Roll stuffing

There is no restaurant dish that can not be cooked at home. Rolls and sushi are no exception. In order to surprise guests and relatives with oriental exotic, it is enough to study simple cooking technology. An important point - the choice of toppings for sushi and rolls. Of course, a lot depends on personal preferences, but there are also win-win taste combinations.

Interestingly, rolls are not exactly a Japanese invention. If sushi was prepared in the land of the rising sun for better storage of caught fish, then they never heard of rolls there. A variety of sushi, rolls, were invented by one American chef. Fish with rice wrapped in sheets of seaweed-nori did not leave anyone indifferent, and the dish soon became very popular. By the way, the most famous rolls of Philadelphia also spread around the world thanks to the Americans.

Rolls are fairly simple to prepare and allow you to experiment. The fillings for them can be very different.

How to cook rolls: the basics of culinary excellence

Before making rolls, you need to buy a special bamboo mat and the right ingredients. Mat-mat can also be replaced with a bamboo stand under the hot. The only condition is that it should bend well.

An important ingredient in rolls and sushi is rice. You can purchase a special (for example, the company "Japonomama"). Such a product on the packaging has the appropriate inscription. Many fans of this dish have adapted to cook seaweed rolls with the help of other types of rice. The main condition is that it should be round grain. This rice contains enough starch.

Most often for cooking use "Krasnodar". The taste of the finished dish depends largely on how well you cook the rice. It should be well molded and not disintegrate into large pieces, while not being like porridge. Grains should be separated from one another.

Roll rice: recipe

Roll rice: recipe


  1. Rice - 200 g
  2. Water - 250 ml
  3. Rice vinegar - 2 tbsp. l


  • Rinse thoroughly - the water should be clear. For this, it can be drained 7-10 times. If desired, rice can be soaked for 30-40 minutes. So he quickly get ready.
  • Put the rice on a small fire and cook for about 20 minutes. Remove pan from heat. Leave the cover.
  • Let the rice cool down a bit and put in a large container.
  • If there is no sugar and salt in vinegar, then pre-prepare a solution: 1, 5 tbsp. l vinegar mixed with 1 tsp. sugar and 0, 5 tsp. salt.
  • Level rice and add rice vinegar or cooked solution.
  • Mix gently. For this purpose, best suited wooden spatula. Grains should not warm up. Rice for rolls and sushi ready.
  • If you want to cook rice for rolls in other quantities, then follow the following proportions. Per serving for one person usually takes about 1 tbsp. rice. The ratio of water to cereal during cooking is 1.5 to 1.

Rolls and sushi fillings: a variety of options

Roll Stuffing

Stuffing for rolls can be different. The most popular ingredients are cream cheese, mayonnaise, salted fish, cucumber, avocado, seafood (shrimp, eel). It is prepared according to the following principle: fish or seafood, vegetable, creamy layer. In order to make the filling juicy, use mayonnaise or cream cheese.

To make the finished dish spicy, use wasabi. For sharpness, you can put on rice and green onions with pickled daikon. The most common vegetables for filling rolls - avocado and cucumber. Instead of fish, you can even put smoked chicken in a dish. It is also possible to use crab sticks, canned tuna. All these ingredients can be combined with each other.

Do not forget that as a sushi powder, sesame is sometimes needed.

Creamy filling with cucumber and salmon

Creamy filling with cucumber and salmon


  1. Salmon (you can replace pink salmon) -150-20 g
  2. Cucumbers -2-3 pcs.
  3. Philadelphia cheese - to taste


  • Chop the salmon into medium long strips.
  • On rice, lay out a wide strip of Philadelphia cheese.
  • Cucumbers cut into long bars.
  • Put the cucumber and fish on the cheese. Wrap the rolls.

Shrimp and Avocado

Stuffing for rolls of shrimp and avocado


  1. Shrimp -200 g
  2. Avocado -1 pc.
  3. Mayonnaise - to taste


  • Put the mayonnaise on the rice in a wide strip.
  • Posting on it a strip of peeled shrimp.
  • Avocados cut into long bars and put next to the shrimp. Roll the roll

From omelet and smoked eel

Stuffing for rolls of omelet and smoked eel


  1. Eggs -2 pcs.
  2. Soy sauce
  3. Rice vinegar
  4. Smoked eel


  • Prepare an omelet. Eggs break into a separate container. Beat them and add 1 tbsp. l soy sauce, 1 tsp. rice vinegar, salt and sugar to taste.
  • Next on the preheated pan lay out a piece of butter and cook an omelet.
  • Cooked omelette let cool and cut into thick strips.
  • Smoked eel cut into long strips.
  • On rice lay out strips of omelet, eel and wrap rolls.

How to choose fish for rolls?

Often in the stuffing for rolls and sushi add fish. This kind of cooking can be considered traditional - the Asian nations prepared sushi in this way. It would be strange if in Japan, a country in which fish and seafood are so loved, would not add them to one of their favorite dishes. Later were invented and other fillings.

Traditionally, fish for rolls and sushi was fresh. In order not to risk, it is still better to replace it with smoked or slightly salted. The only condition - the fish must be red. Trout or salmon are best suited for this purpose. Some housewives use pink salmon. The easiest option is to buy ready-made fillets.

On the other hand, cooking traditions require the use of whole fish. Buying a carcass, you will be sure of its quality. A good fish does not have a sharp smell, its scales do not stick to hands. The eyes of the fish are transparent, the fins are not broken. However, the appearance can also determine the quality of the fillet. Fresh fish fillets for rolls and sushi should be a bright color. If the fish is thawed, the fibers become dull and become a matte color.

Salted fish for rolls: a classic recipe

Salted fish for rolls: recipe


  1. Pink salmon or trout -1 pc.
  2. Salt - to taste


  • The fish cut off the head and all the fins (clean the scales, if it is not cleaned in the store).
  • Make a cut at the top along the ridge.
  • Helping yourself with a knife to divide the fish into 2 parts - in one of them there will be a ridge with bones.
  • Hands pull the ridge and bones.
  • Place 2 halves of fish in a flat container and sprinkle with salt. The amount of salt depends on the degree of salinity you need.
  • Leave the fish in the refrigerator for 2-3 days.
  • For the preparation of rolls or sushi from the skin, separate the fillets, cut the fish.

In addition to properly cooked rice, in sushi and rolls the main thing is the filling. These Japanese dishes can be made using different combinations of the same products. Mayonnaise and cream cheese are suitable as a pasty ingredient. For the sharpness add wasabi, green onions or daikon. As a vegetable filler, use a cucumber or avocado. Also, sushi and rolls are stuffed with fish and seafood. All these ingredients in different combinations will help you to prepare new varieties of dishes each time.

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