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Salad "red sea" with crab sticks

Do not like to mess around for a long time with snacks, because so many ingredients must be prepared in advance? Then be sure to try making a "Red Sea" salad with crab sticks. This appetizer is cooked very quickly, and all the ingredients can be bought at an affordable price.

Hostess on the note


Why is the salad called "Red Sea"? Each hostess will answer this question in different ways. Some believe that the whole thing in the ingredients is red. Others say that the name of the salad was due to fish components. For the sake of truth, it is worth noting that both sides are right. The composition of the salad really includes various red vegetables and fish.

How many opinions about the name, as many recipes can be found in cookbooks. Despite the many options for cooking salad "Red Sea", they all have some common secrets:

  • Only very meaty tomatoes are used in the salad. And before cutting this vegetable, the watery middle area is necessarily removed, otherwise the salad will turn out to be too liquid, and the taste and impression will be spoiled.
  • Cheese should choose solid unsalted varieties. The savory taste of the salad will be given by sorts of cheese with sour or slightly smoked.
  • The salad will be tastier and more fragrant if you let it stand in the fridge for 10-15 minutes. In addition, the dish is refilled just before serving.
  • Crab sticks can be easily and without loss of taste of the dish to replace with crab meat. Here only crab meat is best cut into small squares or divided into pieces by hand.

Preparing salad "Red Sea" with crab sticks, you are sure to get your own secrets and tricks.

Salad "Red Sea" with crab sticks: a recipe with photos

To prepare a salad for this recipe, it does not take much time and money. Since there is no need to boil and prepare in advance, the whole process will take you only 15 minutes. Just stock up with the necessary ingredients, and a tasty addition to lunch or dinner is ready.



  • 120 g of crab sticks;
  • 2 medium tomatoes;
  • mayonnaise or sour cream;
  • 10 g of hard cheese;
  • garlic clove.


  1. We prepare all the necessary ingredients on the list and get down to work. To begin with, grate a slice of cheese on a coarse grater. If you like a rich cheese flavor in salads, then cut this ingredient into strips.Cheese
  2. We take out the crab sticks from the package and cut each thin straw. If you decide to use crab meat, then you can simply divide it with your hands - so the taste will be more saturated.Crab sticks
  3. Now we start to work with tomatoes: we wash and dry them with a towel, we remove unnecessary tails. Then chop the tomatoes in halves and teaspoon gently remove the middle.

  4. Each half of the tomato is cut into thin straws as well as crab sticks.
  5. All the ingredients are placed in a common bowl and seasoned with finely chopped or skipped garlic. Little secret: if you do not like spicy garlic flavor, then pour chopped garlic with a small portion of water for 2-3 minutes, and then season the salad with the resulting sauce.Salad
  6. Dressing salad with mayonnaise or sour cream just before serving. Enjoy your meal!

Familiar salad in a new way

The recipe for salad "Red Sea" with crab sticks can be easily modified by adding your favorite ingredients. For example, in the classic version of the salad, crab meat is replaced with light-salted fish. The following varieties are perfect for this purpose:

  • salmon;
  • salmon;
  • pink salmon;
  • chum salmon

salted red fish

You can find recipes and salad with the addition of red bell pepper. However, this ingredient is not very popular due to the fact that other products are quite soft, and Bulgarian pepper makes the salad a little tough. But lovers of this vegetable will have to taste.

It can be noted that the dressings for the salad pick up hostess completely different. Some people like to fill the appetizer with mayonnaise, others like light sour cream. And add spicy salad "Red Sea" can be a special dressing with various spices and herbs. The original salad dressing can be prepared on the basis of such components as:

  • vinegar;
  • soy sauce;
  • yogurt;
  • soft cheese;
  • eggs;
  • fresh greens.

Ordinary sunflower or olive oil is perfect.

In any case, the "Red Sea" salad with crab sticks will be a safe option for a tasty snack, not only for the dinner, but also for the festive table. And even the most inexperienced chefs can cook this dish.

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