A couple of hundred years ago in the era of pirates, rum was drunk straight from the bottle, but over time a lot has changed. Today there are a large number of different ways to use this noble drink.

Rum: what is it drunk with?

The most common ways of using rum are the following, while the grade is completely irrelevant:

  • In pure form. This option is the most common. It is just perfect for those who really want to feel the refined and refined taste of this drink. If rum is served as an aperitif, that is, before the beginning of the meal, then it is poured into small vodka glasses. It is advisable to combine it with any meat dish. It is necessary to drink rum in small portions, it is recommended to have a snack with a thin slice of lemon, thereby emphasizing the taste of this drink;
  • When ordering rum in a bar, you need to know a few subtleties. It can be part of a variety of cocktails, which are considered to be a classic among low-alcohol drinks. However, in this case, the taste of the rum will be completely different;
  • You can drink rum with ice, so that its slightly bitter tart taste is slightly smoothed out. However, this method does not suit the true connoisseurs of this noble drink;
  • Rum with water and juices. The ideal option would be to combine rum with lemon juice, as well as coconut juice, you can use other fruit fresh juices. Thus, it will be possible to balance the strength and taste.

It is worth paying attention to such types of rum as:

  1. Bacardi Rum Gold is the strongest rum that has a rather strong and pronounced aroma. It matches perfectly with tonic and is an excellent aperitif;
  2. Bacardi Rum Light-Dry is a light, dry rum that has an exquisite delicate aroma. That it is most often used for the preparation of various low-alcohol cocktails;
  3. Bacardi Rum Premium Black is a fragrant and mild drink that can be combined with orange juice and tonic, as well as used in pure undiluted form.

What drink rum white?

Rum: what is it drunk with?

White rum can still be called light or silver, while it has a pleasant and slightly pronounced taste, which is why it is often used to make various low-alcohol drinks.

On the basis of white rum is such a common drink, like punch. If it is prepared according to the traditional recipe, it should contain exactly 5 components - sugar, tea, lemon juice, water and rum. This drink is very strong and should be served hot.

Another popular white rum cocktail is mojito, which includes a large amount of ice, lime, mint and soda. With this combination, rum gets a really unique and unique taste.

How to drink rum and coke?

Rum: what is it drunk with?

Today, rum and coke can be found in almost any bar and nightclub, but if you want, it is easy to prepare and own, because there is no need to look for any complex ingredients.

To make such a drink, you need to take a lime (40 g), ice cubes (about 200 g), coke (150 g), high-quality white rum (50 g). When using the classic recipe, the proportions should be 1: 3 (3 parts of cola mixed with 1 part of rum). This is simply the perfect ratio, which has been developed over several decades.

You need to take a tall glass and fill it with ice cubes completely, then fresh lime juice of quarter lime is squeezed into it. Introduced white rum and cola, all neatly interchanged. As a decoration, you can take a couple of thin slices of lime.

Ready drink should be drunk through a thin tube.

Rum "Bacardi" - an exquisite drink

Rum: what is it drunk with?

Today Bacardi is one of the most popular drinks in the whole world, besides this brand represents a rather wide range. Given the type of rum and its labeling, there are several nuances that should be taken into account before use.

In the store you can find such types of Bakradi as:

  • Bakardi and Reserva Superior aged 8 years. This is the darkest and softest rum in the world, whose strength is equal to 40%. Premium drink, because it is aged in oak barrels for 8 years. What will any connoisseur of noble alcoholic beverages say - drink it in small sips;
  • Bacardi White is aged in white oak barrels, originally from America, the fortress is 40%. This type of rum has a delicious mild flavor and a delicate, almost invisible aroma. Properly drink this drink should be mixing it in various low-alcohol cocktails;
  • Bacardi Gold is a wonderful drink of a noble golden hue. It is soft and well aged, ideal for a variety of cocktails with the addition of juice or cola;
  • Bacardi Reserva - this type of rum has a pleasant taste of fruits and spices, has a gentle amber color, its strength is 40%, has a five-year exposure. It is recommended to drink it in pure form with the addition of ice cubes, but at the same time it is often added to various cocktails;
  • Bacardi Limon has a chic and unique taste, suitable for modern business people who appreciate not only the taste, but also the quality of alcoholic beverages. This type of rum should be combined with martini in cocktails or should be drunk in pure form with ice;
  • Bacardi 151 is a delicious alcoholic drink, the strength of which is 75.5%. This type of rum is best diluted with cola, can also be supplemented with a variety of fruit juices;
  • Bacardi Black is dark rum with a pleasant mild flavor, premium class. It is best to combine this drink with fruit juices or chilled cola, it is also widely used today to create a variety of cocktails;
  • Bacardi Anejo is a wonderful drink of a noble golden color, with a strength of 40%, six-year aging. It belongs to premium alcohol and has a rich taste and aroma. It should be drunk with ice, in small sips;
  • Bacardi 1873 Solera is the most sophisticated and gentle type of rum, with a mild flavor, the strength is 40%. It should be drunk in its pure form with the addition of ice cubes, in small sips.

Features of the use of "Captain Morgan"

Rum: what is it drunk with?

Rum Captain Morgan is a drink of real pirates, which today is very popular, but not everyone knows how to drink it properly.

Captain Morgan Silver Spiced is a beautiful white rum, with a pleasant spicy aroma and mild flavor, with a strength of 35%. This type of rum is not drunk in its pure form, it is used as the basis for a variety of cocktails, while it just goes perfectly with fresh.

Captain Morgan 100 Proof Spiced is the strongest and youngest rum that is popular with true connoisseurs of this noble drink. He has a complex multi-faceted taste - here and subtle notes of spices, and vanilla, and dried fruits. It should be drunk in diluted form, with the addition of cola or ice. It can also be used as a base for alcoholic cocktails.

Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold is a wonderful drink with a sweet and delicate aroma, with subtle hints of spice and vanilla flavor. Drink this type of rum should be in undiluted form, if desired, add a little ice or water, is used as the basis for cocktails.

Rum is a noble strong alcoholic drink. He is a favorite not only among many gourmets, but also among bartenders who prepare many different cocktails based on it. In their pure form, they usually drink premium class rum, supplementing it with ice cubes or diluting it a little with water.

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