Salad is easy

Sometimes the day is so eventful that there is no strength to stand at the stove for a long time and make something perfect. I want to cook something easy and at the same time enjoy the delicious meal. Undoubtedly, each hostess has their own dishes for such cases, and I offer you my salads. Suddenly, fit to taste? All salads are prepared in a hurry, so do not be lazy, and try!

1 salad recipe option Easier than simple

beet egg greens


  • Boiled beets - 2 pcs .;
  • Chicken Egg - 2 pcs .;
  • Greens (parsley, dill);
  • Mayonnaise;
  • Salt, pepper, ground (to taste).

Fast cooking method:

  1. Boil the beets (you can in advance, even in the morning) and eggs, cool in cold water.
  2. Beet rubbed on a coarse grater, eggs cut into large pieces.
  3. Wash greens, dry, chop is not very fine.
  4. Salt, pepper, add mayonnaise.

Option 2 salad recipe Easy

cabbage cucumber radish


  • Cabbage (white or Peking) - 300-400 g;
  • Cucumber fresh (medium size) - 2 pcs .;
  • Radishes - 8-10 pcs .;
  • Green onions, parsley, dill (optional);
  • Vegetable oil (olive);
  • Lemon (half) - juice;
  • Salt, pepper, ground (to taste).

Quick way to cook salad:

  1. Cabbage subtly chopped. Vegetables and herbs washed, dried.
  2. Cucumbers and radishes cut into strips, onions and greens cut into large pieces.
  3. Salt, pepper, sprinkle with lemon juice, fill with oil.

3 salad recipe option

meat egg salad


  • Boiled lean meat - 300 gr .;
  • Chicken Egg - 2pcs .;
  • Salad leaves (any at will and taste);
  • Garlic - 2 cloves;
  • Mayonnaise, salt (to taste).

Quick way to cook salad:

  1. Boil meat, eggs, cool. Wash the lettuce leaves, dry.
  2. Cut meat into strips, eggs into large pieces, tear lettuce leaves into not very large pieces, chop garlic.
  3. All mix, salt and mayonnaise.

Everything is done quickly and simply, so - bon appetit!

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