypress or any other quick salad. In the preparation of this group of salads just can not get bad and tasteless!

You can find the recipe for another bean salad in the article Canned Bean Salad.

Take note of yourself, hostesses, that salads in a hurry will become your magic wand in any situation!